Y refugees of the Horn

Population: 2,000-3,000

Religion: Islam

There are currently about 2,000 Y refugees living in the Horn right now, but with the ongoing conflict in their homeland, that number is growing all the time. While many cities and regions of their home country are particularly stable at the moment, the war has wiped out many resources necessary for survival, leaving many impoverished, and continuing to force many families from their homes. However, the majority of Y refugees in the Horn are men who have come to find work to be able to send money home and provide for their families that way. Between a lack of educational opportunities in the Horn, and strong ties to the homeland, many of the wives and children would prefer to stay there, while the husbands and fathers find work elsewhere.

If you were to ask a group of Y refugees to tell you about their culture, almost without fail the first thing that they would want you to know is about the Y generosity. Despite their personal financial state, they will always give extravagantly to guests and give anything to anyone in need. Their culture is also very closely tied to their Islamic religion. Being Muslim is a very strong part of their identity and who they are. You would be unlikely to find another culture to match the Y in hospitality and showing honor. Community and family are of utmost importance and they are a people that love togetherness. They value gentleness and trustworthiness in others, and courage and justice within themselves.

Latest Prayer Updates:

Standing and kneeling

Pray for protection over new believers, that they might stand firm in the face of opposition.
And pray for fear to be broken among the many that know the truth, but are counting the cost. May they bow their knee to King Jesus.

Pray for Peace to come

The Y of East Africa experience a lot of oppression and racism and often feel more unsafe here than in their war-torn home country, causing a lot of distress and distrust. Please ask for the Prince of Peace to come and guard and care for their hearts. May they know security in His presence.

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