We have printed the book of Jonah in the local language in Arabic script. This makes Scripture accessible to those who have never learned to read an alphabet other than the Arabic alphabet. When I gave the book of Jonah to Mama Levi, she absolutely loved it and we read the whole book in one sitting. Then I was completely surprised when she asked if I had any books about Jesus. Pray for Mama Levi’s heart to be open as she reads and re-reads the book of Jonah. May the Holy Spirit reveal truth to her through this story. Pray for the opportunity to give Mama Levi the book of Mark and pray for her to have eyes to see and ears to hear. Pray for the many islanders who have read Arabic words this Ramadan, and not understood what they read, to hunger for truth. Pray for our team as we continue to distribute Jonah and for the translation team as they continue to get more books ready to be printed.