Strengthen the church

Pray for the Borana believers to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Hm, bearing fruit in every good work and growing in the knowledge of God.


Today, the board of the Northern Bible Training Center will meet. They will interview three candidates for the position of principal, and then make a decision. This decision is very important for the future of NBTC in Marsabit, Kenya. The school provides biblical training for pastors and lay people from five people groups here in Marsabit County. Pray for God to direct the Board of NBTC in the choice of the right person to lead this school.

Prayer for principal

“Dear Father, we let our prayer request be made known to You about the need of a Kenyan principal at Northern Bible Training Center. Thank You, Father, for several applicants who showed their willingness to serve NBTC. The search committee will meet on 30th August to make a short list for the board interview on 7th September. Father, through the process would You show us the right person whom You have chosen for the ministry of training pastors and church leaders in Northern Region of Kenya?”

Traveling Preachers

Please pray for the Borana people to come to faith in Christ. Pray that those who are Christians would “preach the Word” wherever they travel. Borana people keep livestock and are semi-nomadic. Pray that as Christians circulate through the tribe, they will sing the songs of Jesus, listen to audio Bibles, and share the good news of Jesus’ love and salvation.

Considering What to Do

Pray for Borana pastors who are considering how to reach out to a nearby Muslim tribe that speaks their language but has no believers in Christ and no churches. How could they begin? Pray for wisdom to see the way forward.

One in Christ

Pray for the Holy Spirit to give Borana and Gabbra Christians many opportunities to demonstrate their oneness in Christ, that has broken down the barriers of the dividing wall that existed between them. Pray that through this unity and love, many others may be saved as they recognize who Jesus really is.

Becoming Missionaries

Pray for the Borana who know Jesus to share the gospel with other Borana believers, and with nearby tribes that speak similar languages. Pray that the Lord will use them as cross-cultural missionaries.

Boldly Sharing

Pray that the Borana believers will share the gospel boldly with their Muslim friends and families during the time of Ramadan. Pray that those who are trying to earn their salvation by fasting will realize there is a Savior whose salvation is free.

Four Evangelists

Dear Father, watch over four evangelists who are doing their evangelism among Borana in Kenya and Ethiopia until the end of this week. Father, put your word into their mouths and fill them with the Holy Spirit and open the hearts of the people who hear the gospel and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Father, watch over their journeys and provide for their needs and protect them from the enemy. Amen.


Pray that the Word of God will dwell richly in the Borana, that they will speak to one another in Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in their hearts to Him. Pray that through this more Borana will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ambassadors of the King

Lord, please hear our prayers for those Christians who bring the gospel to the Borana, Rendille, Gabbra, Somali and Samburu. May they spread out their hands to you; may they thirst for you like a parched land. Answer them quickly, LORD, when their spirit fails. Do not hide your face from them or they will be like those who go down to the pit. Let the morning bring them word of your unfailing love, for they have put their trust in you. Show them the way they should go, for to you they entrust their life. Rescue them from their enemies, LORD, for they hide themselves in you. Teach them to do your will, for you are their God; may your good Spirit lead them on level ground. For your name’s sake, LORD, preserve their life; in your righteousness, bring them out of trouble. In your unfailing love, silence their enemies, for they are your servants.


Pray for the Borana that they will believe the testimony of the Word of Life, and that they will have fellowship with the Father, with His Son Jesus Christ, and with all others who also believe in Him.


Please pray that the Borana will grow in grace and in the knowledge of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That as they do, they will lead others to faith in Him.

Strong and Courageous

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to make the Borana believers strong and courageous, not trembling or being afraid in any way, to speak the word of God boldly without fear, and that many others will be saved through their testimony.

Agents of Peace

Pray that the Borana believers will be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that their labor is not in vain in the Lord. Pray that through them the Word of God will spread rapidly and be glorified. Pray that the Borana will become agents of peace and divine reconciliation throughout all the tribes of north Kenya.

Great Enthusiasm

Praise the Lord for the Christians among the Borana of Kenya, and the churches that have been established, and the Scriptures in their language. Please pray that the Borana believers will have a great enthusiasm for sharing the gospel and Scripture with others. Pray also that through their influence as salt and light, conflict between their tribe and other tribes will die down. May their fellowship with believers from other tribes be a great testimony to the truth of the gospel.

Ministering in Practical Ways

Please pray for the Borana churches as they try to share the Word of God with villages near and far who still need the gospel. Pray that the Borana believers will have many opportunities to minister in practical ways to their neighbors with Jesus’ love. Pray that family groups will meet every evening to read God’s Word and pray, and that those who are fearful and lost will join them. Pray for the Borana believers to multiply rapidly.

Every Corner of the Tribe

The Borana pastors want to keep spreading the gospel to all the small settlements and villages where people have not yet heard about Jesus and His salvation. Pray that the Lord will put it on many hearts to take the gospel to every corner of the tribe. Pray that as the number of believers grow, they will be salt and light.

The Prince of Peace

Please continue to pray that those Borana believers who know Christ will be messengers of peace to their communities, and that as Borana people come to know the Prince of Peace, they will carry the gospel to other tribes around them who have been traditional enemies for generations.

May they call out to Jesus

Pray for this Borana family: Three sons came to Christ. The father took one son to be put in jail, but the mother was able to get him released. Christians have helped the sons. Now a sister has died of cancer. Pray that the father and mother will come to faith in Christ through the ministry of loving Christians at this time of grief. Pray for the sons to stand strong in the faith.

