Success in Three Villages

Pray that the Sandawe believers and church leaders will continue to share the gospel widely and freely with those who still need Christ. Pray for the three villages that have been identified for church plants, and pray that those who are trying to start churches in those villages will have wonderful success.

Two Percent

Pray for the momentum of the church-planting movement among the Sandawe to increase, and that by the end of 2020, two percent of the Sandawe people will be believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray also that in every major Sandawe town and village there will be a vibrant, Christ-centered church that is devoted to evangelism.

Two More Churches Planted

The churches in Sandawe areas continue to spread the gospel, and continue to plant churches, praise God! Two more have been planted in the villages of Handa and Mabanzini. And there are a couple more lay leaders who are planning to take a Bible course. One pastor also hosted an eye surgery clinic last week. Please continue to pray for the churches and the work that will continue among the Sandawe people.


East Africa has had abnormally heavy rains this rainy season. For some, this has meant a good harvest, for others, too much rain has meant a poor harvest. Please pray for the Sandawe and others that they would be able to harvest sufficient food for the coming year. Pray also for Believers that they would be bold in their witness both in word and deed.


Building plans are under way for an evangelist’s home in Lahoda where there is a fledgling church. Let’s ask that this building will soon be complete so that an evangelist can minister there permanently.

Discipleship and training

A young Sandawe couple has recently moved to southern Tanzania for a year long internship that includes not only discipleship but also training in agricultural methods. Please pray for a good adjustment for Immanuel and Janet and that they will learn much during this time.

New pastor

One of the pastorates in the Sandawe area is undergoing leadership transition. Please pray for both leaders and church members to adjust well to change and that passion for the lost will grow in this area.


We give thanks for several baptisms over Christmas. We also celebrated a number of believers who completed discipleship training. One is the wife of Immanuel. This couple desires to move to Mangasta to minister there. We thank the Lord that they seem to be working through some marriage difficulties and their passion for the gospel to come to Mangasta has been rekindled. Immanuel has not gone through the training but desires to do so. Pray that he will have that opportunity and that other barriers in Mangasta will be broken down.

A godly wife

We have been praying for Kristofa for a couple of years at least. God has answered those prayers in wonderful ways. He is serving as an evangelist in a the fledgling church of Tumbelo. He desires a godly wife. Let’s ask the Lord to lead him to a godly woman who shares his calling and will be a helper in the work.

Now They Are Making Disciples

Pray for pastor Ndaki as he continues to teach 70+ new believers who have gathered since the outreach in Handa finished last month. He’s using the MSINGI (“foundation”) Bible study book to teach them. Pray for their rapid growth in the Lord. Praise the Lord again for the Sandawe beginning to reach out with the gospel beyond their own tribe.

Now the Unreached Have Become Missionaries!

Praise the Lord for the recent Handa outreach where Sandawe churches partnered with a church in Dar to reach neighboring Nyaturu people with the gospel in Mkolahanje. They are also taking steps to place a full time lay leader there for follow up and discipleship.

Prayer For Unity In Sandawe Churches, and Gospel Outreach

Please pray for the unity of the Spirit and bond of peace among the
leadership of the churches of Kwa Mtoro. Ask the Lord to galvanize the
believers in the Motto church, that they would hunger and thirst for
righteousness and would sanctify Christ as Lord in their hearts. Pray
for the Lord to make connections between the Motto church and Mangasta
village. Pray that the Motto believers would burn with a joy and a
boldness to share the gospel with their neighbors, always being ready to
give an answer for the hope they have in Jesus.

Prayer for Mangasta

Let’s continue to pray for open doors in Mangasta. ‘Lord, would you not let the leaders in the other churches become discouraged or complacent because of the barriers that have come up in efforts to reach Mangasta. Would you bring healing and restoration to the family that wants to move to Mangasta to be a witness in that village. LORD, we ask you to remove the barriers and make a way for your light to shine in Mangasta. We ask these things for your glory and for your Name.’

Handa outreach results

132 people responded to the Gospel during the Handa outreach last week! Thank you for praying. Let’s pray that every single one becomes grounded in the Word and walks in a manner worthy of the Lord. The Magomeni team was taken by surprise and very encouraged by the response. Let’s pray for good follow up and more shepherds!

Outreach this week!

Let’s give thanks and pray for a multi-church outreach happening in the village of Handa this week. A city church several hours away is partnering with some of the local churches in Usandawe to do an outreach in this village where there has been a witness for several years through the monthly medical outreach. There was some momentum some years ago to send an evangelist to this village but there was not one available to go at that time. There are a handful of Believers in Handa but there is not a “church” to speak of. Please pray that more will come to Christ in this village and that the Believers will begin to meet regularly. Pray also that God would bring or raise up a shepherd for this area.

Resolve the Issues, Lord

Lord, we continue to pray for open doors and opportunities to bring the
gospel to the village of Mangasta. The people there seem welcoming but
there have been political barriers. Please resolve these issues so that
Your light can shine in this place.

