The Alagwa of Tanzania

Population: 40,000

Location and Background: The Alagwa live in in a geographically remote area at 4,000-6,000’ elevation in the hills and mountains of central Tanzania. They live in 15 villages, and although the Bubu river runs through the lower lands, the  higher regions suffer from lack  of water and they often must walk miles to find water to meet the needs of their families.

History: The Alagwa are a Cushitic group, who migrated south from the horn of Africa. They believe they are descended from Habesh, who was the 10th generation from Noah’s son Ham, and are still living with the curse put on their ancestor.

Culture: The Alagwa are subsistence farmers, growing maize and millet. They also keep cows, goats and sheep. They are very community oriented, living in houses made of burned brick with roofs of thatched grass. The Alagwa speak both Alagwaisa and Kiswahili.

Religion: A tribal legend says that once when some Alagwa visited Mecca they were rejected by the Muslims for having ‘no religion’—only animistic beliefs. They later embraced Islam, so that now well over 90% are Muslims. However, they seamlessly blend their traditional beliefs with their Islamic ones. Allah, Mungu and Lala’a are all used to refer to God. So although they are called Muslims, their beliefs and practices are strongly steeped in their traditional ways of life.


Latest Prayer Updates:

Break their Bonds, Lord

Please continue to pray for the Alagwa! Pray that God will break their bonds, crush the strongholds that Satan has over them, and usher them into walking in freedom with Jesus.

Storying with a Family

A young Christian woman is going through the Bible story set with her neighbours Mama and Baba S. It is the first time of storying with a family unit who are not believers, where both the husband and wife are committed to learning the stories. Pray that God will use this MIGHTILY in this family’s life! Baba S, in other circumstances, quietly observes and reflects on a new way of doing things, and then one day makes the plunge. Pray that he will make the plunge into faith in Christ.

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