2 groups update

Ongoing prayer is needed for the 2 family groups who expressed interest in studying the Word, plus a couple of other potentially interested people. Very positive relationships and input continues- yet they’ve not yet invited us or agreed to regular extended family group study. Pray Mk 4:20, that they would be like the “others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop – 30, 60 or even 100 times what was sown!“

Two groups

One potential new extended family group and another separate location family group, who have studied before but stopped due to persecutions, are considering and reconsidering allowing the start/restart of regular Bible studies. Both families have seen miracles in Jesus name, and God’s provision (from the followers of Jesus here) of loving help and care through illnesses. One part of a group has invited a worker for Monday night. Pray that both groups will choose to hear, and will be given understanding and choose to respond to God’s Word in obedience and with eventually receiving salvation through Jesus.

nursery school

Pray for the children attending our nursery school and their families. We’re teaching the word of God there. The Christian teacher was transferred, and the new teacher is Muslim. Pray for him, he’s also hearing God’s Word.

Coming on Sundays

Our team is having many opportunities to interact with people. We have started teaching games to a group of young boys. Some children are coming to our Sunday service, last Sunday we had about 19 children! Let’s pray that they keep coming. Also some men and women are frequently joining us on Sundays as well. Let’s pray that they keep coming and have ears to hear the word of God.
We’re sharing, discipling & visiting with many, but one man (*Ali) has been a regular every week. Pray for Ali and many others to respond and believe in Christ.

Asking for elders to respond

Pray that some O leaders will respond to the Gospel and will stand firm against the devil’s schemes and the fear he incites. Pray that these leaders may embrace persecution and stand firm, not shrinking back. And that they will in turn grow, share the Gospel with many others and make more disciples!

Jesus Film showing

Pray for the showing of the Jesus Film Thursday night with a family/neighborhood group about 10 km away. Pray that they will understand and respond to the message by receiving Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

A Christian wife

Cal’s struggle continues as his father persists in making arrangements for him to marry a Muslim girl. Pray that he will have courage to speak up, and to stand firm against all the schemes of the enemy. Pray that God will provide, and that Cal will insist on waiting to marry a Christian wife.

Pray against resistance

This week two O neighbor ladies listened eagerly to the Gospel and responded by praying to receive Jesus as their Savior. We arranged for them to meet for discipleship training. Before the follow up could happen, they both announced that they had gone home and eagerly shared with their families. Their husbands and extended families refused them to become followers of Jesus or to come for any more teaching. They told us they were sorry, but they would have to obey their families. Pray against this resistance and that people would choose to do what God wants rather than what man wants!

Kids’ club

Just a quick note to ask for your prayers for all the details of our planned Kids’ Club – starting this afternoon, and hopefully finishing next Friday. Pray for lots of lasting fruit from all the seeds that are being planted, and pray that God will keep the clinic load down, and especially no ‘on-call’ stuff during those important afternoon hours. Pray with Jesus power and authority that God will speak powerfully through us all, and that those “rulers and authorities, and powers of this dark world” (Eph 6:12) will be prevented from keeping the kids and parents who help from hearing and understanding AND RECEIVING the Gospel truths!

Daily prayer request

Join our team in praying daily in the name and authority of Jesus the Messiah that all of the schemes of the “prince of our O area“ will be bound and prevented from keeping people from hearing and understanding and responding to the truths of God’s Word.