3 new contacts

Pray for 3 new contacts for the team and believers – for discipleship and facilitating Bible studies through them. So many seeds are planted regularly among the O, pray that God would draw them to respond and receive and start the disciple making movement now – in 2020!

Bring the Kids back.

A young believer had an ongoing ministry with neighboring children who would come to her house in the evenings to read an O Bible story book and talk. Recently the kids stopped coming- she doesn’t know why. Pray that the kids would come back to hear more.

Receive the greatest gift

Z is a highly respected woman in our communities who knows the Gospel well and has regular exposure to reading and hearing God’s Word -yet she remains resistant. Her children, M&N also know and even have memorized much Scripture through Kid’s Club. Pray that God would get their attention and they’ll open their hearts to His grace in all of its truth and receive Jesus as the greatest gift ever.

Pray for healing

An O believing family had a miscarriage this week. Pray for God’s healing physically and emotionally, and that spiritually they will grow in their faith and relationship with God as He holds them close in this hard time. Pray for the O communities around them who have such deep needs for healing from Jesus: “Oh Lord, stretch out your hand to heal where there is need among the O, physically, emotionally and most of all spiritually to come to know Jesus as their Savior, Healer and Deliverer!”


Pray against the schemes of the enemy to bring division and strife among 2 families of believers. God knows the details. Pray for them to choose the way of Jesus- forgiveness and grace for those who’ve offended us, as we’ve also been forgiven and given grace even when we didn’t deserve it.

prayer for O

Pray for our clinic workers who are involved in regular Bible study – pray that they will respond to God‘s word – “Yes Lord, as you promised that your Word will not return empty and void, but will accomplish all that You have planned and purposed for it. Thank you for the ways you are going to work this out in O-land.”

Lead Mike

Praise God that Mike is a strong long-standing O believer. Pray that God will lead him clearly for every step of decisions regarding becoming a Bible translator, and that he would be able to keep his family, fellowship and witness in the village with our team if he becomes a translator. His wife needs prayer to give whole hearted allegiance to Jesus. Pray that she would grow in her faith, knowledge and relationship with Jesus. Pray that she would put God first rather than continuing to try to please her Muslim family.

Key Couple

Pray for Jake and Sadie, a strong believing O couple – they’re soon finishing AIC missionary college training and they are seeking for the best and the most effective ways to do out reach among their people. Pray that the Holy Spirit would anoint them with his wisdom and guidance and that they would be real catalysts for other O who would become disciples of Jesus. Jake recently lost a sister in childbirth, pray for God‘s comfort and sustaining – and that this too would be used miraculously by God to draw many to himself from their all Muslim extended family.

Hard hearted

“They’re so hard hearted!” This is the observation from our recent 5 – week volunteer. “They listen well, but then they just don’t come. We need to pray that they remember what they hear, and that family groups would come to Jesus together!!” Please pray with us from Ezek 36:26, ‘May God give the O new hearts, and put a new spirit in them; Oh Lord, remove from them their hearts of stone and give them hearts of flesh (which are soft and responsive)!’


It’s now September and the Good News continues to be shared broadly in O-land. Persevere with us in prayer that many O will respond and a Disciple making movement will begin in 2019! Pray for boldness, wisdom, perseverance, joy and encouragement for all of the outreach team and believers in the midst of many challenges.