Healing the Blind

An O believer’s child, H, was struck by his playmate’s mom with a stick. It blinded his eye! This week they are going to specialist eye doctors and they request we pray for a miracle of healing for H’s blind eye. We read of Jesus miraculous healing of Bartimaeus’s blindness in Mark 10:46-52. According to Heb. 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” We read of even more serious blindness in 2 Cor. 4:4 “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” Pray with faith for Jesus’ miraculous healing of H’s eye, and for the blind minds of the O people – that they may understand the gospel and turn and be healed!

Response to Easter Story

Eight of our neighbor ladies had arrived at H’s 40 day ‘coming out’ blessing ceremony. I joined the friendly conversation by asking, “Do you know about Easter – it’s just 2 weeks away?” They had no idea. I explained it as a celebration of God’s love and grace. Amazingly, the woman closest to me, who is the village ‘shamaness’ was listening carefully and asked a few questions which quieted all other chit-chat. Even the children and babies were totally still as I explained about the Messiah, who is the only One who has no sin of His own to pay for, coming from God for the important purpose of rescuing people from their punishment of sin by paying His own life, His own blood! They were riveted as I told of His accomplishing all that God intended, and then raising from the dead on that first Easter Sunday… Much more truth was shared, and in the end the ‘shamaness’ said she would like to hear more another time.
I took the opportunity to add my prayer for blessing on this home and neighborhood through the Messiah’s Redeeming work. Join in praying that God will give understanding of these truths, and these homes will respond by believing and receiving as they listen to more truths in upcoming follow-up visits. (Rom 10:17).

Breakthrough prayer for O

May their eyes be open to really SEE and truly PERCEIVE. May their ears be sharp to HEAR and RECEIVE Truth. May their HEARTS be soft and responsive to UNDERSTAND – and TURN and BE HEALED.

Pray for 3 Rs: Rain, RNs, Response!

RAIN: desperately needed to end the drought and avoid serious consequences in our area.
RNs: Both medical workers in our 2 clinics depart by the end of March – Pray that God will call and equip 2 to minister Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing long term in outreach to the O together with our AIC Team.
RESPONSE: That the O’s eyes be PERCEIVING, their ears really HEARING and their hearts UNDERSTANDING God’s Truth so they may TURN and be HEALED!

Breakthrough prayer

After so many years of sharing with little response as Is 6: 9-10 talks about, please pray this Breakthrough Prayer for the O: May their eyes be open to really SEE and truly PERCEIVE. May their ears be sharp to HEAR and RECEIVE Truth. May their HEARTS be soft and responsive to UNDERSTAND – and TURN and BE HEALED (physically, emotionally and most important SPIRITUALLY).

First Extended Family Group

We’re rejoicing in the choice of someone to receive God’s grace! The number of individuals grows – yet they hesitate/fear to openly gather. ***PRAY for the breakthrough of a first extended family group who would come to Jesus together, and stand against the persecutions together, and reach out to other family groups together and demonstrate God’s love and grace to their community together!

Christmas Opportunities

A Christmas feast is planned in one of the O villages – pray that many will come and be open to hearing the reason God sent the Messiah! M&H will be with us and M will also participate in sharing the story on Christmas Eve Day as well as some Kid’s Club days the next week. Pray for open hearts to receive this Good News! Pray that any opposition to this Good News will be kept away!

Opposition and Opportunities among the O of East Africa

God’s Word continues to be “sown” broadly through now 3 memory card players out in the communities, and much personal sharing and testifying to the Gospel. Many will listen openly, many oppose even listening. Pray that God’s Word will go forward with Power, with the Holy Spirit and with deep conviction.

Families to come

Praise God for a recent wife of a persecuted believer also receiving Jesus’ gift! Pray that M & H will stand firm together against all the schemes of the enemy, and that the persecutions bound to come will strengthen their relationship with Jesus. May they grow in their faith and knowledge, and also teach their children the truths of God’s grace through Jesus!


Praise God that a few good rains all around the area have relieved the O peoples’ urgent concerns for their herds of cattle, goats and sheep. Now the animals can remain out where the small amount of feed is, and drink water there, rather than making the LONG every other day treks to where the traditional wells are in the dry riverbed. Pray that it will be an abundant rainy season. The O people still need the reign of Jesus as Saviour and Lord in their lives and hearts – Pray that many will realise this urgent need and receive God’s gracious provision! Pray that God will raise up (3-6) O ‘people of peace’ who will facilitate the spread of making disciples, Jesus’ style.

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