The combination of high elevation and volcanic rock mean that there are no wells in Hurri Hills. Everyone completely relies on rain water to run off the hills and fill their underground tanks. We haven’t had a heavy enough rain to have runoff since May last year. We have been doing what we can to have water brought in, but transportation is expensive. A water truck divided by an entire village only gives each family a few small oil drums of water. That doesn’t last that long. Everyone is asking us for help at the moment. Everyone here is getting to the end of their money buying water and they are now getting desperate. And there have been a lot of fires. And there is a leopard hanging around our house wanting water. A couple nights ago I heard a noise, got up and found a leopard sitting on our deck right outside our window. It sat there squinting at me as I shone the flashlight on it. Please pray for rain for the north region of Kenya.