Chadian Arabs

Chadian Arabs
Population: 2.5 million

Location: Central and Southern Chad and parts of Sudan, which is in the dry central Sahel zone.

History: The Chadian Arabs’ ancestors emigrated from Sudan during the 14th century. They were primarily nomadic camel herders and slave traders. Since the 18th century they have counted their wealth in large herds of camels, horses, cattle, goats, and sheep.

Culture: There are 12 tribal groupings among the Arabs. They are mostly farmers and livestock breeders. They are semi-nomadic, searching for grazing land during the rainy season. Some are also business men and shop keepers.

Religion: Islam

Latest Prayer Updates:

Amazing protection!

Two local guys were led to the faith by another believer that our team was instrumental in leading to the Lord. During the month of Ramadan, the families and communities of these two new believers found out about their faith and took them before the local police to have them arrested and put in jail. Neither believer would recant their faith. Both family members and imams accused them of apostasy and wanted them to be beaten and imprisoned. The local police commissioner let them talk and then got in their faces and reminded them that Chad is a secular country – that anyone is free to worship as he pleases. The police commissioner went on to say that if they were to walk into his home right then that they would find an Injiil in his armoire! The commissioner continued on and actually threatened to imprison the family members and religious leaders if they ever gave the two new believers problems about their new faith! He then proceeded to give his personal phone number to the two believers and told them to give him a call anytime if they were given any more problems.

Beautiful believes!

This past week I received a phone call from Moussa, national missionary with whom we partner. He excitedly shared with me how a woman whom we had previously named, “Beautiful”, showed up at his house and talked for hours about the gospel with him and his wife. This woman is the older sister of two other believers in that town and she has heard the gospel many times, but never truly responded to it.  Moussa shared with us how Beautiful had come to truly understand and accept her need for Jesus and then went on to explain how she wanted Moussa to go and speak with her husband about the gospel when he returned from his trip. Moussa couldn’t believe her joy and enthusiasm for the gospel.
This very same day, a group of five Chadian Arab believers showed up in this same town, having fled from eastern Chad seeking a place of refuge. They were headed towards southern Chad when someone stopped them and told them they should go to this town and find Moussa. These five newer believers are now staying in the same town as Moussa and are hungry to be discipled and grow in their faith. Praise God for what is happening in this location!

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