Salt and Light, Fragrance

Please pray that the Borana believers will be “salt and light” in the communities where they live, bringing people to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and King. Pray that they will be the fragrance of Christ to those who are perishing and those who are being saved.

More Pastors and Evangelists

Pray for the Lord to continue to raise up Borana pastors and evangelists who can carry the message of Christ to remote villages. Pray for the power of Islam to be broken and that the Borana people will be set free to follow Christ Jesus. Pray for protection for those who live in dangerous situations.

Spreading from Village to Village

Please pray that the Borana believers will continue to share the gospel in villages where Christ is not yet known. Pray for this wonderful movement of the Spirit that is causing more and more churches to spring up among the Borana. Pray that even the Islamic leaders who are trying to squelch the work of evangelism will be saved.

A Great Encouragement

Praise God that a Borana Christian has been appointed the Assistant Bishop for his large district. Pray that all over north Kenya Borana people will hear the message of the gospel, learn the Word of God, and grow into Christ-centered churches.

Where they Graze their Animals

Please pray that the Borana will graze their animals in areas where there are Christians, and that they will hear the Word of God. Pray that they will feel a deep dissatisfaction with the doctrines of folk Islam, and realise that they need a Saviour who is stronger than the spirits and who will set them free from their sins.

Reading Aloud

Please pray that Borana Christians will spend more time reading their Bibles aloud to friends and relatives who can’t read for themselves, and that faith will come from hearing the word of Christ.

Redeemed from a Futile Way of Life

Please pray that the Borana people will realise the blood of Christ was shed to redeem them from their futile way of life inherited from their forefathers. Pray that they will fully appreciate the great sacrifice their Redeemer paid and will put their faith in Him.

Deeper and Deeper

Pray that the Borana believers will grow deeper and deeper in their unity and in their spiritual maturity in Christ, and that they will share the gospel to the farthest corners of the Borana tribal homelands. Pray that through their brave witness many will be liberated from Islam and freed to serve Christ.

Two Tribes As One

Borana people have not always gotten along with Gabbra people, although they speak basically the same language. In Christ, however, may this generational sin gradually be replaced by a deep love and a realisation that they are “one blood,” one family of God. May Christians from both tribes share the gospel eagerly with those from the other. May this love persuade others to also believe the gospel and come to faith in Christ.