One of the teachers who had stopped studying our Book came to me after class and said that he wanted to resume learning about the things he’d recently heard. So, for the past month, my team leader has met with two of the Arabic teachers, reading the Word and processing through a set of questions designed to help them engage and understand the common themes. Praise Father!
A few weeks ago, one of the teachers confided in me that his wife had had a third miscarriage. I told him that I’d like to meet her and pray for her. Last week, she came to our house. After some small talk, we got to share the good news and she let us pray for her in Jesus’s name. I wasn’t really sure what she thought of it all, but at the end she looked up and expressed how grateful she was. She has never had a friend to discuss meaningful things with or take time to pray over difficult news. Hopefully this is the start of a fruitful friendship. The teacher has told me that he wants me to start studying the Book with his wife. Pray that this might be her desire too!