We’ve now had two great meetings with groups of this family we asked you to pray for. Pray that God would work powerfully to draw them. This is the same group that after reading the story of Jesus healing the paralytic who was carried to him by his 4 faith filled friends and lowered before Jesus in the full house, the young man said, “I have learned a lesson from this story, Jesus is God!!“ Then the grandma piped in, “Why don’t we ask Jesus to heal Gail (granddaughter who was diagnosed with Lupus last year and has severe polyarthritis) completely, and we four who are sitting here will be Jesus’ witnesses!“

We prayed in the name, power and authority of Jesus. Pray with us for Gail’s complete healing! And the group’s salvation and witness! Gail is a bit better today – we had increased her steroid dose, and we continue to pray with perseverance for complete healing!