Now They Are Making Disciples

Pray for pastor Ndaki as he continues to teach 70+ new believers who have gathered since the outreach in Handa finished last month. He’s using the MSINGI (“foundation”) Bible study book to teach them. Pray for their rapid growth in the Lord. Praise the Lord again for the Sandawe beginning to reach out with the gospel beyond their own tribe.

Now the Unreached Have Become Missionaries!

Praise the Lord for the recent Handa outreach where Sandawe churches partnered with a church in Dar to reach neighboring Nyaturu people with the gospel in Mkolahanje. They are also taking steps to place a full time lay leader there for follow up and discipleship.

Prayer For Unity In Sandawe Churches, and Gospel Outreach

Please pray for the unity of the Spirit and bond of peace among the
leadership of the churches of Kwa Mtoro. Ask the Lord to galvanize the
believers in the Motto church, that they would hunger and thirst for
righteousness and would sanctify Christ as Lord in their hearts. Pray
for the Lord to make connections between the Motto church and Mangasta
village. Pray that the Motto believers would burn with a joy and a
boldness to share the gospel with their neighbors, always being ready to
give an answer for the hope they have in Jesus.

Prayer for Mangasta

Let’s continue to pray for open doors in Mangasta. ‘Lord, would you not let the leaders in the other churches become discouraged or complacent because of the barriers that have come up in efforts to reach Mangasta. Would you bring healing and restoration to the family that wants to move to Mangasta to be a witness in that village. LORD, we ask you to remove the barriers and make a way for your light to shine in Mangasta. We ask these things for your glory and for your Name.’

Handa outreach results

132 people responded to the Gospel during the Handa outreach last week! Thank you for praying. Let’s pray that every single one becomes grounded in the Word and walks in a manner worthy of the Lord. The Magomeni team was taken by surprise and very encouraged by the response. Let’s pray for good follow up and more shepherds!

Outreach this week!

Let’s give thanks and pray for a multi-church outreach happening in the village of Handa this week. A city church several hours away is partnering with some of the local churches in Usandawe to do an outreach in this village where there has been a witness for several years through the monthly medical outreach. There was some momentum some years ago to send an evangelist to this village but there was not one available to go at that time. There are a handful of Believers in Handa but there is not a “church” to speak of. Please pray that more will come to Christ in this village and that the Believers will begin to meet regularly. Pray also that God would bring or raise up a shepherd for this area.

Resolve the Issues, Lord

Lord, we continue to pray for open doors and opportunities to bring the
gospel to the village of Mangasta. The people there seem welcoming but
there have been political barriers. Please resolve these issues so that
Your light can shine in this place.

A New Evangelist Installed

We give thanks for a wonderful, God-honoring, gospel message service on
Sunday, September 23 in the village of Tumbelo, in which Kristofa was
officially installed as evangelist. There is a small congregation which
has been meeting under trees or a tarp for a couple of years during
which time Kristofa has been discipled by the local pastor. He also had
the opportunity to attend a 6 month Bible course. He is now living in a mostly complete
house in which the congregation can also meet during the rainy season.
Please continue to pray for Kristofa and for funds to complete his
house. There are no doors or windows, few furnishings and the rainy
season is just around the corner.

Young leaders

Continue to pray for leadership and discipleship among the Sandawe churches. There have been several opportunities recently for further training for Believers in sharing their faith. Ask that they will not merely listen but that they will take what they learn and apply it. There are a handful of new church plants with young leaders. Please pray for wisdom for these men and women, that they will be resolute in challenging situations and that they will shine like stars in the darkness.

Lahoda outreach

Give thanks for a recent outreach in the village of Lahoda. People visited homes and shared the gospel with many families. They were warmly received by some, but not all. Most were eager to attend the evening meetings in which Christian films were shown. The population in this area is growing rapidly. Please pray the church will grow in numbers and in maturity.