A New Evangelist Installed

We give thanks for a wonderful, God-honoring, gospel message service on
Sunday, September 23 in the village of Tumbelo, in which Kristofa was
officially installed as evangelist. There is a small congregation which
has been meeting under trees or a tarp for a couple of years during
which time Kristofa has been discipled by the local pastor. He also had
the opportunity to attend a 6 month Bible course. He is now living in a mostly complete
house in which the congregation can also meet during the rainy season.
Please continue to pray for Kristofa and for funds to complete his
house. There are no doors or windows, few furnishings and the rainy
season is just around the corner.

Young leaders

Continue to pray for leadership and discipleship among the Sandawe churches. There have been several opportunities recently for further training for Believers in sharing their faith. Ask that they will not merely listen but that they will take what they learn and apply it. There are a handful of new church plants with young leaders. Please pray for wisdom for these men and women, that they will be resolute in challenging situations and that they will shine like stars in the darkness.

Lahoda outreach

Give thanks for a recent outreach in the village of Lahoda. People visited homes and shared the gospel with many families. They were warmly received by some, but not all. Most were eager to attend the evening meetings in which Christian films were shown. The population in this area is growing rapidly. Please pray the church will grow in numbers and in maturity.

Needing work and fellowship

Please pray for Asia, a young Sandawe lady who is needing to find work that will likely take her away from her village in Usandawe. She is from a Catholic background and has been attending a Bible Study with a missionary. Please pray that her faith will be strengthened and that she will find work and be encouraged. Pray that she will seek the LORD with all of her heart and that she will find godly fellowship wherever she goes.

Paving the Way

Pray for resolution of a land issue in Mangasta village in order to pave the way for outreach there. Also, pray for Sandawe lay leaders who have been trained at the Indigenous believers seminar at Engedi, that the Lord would call them in new ways to use their gifts for discipleship and the gospel.

Breakthrough Prayer for the Sandawe

“Father, may the believers be so united that the Sandawe see and become convinced that You sent Jesus Your Son into the world, and that You love them as You love Jesus.”

To Plant a Church in the Town called “Salvation.”

A new initiative to plant a church in Ukombozi (“salvation”) has begun among the Sandawe. The village seems to be a mix of Nyaturu and Sandawe peoples.Pray for unity for the team of believers, and for safety and good health as they share the gospel door to door. Pray for open hearts and that the Lord would save those He’s been drawing by His Holy Spirit. Pray also that the rains won’t hinder the outreach.


Saidi, an MMB for whom we prayed, went off the radar for over a year. He has resurfaced and is growing in Christ. A Tanzanian pastor who had mentored him but had lost touch, was telling his story in church one Sunday and that very afternoon, Saidi called him. The pastor has been able to resume mentoring him and Saidi is feeling supported by the church as well. There is no church in his local area so this is important for him to belong to a body of Believers.

In Order to Go Forward in Mangasta

The village leaders are very welcoming, but one village elder who used to own the land that was given to the church has said he wants 2 acres back. Pray for wisdom for the church to graciously resolve this issue. The village leaders want there to be peace and resolution between the church and this particular person before an outreach is done. Pray that the way we handle this will be used by the Lord to show His love and compassion. Pray also for Pastor Musa. Because Pastor Musa worked many years in a town near to Mangasta, he would love to be part of the church-planting outreach because many people from that area know him. Pray for all the outreach team’s schedules to come together well.

Lord, Open The Town Of Mangasta

Thank you for praying for the disciple-making training seminar among Sandawe Christians! I’ve been in touch with Pastor Musa and Seseja, and they said the seminar itself finished really well. We still haven’t gotten permission yet from Mangasta village leadership to do an evangelistic outreach in this key, strategic town. Pray that we’d be able to build good relationships with the Mangasta leadership. Pray that a land issue would be resolved amiably. Keep praying for the Lord’s timing, and for Him to remove barriers for the outreach so that we can take the good news of God’s love and salvation in Christ to the people of Mangasta.

Poor harvest

Please pray for the Sandawe people as most are anticipating a poor harvest this year. The rains were sporadic and not enough to produce well. Ask that provision will be made for their physical needs and that this will be an opportunity for them to see God at work, the One True God who is LORD over all things.

May God make a way

Please ask the Lord to pave the way for authorities to grant permission for an outreach to the village of Mangasta. The outreach is planned as part of a Global Disciples seminar. 10 days of outreach are planned for later this month. Also pray for Immanuel and his wife who are experiencing marriage difficulties. This is the couple who had expressed a desire to to serve the Lord by moving to Mangasta to be a witness in that village. Thirdly, the village leadership of Mangasta donated land to A.I.C.T. a few years ago for the purpose of building a church. But since nothing has been done with the land, there is now a problem as someone has encroached on some of the land. Please pray that this issue will be resolved. It seems this village is under attack as the Church makes an effort to have an impact on this Muslim stronghold.

Listening to the Word

Odilo continues to do listening group seminars throughout the area in which he trains people how to ask questions as they listen to scripture on the solar mega voice players. Please ask the LORD to keep him safe as he travels by motorcycle and ask that hearts will be receptive toward God’s Word as the Sandawe people listen in their heart language.

