Digo of Tanzania and Kenya

Population: 500,000

Location: SE Kenya and NE Tanzania

History: The Digo moved to their current location 1000 years ago. Historians disagree as to whether they migrated from Somalia or from Southern Africa. Originally they settled deep within sacred forests in order to worship ancestral spirits and to be safe from warring tribes. Islamic traders visited the coast of Africa as early as the 10th century and had contact with the Digo. The Portuguese explorers came in the 16th century. Many Digo converted to Islam in the 1920s.

Culture: The Digo are Bantu people. They are fishermen, farmers, basket weavers and potters.

Religion: Folk Islam and animism

Latest Prayer Updates:

Slowly Multiplying

The Digo believers are slowly multiplying. Some have suffered difficult persecution and ostracism because of their faith in Jesus. Please pray that in 2021 the power of Islam among the Digo will be broken and many new believers will zealously follow the Savior into eternal life. Pray for the missionaries who live among them to be greatly encouraged by how God works.


“They have a zeal for God but not according to knowledge.” This is also a description of the Digo people. Please pray that as they have zealously clung to Islam, in the future they will have a reputation for being zealous for Jesus.

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