Hatred Replaced by Love

The Borana have traditionally been at war with other tribes around them who speak similar languages, and the enmity goes back for generations. Pray that as more and more people come to faith in Jesus Christ, all the ethnic hatred will be replaced with love. Pray that Borana Christians will carry the gospel even to their enemies, recognizing that while they were still His enemies, Christ died for them.

Passion for the Word of God

Borana churches have a passion for the Word of God. Please pray that those believers who have the Word in written and recorded form will be immersed in the Word, meditating on it day and night, discussing it in their homes and with friends wherever they go. Pray that the Word of God would find good soil and bear much fruit.

Till He Comes

Pray that the Borana will draw close to Christ and that families and believers will remember His death and resurrection till He comes. Pray for protection from illness and hunger during difficult times.

More than Conquerors

Pray that flooding, locusts, terrorist threats and Covid-19 will not halt the spread of the gospel among the Borana, nor weaken the churches. Pray that instead in all these things they will be more than conquerors through Him who loved them.


Pray for the believers who are having baptism classes. Pray that they continue to understand and strengthen their faith in the Lord Jesus. Praise God for our brothers and sisters that are willing to declare Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord of their lives in public. Pray that through this event many others will desire a new life in Jesus.

Falling in Love with Jesus

Pray for the Borana people to fall in love with Jesus Christ. Pray for them to hear the Word of God through Christian radio, through Scripture engagement, through friends who know and love Christ. Pray for the believers to walk worthy of the gospel and speak boldly of the salvation that is available to those who put their faith in Jesus. Pray for strong Christ-centered churches in every Borana town and village.

Continuing to Meet

Praise the Lord that the Borana Christians continue to meet for Scripture reading, worship, and evangelism. Pray that their churches will continue to be united in spirit, intent on the purpose of making the gospel known in every Borana village and town. Pray for a mighty movement of the Holy Spirit among the Borana.

Cross Cultural Missionaries

The Borana have been traditional enemies of the Gabbra, often at war with one another. Pray for the Borana churches to continue to reproduce, for leaders to be trained, and for the Borana believers to have a passion to reach across tribal lines and carry the gospel to the Gabbra, who are particularly open and receptive to the gospel just now. Pray for Jesus Christ to work mighty reconciliation between them.

Built up in their Most Holy Faith

Please pray that Borana people will be growing in their knowledge of the Word of God, built up in their most holy faith, sharing the gospel with their neighbors, families and friends. Pray that as more and more people come to faith in Christ, the decades of tribal warfare with other nomadic peoples will become a thing of the past. May Christ be their peace.

Christmas Opportunities

Praise the Lord for the Borana reproducing, Christ-Centered churches. Pray that during this Christmas season new believers will be brought into the fold, new congregations will be planted, and the Holy Spirit will give power to all for witnessing of the grace of God in sending His Son to earth.

Sharing the Word of God

Borana Christians have found that sharing the Word of God, whether read or heard, is bringing people to faith in Christ, and helping believers grow strong in their faith. Please pray that December will be a season when the Scriptures are widely read, heard, believed and followed, resulting in great growth and new congregations being established.

Eager to Share His Salvation

Praise the Lord that the Borana who love Jesus Christ are eager to share His salvation with others! Pray for the multiplication of the Borana churches, and that the leaders will be equipped and strengthened to lead their people in ways that honor the Savior.

May the Word Spread Across Tribes

The Borana believers are strategically spreading God’s Word to new villages in their tribe. The church is growing, and concern for other tribes who live near them is growing. Perhaps there will be Borana believers who will decide to cross cultures to the Orma and share the gospel among them, too. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to speed the rapid growth of the Borana church, and to make them effective witnesses to others who still are without Christ.

His Burden

A Borana man has a burden for unreached groups. He is studying the Bible in order to be equipped for ministry. Pray for the Holy Spirit to keep him tender in heart and that he will be greatly used to reach the lost for Christ.

A Passion for Evangelism

There are a number of Borana pastors and evangelists who have a passion to evangelize those villages where people do not yet have a local church. Please pray for the Spirit to use them mightily to bring people to Christ and foster Christ-centered churches.

You prayed…He answered

On Apr 25, 2018 you prayed for this request: “Please pray that the Borana believers will continue to share the gospel in villages where Christ is not yet known. Pray for this wonderful movement of the Spirit that is causing more and more churches to spring up among the Borana. Pray that even the Islamic leaders who are trying to squelch the work of evangelism will be saved.” And God answered: “In March 2018 one young man graduated from Bible School and is now Pastoring 1 church + two outreach points about 40 kilometers from Moyale town. A second Borana man will graduate in March 2019 and become the associate pastor of AIC Moyale Town with a lot of local responsibility as Pastor Bonaya is the Assistant Bishop of Marsabit.” Praise the Lord.

Salt and Light, Fragrance

Please pray that the Borana believers will be “salt and light” in the communities where they live, bringing people to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and King. Pray that they will be the fragrance of Christ to those who are perishing and those who are being saved.

More Pastors and Evangelists

Pray for the Lord to continue to raise up Borana pastors and evangelists who can carry the message of Christ to remote villages. Pray for the power of Islam to be broken and that the Borana people will be set free to follow Christ Jesus. Pray for protection for those who live in dangerous situations.

Spreading from Village to Village

Please pray that the Borana believers will continue to share the gospel in villages where Christ is not yet known. Pray for this wonderful movement of the Spirit that is causing more and more churches to spring up among the Borana. Pray that even the Islamic leaders who are trying to squelch the work of evangelism will be saved.

A Great Encouragement

Praise God that a Borana Christian has been appointed the Assistant Bishop for his large district. Pray that all over north Kenya Borana people will hear the message of the gospel, learn the Word of God, and grow into Christ-centered churches.