Listening to the Word

Odilo continues to do listening group seminars throughout the area in which he trains people how to ask questions as they listen to scripture on the solar mega voice players. Please ask the LORD to keep him safe as he travels by motorcycle and ask that hearts will be receptive toward God’s Word as the Sandawe people listen in their heart language.

Seminar training in DBS

Please pray for Odilo as he leads a Bible Listening Group Seminar to train people in DBS using the audio players with Kisandawe Scriptures. He’s leading a seminar in Farkwa tomorrow and another in Takwa on Friday.

May outreach in Mangasta

Praise God, Sandawe pastors and leaders met in Motto, TZ on 17 March. The leaders agreed to an outreach in Mangasta village in mid-May. This is an answer to our prayer for Mangasta village. Pray for a mid-May evangelism outreach in Mangasta, TZ. Pray for a Sandawe church to be planted there.

Sent Ones

Please continue to pray for Ima, Gabrieli and Deo, young men who have been sent to 3 different small congregations in Usandawe to give leadership. While they are not far from home, they are away from family and friends and starting in a new place. Please pray that they will adjust well to new surroundings, find friends and support and that they will stand firm in their faith as they face difficult situations. Please pray that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit as they disciple Believers and witness to those who do not yet know Christ.

Moving to Mangasta

Please ask that the Christian family who wants to move to Mangasta to be a witness there will be able to make this move soon and they will have good support from the body of Christ as they will be the only evangelical Christians amongst an almost 100% Muslim community. May the LORD bless them and keep them and make His face to shine upon them and give them peace.

Read the Word

Missionaries have been selling Bibles to local Believers at a reduced rate for the past couple of years and have had to restock time and time again. People are eager to have Bibles in their hands. But other than in school, picking up a book to read just because you want to read, is not a usual practice. There simply aren’t books available to read for leisure and many Tanzanians only have a 3rd grade education. In a recent church service, the preacher was encouraging the Believers to read their Bibles. Yes, they bring them to church and read them during the service but please ask the LORD to give His people such a hunger for His Word, that they will read daily and that they will teach their children to do the same. His Word is alive and active! This would be a major shift in the current culture and one that will have life changing impact.

Being sent!

We give thanks for three Sandawe men who are being sent from one of the local congregations to give leadership to three other congregations. One of the recent prayer requests for the Sandawe was for leadership so this is an answer to that prayer! Praise the LORD. Funds are available for them to go to a short Bible school training course. Please pray that they will have an opportunity to attend this course which is divided into 2 three months sessions in a town on the other side of the country.

Pray for Esther

Just saw Evangelist Ndaki today from Wairo. He told me they recently had a Muslim Sandawe woman from Madandaa (where the new church plant is) come running to the Wairo church one week ago to ask for help to be delivered from demons. They prayed for her, the Lord drove out the demons and she was delivered, and accepted Christ as her Savior and Lord, praise Jesus! She stayed with Ndaki’s family for discipleship and was baptized yesterday along with 10 other new believers. Her new name is Esther. Pray for Esther as she returns home to her husband who is not saved, but thrilled that his wife has recovered. Pray this would be huge witness for the gospel in Madandaa. Pray for protection from the Muslim leaders who are not happy that she left Islam. Pray for her growth as she studies God’s word via both a Swahili Bible and Megavoice player with six books of the Bible translated in to Kisandawe.

The harvest needs workers!

As always at this time of year, when the rains come, we pray for a good harvest of crops for the Sandawe people. And we continue to pray for more workers for the harvest, especially in terms of pastors and evangelists. We are excited that new churches are being planted but they need mature Believers to give leadership. Let’s give thanks that several evangelists are being trained and sent out!

Sunny Sundays needed!

We are so thankful that a large city church is giving generously for a house to be built for a Sandawe evangelist in the village of Tumbelo. The church there is fairly new and is small but growing. The evangelist has completed 3 months of a 6 month training course in which he did very well. Pray for Kristofer, this young man, who continues to be passionate about Jesus, is growing in maturity and becoming more confident in his role. His parents have made a profession of faith but it creates an interesting dynamic between parents and son and they have not been attending services. Please pray for them. Also, plans are in place for the house to be built for Kristofer but there is not yet a church building. And it’s the rainy season. Pray for sunny Sundays! The Believers meet outside.

You prayed…He answered

On Apr 21, 2018 you prayed for this request: “Please pray that the Sandawe will come to faith in Christ. A number of faithful believers are purposefully sharing the gospel in areas where He is not yet known. Pray that the Lord will work mightily to bring Sandawe people to Himself.” And God answered: “A group of pastors and evangelists conducted a 10 day seminar in an area where people are setting up homes after having been forced to leave a wildlife reserve area. These people are not Sandawe but many from the church in Wairo, some of whom are Sandawe, participated in the outreach. They had an opportunity to learn from the leaders how to share their faith as they visited with these refugees.” Praise the Lord.