It’s now September and the Good News continues to be shared broadly in O-land. Persevere with us in prayer that many O will respond and a Disciple making movement will begin in 2019! Pray for boldness, wisdom, perseverance, joy and encouragement for all of the outreach team and believers in the midst of many challenges.

Scripture engagement

Lots of God’s Word is available to the O people on memory cards they can use in their phones with 100 chronological Bible lessons. Pray that people will not misuse them, and that God’s Word will cut deep to convict, teach, and train. Pray for God‘s leading and wisdom for meetings today between mission leadership, Bible translation leadership, and our team for all decisions concerning upcoming O Bible translation and Jesus film dubbing into the O language. Pray that God‘s Word will go forward with power, with the Holy Spirit, and with deep conviction.

Kids’ club

Grand finale Kids’ Club final day in O-land coming up! Around 180 in attendance. Our theme of ‘Sacrifices ‘ topped off today, with the other sacrifices all pointing to Jesus and The cross. Jesus as the Lamb of God being offered INSTEAD OF us paying our own punishment for sin (just like Abraham’s story with the ram). Pray for open, receptive and responsive hearts for the kids and their families. Praise the Lord for a wonderful team of helpers!

Choose Life!

Pray for A, who repeatedly comes right to the edge of choosing to believe, but then falls back in fear and doubt. Pray that he would surrender to Jesus and receive Him as Savior. Pray that Jesus would make A a mighty disciple, who will make more disciples of Jesus.

Open ears Lord

So much scripture is being engaged with by the O: Several group Bible studies weekly, scattered visits in many homes, prayer, scripture and gospel witness in the clinics, as well as many requests for the memory cards containing 100 chronological strategic Bible lessons and songs in the O language. Pray against the rulers and authorities and powers of this dark world that keep people in bondage and from really hearing, perceiving, understanding and turning to Jesus to be saved and healed. Pray that many O will respond to the gospel!

Breakthrough prayer for the O

Please pray, “Lord, please give the O eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to respond to the gospel of Christ.”

Join us in praying for that breakthrough of the first big O extended family group being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, so that they would become disciples of Jesus who will make more disciples of Jesus, who will make more disciples… Pray that a Church Planting MOVEMENT will begin in O-land! Now is the acceptable time, Now is the day of Salvation! (2 Cor. 6:2)


Scholarship students

Pray for 15 O secondary school students on church scholarships- that Christian teachers and fellow students will have a godly influence and powerful witness used by God to draw them to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior!

Grow strong

Mike, One of the very few strong O believers has a wife who still is very young and unsteady in her faith. In the past she’s been easily pulled away by persecution and extended family pressure. Pray that she’ll stand firm and even grow in her faith, relationship and knowledge of Jesus through the extra pressure of Ramadan! Pray that her and Mike’s relationship will grow healthy and strong too.

New Life!

Praise God that M and his wife and 3 kids have made a decision to receive God’s gift and follow Jesus! Pray for wise and intentional discipleship and enveloping them into the loving, though small, community of the body of Christ in their village. Pray for God’s protection – M’s father had threatened then relented from the decision to burn his son’s house.

Jesus film dubbing preparation

Pray for Mike and the team making final preparations on the Jesus film script/translation and that God will provide for all the details and the O speakers needed for the various roles. Pray that this will be a powerful tool for advancing God’s kingdom in O land.