Pray for the six believers who were baptized last week to stand strong despite the scorn of the majority. May they follow the example of the older traveling Fulani believer who faithfully disciples all he meets from village to village!

Excitement over learning to read

Praise God for the progress our literacy students are making. They are so excited about learning to read. Several of them are also excited to read God’s word. Pray God will open their hearts to believe the Bible stories are true and they would put their trust in...

People are seeing the Light

The communities that we live among only have a few believers, but we see that God is at work, and we are so encouraged by the believers’ joy and boldness. Last week S said that she wanted to be baptised like Jesus, because then, just as Jesus did, she would...

350 gathered!

Praise Jesus for the gathering of over 350 Fulani believers and for the 3 who traveled far to join them and then returned to their own village changed. Continue to pray that these men would share what they are learning and faithfully disciple new believers.

Peace, Truth, and no more Fear

Last Sunday we met with the new believers and asked them what was so sweet to them about their new faith. One said now that he trusts in Jesus, he is at peace because he knows Jesus is sovereign over his life and so anything that happens to him is in Jesus’...