Chadian Arabs

Chadian Arabs
Population: 2.5 million

Location: Central and Southern Chad and parts of Sudan, which is in the dry central Sahel zone.

History: The Chadian Arabs’ ancestors emigrated from Sudan during the 14th century. They were primarily nomadic camel herders and slave traders. Since the 18th century they have counted their wealth in large herds of camels, horses, cattle, goats, and sheep.

Culture: There are 12 tribal groupings among the Arabs. They are mostly farmers and livestock breeders. They are semi-nomadic, searching for grazing land during the rainy season. Some are also business men and shop keepers.

Religion: Islam

Latest Prayer Updates:

Work God requires

Pray for these Muslims as they try hard to please God and do His work. May they do the work that God requires- to believe on the One whom He has sent.

Tear down strongholds

Ask God to have mercy on Chadian Arabs and to tear down strongholds that keep people imprisoned in deception and fear. Pray for Chadian believers to be lights and ministers of the gospel to their neighbors.

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