The Sandawe of Tanzania

Population: 40,000

Location: North central Tanzania

History: The Sandawe are descendants of the original San people who first populated Africa.

Culture: Traditionally hunter-gatherers, it is mainly the old men who remember this way of life. Few wild animals remain in the area. People still collect honey, but the hunting and tracking skills are being lost. Many have adopted some agricultural and herding practices of their neighbors, the the soil is poor. The Sandawe were forced by the government to settle in more permanent villages and now they live in small villages scattered through the area, with a few small ‘towns’ here and there. The area is hilly with woodland and scrub.
They are fond of singing, dancing, and telling stories which portray themselves as small animals who use their cunning intelligence to outwit more powerful enemies.

Religion: Animism. They worship the moon and stars and practice with craft. They fear spirits. There are some Catholic converts, but they mix Catholicism with animism. Islam is making inroads.

Latest Prayer Updates:

You prayed…He answered

On May 3, 2018 you prayed for this request: “Pray that the Church among the Sandawe will grow both in numbers and in maturity. Ask the LORD to give wisdom, perseverance and compassion to church leaders and missionaries.” And God answered: “A young Sandawe evangelist, Kristoffer, has completed half of a six month Bible School course. He will be taking over the preaching for a tiny new seedling church in Tumbelo. As a result of a recent outreach in Tumbelo, there are 12 new believers, including the parents and sister of Kristoffer.” Praise the Lord!

You prayed…He answered

On Jun 13, 2018 you prayed for this request: “Two different local churches are hosting kids camps over the next two weeks. Please pray that the teachers would be full of joy and have wisdom as they teach these precious children. Pray that the children would learn more about Jesus and if they are already Believers, that they would know Him better and love Him more through the camp ministry. And for those that don’t yet know Him, ask that the children would be so drawn to Christ, that He would be irresistible to them.” And God answered: “A local missionary and a visiting student joined each camp group for one afternoon to play games. It was hilarious and delightful. Even the adults got into the fun. Children seldom have opportunity for play so this gave them a chance to enjoy play in this way and to laugh together. Isn’t laughter a wonderful gift from God!” Praise the Lord.

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