The Sandawe of Tanzania

Population: 40,000

Location: North central Tanzania

History: The Sandawe are descendants of the original San people who first populated Africa.

Culture: Traditionally hunter-gatherers, it is mainly the old men who remember this way of life. Few wild animals remain in the area. People still collect honey, but the hunting and tracking skills are being lost. Many have adopted some agricultural and herding practices of their neighbors, the the soil is poor. The Sandawe were forced by the government to settle in more permanent villages and now they live in small villages scattered through the area, with a few small ‘towns’ here and there. The area is hilly with woodland and scrub.
They are fond of singing, dancing, and telling stories which portray themselves as small animals who use their cunning intelligence to outwit more powerful enemies.

Religion: Animism. They worship the moon and stars and practice with craft. They fear spirits. There are some Catholic converts, but they mix Catholicism with animism. Islam is making inroads.

Latest Prayer Updates:

Resolve the Issues, Lord

Lord, we continue to pray for open doors and opportunities to bring the
gospel to the village of Mangasta. The people there seem welcoming but
there have been political barriers. Please resolve these issues so that
Your light can shine in this place.

A New Evangelist Installed

We give thanks for a wonderful, God-honoring, gospel message service on
Sunday, September 23 in the village of Tumbelo, in which Kristofa was
officially installed as evangelist. There is a small congregation which
has been meeting under trees or a tarp for a couple of years during
which time Kristofa has been discipled by the local pastor. He also had
the opportunity to attend a 6 month Bible course. He is now living in a mostly complete
house in which the congregation can also meet during the rainy season.
Please continue to pray for Kristofa and for funds to complete his
house. There are no doors or windows, few furnishings and the rainy
season is just around the corner.

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