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Arab people living in the Maghreb- the North Western part of Africa. This is a huge diverse people group spanning several countries. Pray Isaiah 42:11-12 for the Arabs of North Africa, “Let the (Arabs in the) wilderness and its cities lift up their voices… let them shout from the top of the mountains… and give glory to the LORD.” Population:… Read more »

23 April 2016 | 2 comments | Arabs, Unreached

The Berbers of North Africa are the original inhabitants of the land. They call themselves the Amazigh, which means ‘free men’. Many were once Christian. St.Augustine of Hippo was Berber. Pray that Augustine’s prayer would be prayed by many Berbers: “Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee.”… Read more »

23 April 2016 | 2 comments | Berbers, Unreached

The Fulani are a culturally diverse and widely dispersed group across the continent West to East in a band just South of the Sahara desert. Please pray the Fulani would hear and embrace God’s desire for them: “That you may know and believe Me, and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, nor shall there… Read more »

23 April 2016 | 3 comments | Fulani, Unreached

Pray for the Tuareg of the Sahara Desert. The Tuareg are a semi-nomadic people related to the Berbers of North Africa. They are Folk Muslim and are well-known for the blue veils the men wear. They are proud of their culture and renown as fierce warriors. Pray that many of the Tuareg would cry out to God: “Be merciful to… Read more »

23 March 2016 | 1 comment | Tuareg, Unreached

Pray for the Islanders hailing from the islands of the Indian Ocean, with sizeable communities also found in France and Madagascar. Nearly all Islanders are Muslims. Those who have chosen to follow J’sus tend to live isolated lives and many experience pressure and persecution from their families, villages and government. 2 Thess 3:1 “Finally, brothers, pray for us that the… Read more »

31 July 2015 | 9 comments | Islanders, Southern, Unreached

Pray for the Nyang’atom who are mostly agro-pastoralists, and live in a remote, rugged land that straddles the South Sudan/Ethiopian border.  They are fierce warriors and enemies of the Turkana of Kenya, but have bonded well with the Toposa of South Sudan. Let us pray that the Nyang’atom would long for the living God who is ‘the Good Shepherd.’ Jesus… Read more »

19 March 2015 | 7 comments | Central, Nyang'atom

Pray for the Ndengereko of Tanzania. They live on the southern coast of Tanzania north of the Rufigi River, growing maize, cashews, rice and sesame. Most Ndengereko are Folk Muslims, still adhering to their traditional beliefs in spirits. There are a few believers. Pray for a large gathering of Ndengereko in Revelations 7:9-10, “After this I looked, and behold, a… Read more »

23 January 2015 | 5 comments | Eastern, Ndengereko, Unreached

Pray for the Alagwa of Tanzania. They live on the dry hills and mountains of central Tanzania, growing maize and millet and raising animals. Most Alagwa are Folk Muslims, still adhering to their traditional beliefs in spirits. There are a few believers. Pray that the Alagwa will know the Sovereign LORD who says, “I am the LORD, the God of… Read more »

05 January 2012 | 40 comments | Alagwa, Eastern, Unreached

Pray for the Antakarana of  Madagascar. They live at the far north of the island, isolated from others. Most are fishermen. Years ago during a civil war, the King made a vow that if his people survived, they would convert to Islam. They did survive and kept the vow, although they have mixed Islam with their traditional beliefs. Pray that… Read more »

05 January 2012 | 38 comments | Antakarana, Southern, Unreached

Pray for the Antandroy of Southern Madagascar. They live in a dry thorny area, where it is difficult to live. They are pastoralists and farmers. They are usually tall and strongly built, and known for their fierceness and self-assurance. They acknowledge there is a God, but He is far away and not involved in their lives. They look to their… Read more »

05 January 2012 | 15 comments | Antandroy, Featured, Southern, Unreached