O. Breakthrough Prayer

“Please give the O eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to respond to the gospel of Christ.”

Healing needs

A close friend is being brought to the mission hospital to try and diagnose why she is losing weight and having other dangerous looking symptoms. She knows the Gospel message well, but has so far chosen to reject it in order to keep her family and community happy. She has refused to come to Jesus for healing prayer. Pray that God will reveal Jesus to her and her family as Healer of her heart from the ‘sickness of sin’, and also her physical sickness to be Healed by Jesus power and grace!

Praying for new birth

One of the bonuses of getting to participate in labor and deliveries, is that the extended family is also involved in all the follow up visits, and opportunities to share are multiplied. Pray for response – that many will receive new birth in Jesus!

May they find Living Water

The water table seems to have shifted way lower – and it’s been a challenge finding a good water source here. Pray that God will provide good and abundant water – and that many conversations surrounding the search for water will be advancing His Kingdom.

Response of Receiving!

My new Ako, who God allowed us to participate in the miracle of saving her life and sharing the Good News after severe delivery complications has completed her 40 days of seclusion. She brought her healthy baby boy for his first round of immunizations. She came with an invitation from her husband, “come and celebrate with us…we’ll provide the goat, you bring the rice and sugar.” ***Pray that this follow up with the larger extended family may bring the response of many of them not only hearing, but God’s drawing them to RECEIVE His grace through the Messiah – and be on fire to pass it on to many more!

Men of Peace – to Lead.

Ako’s life was saved this week by the power of Jesus after prayer and medical care were given in His name! PTL for God’s gracious miracle of physical saving which was witnessed by all the women of the area. Two days later the women eagerly listened and welcomed the truth of hearing the Gospel from the perspective of Jesus the Savior, Healer and Deliverer. Pray that the men of Ako’s extended family will become ‘men of peace’ and will be willing to study God’s Word and seek to obey it, leading the women and children to do the same – that the whole extended family group may have understanding and repent, believe and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior (turn and be healed). Pray against FEAR and all the schemes of the enemy to snatch these seeds away or choke them out!

Conviction and Hunger

O-land still needs a lot more rain in order to get through the upcoming dry season and to the next rainy season in Nov/Dec. People often ask themselves, “What have we done to cause God to refuse us good rains?” Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict O people of their sin of refusing to receive God’s Gift of Salvation and forgiveness of sins through Jesus the Messiah! Pray that they would understand, and TURN and be healed/saved! Pray that God will satisfy their physical hunger and thirst in a way that will give them hunger and thirst for truth and for righteousness!

Strength to stand firm

The dad’s offer of a nice young wife for his son seems so appropriate. BUT – the son is a young believer, and the nice young wife is one of the top madarasa (Islamic training) students around and from a strongly ‘religious’ family. Pray for God’s wisdom and grace for ‘Calvin’ as he asks and seeks for how to respond. Praise God for wonderful godly counsel from ‘Jake’, who went through the same thing 10 years ago – and now has been blessed with a wonderful Christian wife and son – after standing firm and going through much persecution.

Healing the Hearts

The O believer’s child, H, whose one eye was blinded has been to the eye specialists. The eye is pronounced dead. The family responsible for the accident has been rude and had not said one word about being sorry. H’s family struggled with feelings of anger and resentment. Finally the whole family gathered with our mission team to look at all that Jesus had to say about forgiveness, loving our enemies and praying for those who persecute us. H’s parents chose to obey Jesus, and forgive the guilty family. They led their children to also forgive. Two days later the family who caused the injury unexpectedly came to H’s parents to apologize and assure them they would try to pay for all the expenses! Praise God for this miracle of healed hearts and relationships. Pray that H’s whole family, and all the O believers involved will be encouraged and strengthened to speak boldly of the grace and forgiveness made possible through Jesus the Messiah. Pray for understanding of God’s grace in all His Truth for many O – the healing of many O. hearts!

Healing the Blind

An O believer’s child, H, was struck by his playmate’s mom with a stick. It blinded his eye! This week they are going to specialist eye doctors and they request we pray for a miracle of healing for H’s blind eye. We read of Jesus miraculous healing of Bartimaeus’s blindness in Mark 10:46-52. According to Heb. 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” We read of even more serious blindness in 2 Cor. 4:4 “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” Pray with faith for Jesus’ miraculous healing of H’s eye, and for the blind minds of the O people – that they may understand the gospel and turn and be healed!

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