The Fongoro of Sudan

Population: 17,000 living in Sudan

Location and Background: The Fongoro or “Forgy” as they call themselves, live in a remote area bordering Sudan and Chad. They are at risk of being assimilated by the Fur people.

History: The Fongoro people were originally part of the Fur ethnic group or Fur Tribe in western Sudan Darfur region. Around 1845 there was war between the Arab and Fur, and the Fongoro left their indigenous place and moved to southern part of Darfur in Radoum, Baher Alrab. Eventually, some of them moved to Raja in South Sudan. In addition to war, the Fongoro fled toward the South as the Turkish empire was imposing Islam on people in Darfur at that time. Most of the Fur were Old Testament believers and some were Christians who rejected Islam and ran away from the areas where the Turkish Empire had power. They stayed together as groups and later on they developed their own language, which is very similar to Fur language. They have a similar culture and look like the Fur.

Culture: The Fongoro ethnic group is divided into clans. All of them speak the same language, practice the same customs, and depend upon farming and goats and cattle. They marry more than one wife. 

Religions: Majority are Muslims plus African traditional religion; very few of the new generation have accepted Jesus.

Latest Prayer Updates:


Ask God to have mercy on the Fongoro and send messengers of the gospel to them. Pray He would deliver many from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of His dear Son.

civil war

The recent coup has led to civil strife and the military taking over. Pray for Sudan, the unreached people groups, and our ministry partners all needing peace and security and salvation. Lord have mercy.

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