Redeemed from a Futile Way of Life

Please pray that the Borana people will realise the blood of Christ was shed to redeem them from their futile way of life inherited from their forefathers. Pray that they will fully appreciate the great sacrifice their Redeemer paid and will put their faith in Him.

May God’s Word Not Return Void

Pray God’s Word will do what He says it will do among the Borana- penetrate the hearts of the believers and NOT return void among the Borana people.

Deeper and Deeper

Pray that the Borana believers will grow deeper and deeper in their unity and in their spiritual maturity in Christ, and that they will share the gospel to the farthest corners of the Borana tribal homelands. Pray that through their brave witness many will be liberated from Islam and freed to serve Christ.

Two Tribes As One

Borana people have not always gotten along with Gabbra people, although they speak basically the same language. In Christ, however, may this generational sin gradually be replaced by a deep love and a realisation that they are “one blood,” one family of God. May Christians from both tribes share the gospel eagerly with those from the other. May this love persuade others to also believe the gospel and come to faith in Christ.

Tribal Clashes for Grazing Lands

Because of the severe drought in Northern Kenya, pastoralists like the Borana have been having clashes with other tribes who also want to graze their animals in areas where some grass still remains. Often, people are killed. Please pray that God will send rain to northern Kenya, and that those Christians among the Borana will refuse to be involved in tribal warfare but instead be agents of peace.

Bibles Given and Given

Please pray for more and more Borana to learn to read and receive Bibles. A Borana church loves to order Bibles and give them away to people who still need Jesus. Pray that through this Bible distribution many will be saved.

The Next Generation

Please pray that the Borana church will continue boldly sharing the gospel in those towns and villages that still remain mostly Muslim. Pray that believers will be trained in the Scripture and that the next generation of Borana believers will be eager to follow Christ even more passionately than their parents did. Pray that Borana believers will begin to share Christ with neighbouring tribes who formerly were their enemies.

May They Eagerly Seek Assurance

Pray that during Ramadan, Borana believers will find that their Muslim friends and neighbours are eagerly seeking to read Scripture with them and talk to them about how to know for sure that their sins are forgiven and they have the hope of eternal life.

Young Borana Mother Saved

At Bori Junction, 20 kilometers from Moyale, at the usual Sunday worship service a young Borana mother was saved. Praise God He is building His church among the Borana!

Meeting For the First Time

In a new settlement 60 kilometers south of Moyale a plot was ‘designated’ for a Borana Church. Nine local women and AIC members from nearby villages cleared part of the plot last Saturday and built a 10′ x 20′ “place of worship”. This building is sticks (tree branches from the clearing and a sheet of plastic on the top to protect from the sun). On Sunday they met to Worship the One True God our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. Praise God for this precious gathering!

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