Influential family to Kijabe

A woman, we’ll call her Z, is heading to Kijabe Hospital on the 15th for a surgery. She’s a very respected women’s leader in the community. She’s heard and knows the Gospel well, but has refused to receive it because of her family – she says that she just can’t go against their wishes. Even her late parents told her not to become a Christian, and she says that she wants to honor them. She’ll be escorted by her brother C.H. and his big wife. C.H. is a retired leader of the O – also a good friend who we’ve frequently shared the Good News with. ***Pray that they will encounter Jesus over and over in powerful fresh ways through the Body of believers there at the Kijabe (Mission) Hospital. ***Pray that they would RESPOND and RECEIVE God’s Grace in all of it’s Truth! ***Pray that they would then influence and lead many other O to receive Jesus! Also pray for Z’s complete healing and restoration.


Culturally appropriate songs which share God’s Word and Good News are being composed and worked on by a few O people. Pray that God’s Word will spread with power, with the Holy Spirit and with deep conviction – bringing RESPONSE from many O to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord! Pray that 5 O ‘Men of Peace’ will receive God’s grace in all of it’s truth – and become committed disciples of Jesus who are enthusiastic and willing to give their all to spread the Gospel to their loved ones and communities!

Keep on asking, seeking & knocking

Hk sat right next to me for the showing of the Jesus film at her extended family home compound. She leaned forward to hear every word most of the night, until half way through when her father in law pronounced that he was tired and said we should finish another time. The next night he said we couldn’t come back because the community didn’t like it. Pray against Hk’s fear, and her father in law’s fear and all the fear in our people of what others think and would do to them if they receive or even show too much interest in Jesus. Pray for opportunities to disciple Hk, and for the Holy Spirit to convict and pierce the hearts of 5 ‘men of peace’ across our area to get the DMM started.

A movement to begin

A woman, Hk, responded to the Gospel this week! For her to share her newfound faith boldly will certainly mean persecution. Pray for others in her extended family group to respond, and that a Disciple Making MOVEMENT may begin. Pray for the whole mission team to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to continue to share the Good News broadly – and that as we abide, God will bless with much lasting fruit! Pray for Hk’s protection, wisdom and boldness. Pray that she grows strong as we disciple her. PTL for a new Sister in Christ!

O. Breakthrough Prayer

“Please give the O eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to respond to the gospel of Christ.”

Healing needs

A close friend is being brought to the mission hospital to try and diagnose why she is losing weight and having other dangerous looking symptoms. She knows the Gospel message well, but has so far chosen to reject it in order to keep her family and community happy. She has refused to come to Jesus for healing prayer. Pray that God will reveal Jesus to her and her family as Healer of her heart from the ‘sickness of sin’, and also her physical sickness to be Healed by Jesus power and grace!

Praying for new birth

One of the bonuses of getting to participate in labor and deliveries, is that the extended family is also involved in all the follow up visits, and opportunities to share are multiplied. Pray for response – that many will receive new birth in Jesus!

May they find Living Water

The water table seems to have shifted way lower – and it’s been a challenge finding a good water source here. Pray that God will provide good and abundant water – and that many conversations surrounding the search for water will be advancing His Kingdom.

Response of Receiving!

My new Ako, who God allowed us to participate in the miracle of saving her life and sharing the Good News after severe delivery complications has completed her 40 days of seclusion. She brought her healthy baby boy for his first round of immunizations. She came with an invitation from her husband, “come and celebrate with us…we’ll provide the goat, you bring the rice and sugar.” ***Pray that this follow up with the larger extended family may bring the response of many of them not only hearing, but God’s drawing them to RECEIVE His grace through the Messiah – and be on fire to pass it on to many more!

Men of Peace – to Lead.

Ako’s life was saved this week by the power of Jesus after prayer and medical care were given in His name! PTL for God’s gracious miracle of physical saving which was witnessed by all the women of the area. Two days later the women eagerly listened and welcomed the truth of hearing the Gospel from the perspective of Jesus the Savior, Healer and Deliverer. Pray that the men of Ako’s extended family will become ‘men of peace’ and will be willing to study God’s Word and seek to obey it, leading the women and children to do the same – that the whole extended family group may have understanding and repent, believe and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior (turn and be healed). Pray against FEAR and all the schemes of the enemy to snatch these seeds away or choke them out!

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