Pray for Ugandan missionaries reaching out to Aringa youth. Pray many would be born again and grow as strong disciples of Jesus.


Pray for gospel seeds being sown amongst the Aringa to find fertile ground and bear much fruit. Pray for the Ugandan missionaries- ask God to open a door for fruitful ministry.

Update on The Aringa of Uganda

1. Pray for the Aringa Muslims that the Lord turns their hearts to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.
2. Pray for leadership crisis affecting the existing Churches among the un-reached people groups.
3. Resources to reach the un-reached.

Update on The Aringa of Uganda

Pray for peaceful elections in Uganda elections on 18 February and following
Praise that the Bible translators have started with portions of OT. Pray for the Lord to give them energy and health needed for the work.
Pray about the poverty among the Aringa people and for the church to have wisdom to know how to best help them.
Pray that the relations between the Christians and the peoples of other religions around them will continue to improve so that the gospel can continue to be shared and that the Lord will touch their hearts.

Update on The Aringa of Uganda

One young lady whom the Lord has provided funds to go for studies in secondary declared her Christianity in January 2015 and she was beaten, denied food and clothes. She was known to the Church teacher and reported to him. The Church teacher shared with Pastor Jacob from Reach Africa’s Unreached ministry leader, these leaders prayed for God’s intervention and visited the family. The mother surrendered her to the Church teacher and Jacob. Pray that she grows in her faith as she continues to study.