Young leaders

Continue to pray for leadership and discipleship among the Sandawe churches. There have been several opportunities recently for further training for Believers in sharing their faith. Ask that they will not merely listen but that they will take what they learn and apply it. There are a handful of new church plants with young leaders. Please pray for wisdom for these men and women, that they will be resolute in challenging situations and that they will shine like stars in the darkness.

Lahoda outreach

Give thanks for a recent outreach in the village of Lahoda. People visited homes and shared the gospel with many families. They were warmly received by some, but not all. Most were eager to attend the evening meetings in which Christian films were shown. The population in this area is growing rapidly. Please pray the church will grow in numbers and in maturity.

Needing work and fellowship

Please pray for Asia, a young Sandawe lady who is needing to find work that will likely take her away from her village in Usandawe. She is from a Catholic background and has been attending a Bible Study with a missionary. Please pray that her faith will be strengthened and that she will find work and be encouraged. Pray that she will seek the LORD with all of her heart and that she will find godly fellowship wherever she goes.

Paving the Way

Pray for resolution of a land issue in Mangasta village in order to pave the way for outreach there. Also, pray for Sandawe lay leaders who have been trained at the Indigenous believers seminar at Engedi, that the Lord would call them in new ways to use their gifts for discipleship and the gospel.

To Plant a Church in the Town called “Salvation.”

A new initiative to plant a church in Ukombozi (“salvation”) has begun among the Sandawe. The village seems to be a mix of Nyaturu and Sandawe peoples.Pray for unity for the team of believers, and for safety and good health as they share the gospel door to door. Pray for open hearts and that the Lord would save those He’s been drawing by His Holy Spirit. Pray also that the rains won’t hinder the outreach.


Saidi, an MMB for whom we prayed, went off the radar for over a year. He has resurfaced and is growing in Christ. A Tanzanian pastor who had mentored him but had lost touch, was telling his story in church one Sunday and that very afternoon, Saidi called him. The pastor has been able to resume mentoring him and Saidi is feeling supported by the church as well. There is no church in his local area so this is important for him to belong to a body of Believers.

In Order to Go Forward in Mangasta

The village leaders are very welcoming, but one village elder who used to own the land that was given to the church has said he wants 2 acres back. Pray for wisdom for the church to graciously resolve this issue. The village leaders want there to be peace and resolution between the church and this particular person before an outreach is done. Pray that the way we handle this will be used by the Lord to show His love and compassion. Pray also for Pastor Musa. Because Pastor Musa worked many years in a town near to Mangasta, he would love to be part of the church-planting outreach because many people from that area know him. Pray for all the outreach team’s schedules to come together well.

Lord, Open The Town Of Mangasta

Thank you for praying for the disciple-making training seminar among Sandawe Christians! I’ve been in touch with Pastor Musa and Seseja, and they said the seminar itself finished really well. We still haven’t gotten permission yet from Mangasta village leadership to do an evangelistic outreach in this key, strategic town. Pray that we’d be able to build good relationships with the Mangasta leadership. Pray that a land issue would be resolved amiably. Keep praying for the Lord’s timing, and for Him to remove barriers for the outreach so that we can take the good news of God’s love and salvation in Christ to the people of Mangasta.

Poor harvest

Please pray for the Sandawe people as most are anticipating a poor harvest this year. The rains were sporadic and not enough to produce well. Ask that provision will be made for their physical needs and that this will be an opportunity for them to see God at work, the One True God who is LORD over all things.