Ask God to have mercy on the Fongoro and send messengers of the gospel to them. Pray He would deliver many from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of His dear Son.

civil war

The recent coup has led to civil strife and the military taking over. Pray for Sudan, the unreached people groups, and our ministry partners all needing peace and security and salvation. Lord have mercy.


We are doing training for new believers to prepare them for baptism in Darfur.
There are three new believers so far on this trip!
We started new two home churches in Darfur and one new bible study group in Khartoum. Please pray for them.

Please pray:
1- for security in Darfur
2- for the team
3- for new believers to grow in Christ .
4- for the three new believers facing persecution from their families .
5- This week is disciple- making training which includes Fongoro believers. May these new believers grow in Christ .

Holistic ministry

Pray for minimizing of the marginalization of the Fongoro community.
Pray for God’s intervention to provide basic needs of life. The Fongoro need access to developmental activities to enhance their living standards.
Pray for holistic ministry and for more friends nationally and internationally to stand with ministry among Fongoro.

New work

Pray for the work among the marginalized Fongoro people of Sudan and Chad.

Pray for growth of the gospel spreading among Fongoro.
Pray for new believers to grow mature in Christ and to influence their community by gospel proclamation in word and deed.
Pray for new believers experiencing persecution or rejection among their community.
Pray for the team ministering among the Fongoro to have an open door for fruitful ministry.