Training and outreach

Please pray for the Global Disciples evangelism training now being hosted by our local church. Believers have come from different people groups for training. There will be an outreach happening in an Alagwa village after the initial training. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to be working both in this village, and in the hearts of the believers as they receive their training.

looking for people to disciple

Please pray for the church amongst the Alagwa who have all been challenged to find at least one person to disciple from outside the church, whilst being accountable to a person from within the church. Some also attended the discipleship training seminar we ran. Please pray that each believer would be faithful and persevere in praying and seeking people to share their faith with and continue discipling them.

Needs to surrender

Pray for an Alagwa lady who has tasted and seen for many years that Jesus is good and is the way, but was not willing to leave her religion. She seems to be softening towards Jesus again; she is coming much more often to study the Bible and pray with another believing lady in the community. She loves listening to God’s word and thinking about how it applies to her. She is also happy to pray in the name of Jesus. Yesterday, she came for medicine for her daughter who was sick. We prayed for her and God brought healing that very evening. This lady said today that she thanked God for healing her daughter. May she at last bow her knee to King Jesus!

Couple sharing with family

Praise God for a couple who are continuing to follow God together, and are getting to grips with what it means to be Alagwa and follow Jesus. After a few visits to some of their wider family a few hours away, they are excited to disciple the ones amongst them who are now seeking. Please pray for this couple for continued boldness and perseverance to travel the three hours to disciple these family members and also for their protection as a couple. Please pray for their marriage and their relationships with others in their community.

Continuing to live for Jesus

Praise God for a baptised Alagwa believer who has featured a few times in PA. She has continued to live for Jesus in her community and people are asking why she is different. Recently, after teaching about discipleship, she was so encouraged that she also could be the one to encourage and teach others. Pray that she will find people to regularly disciple in her neighbourhood.

May the whole family come!

Praise God for a devout young Muslim man, and our dear friend, who has been listening to the Alagwaisa Bible stories and the Swahili Bible on an audio player. He came last night and said that he has been listening, and has questions. We encouraged him and his friend to come with their questions and we could talk together and he agreed. Earlier in the week, we asked his father, who also has scriptures on an audio player, whether he was ready to follow Jesus. He said he needed to ask his children so they could all decide together. Please pray for this extended family, where the mother/wife is already following Jesus, for all of them to decide to follow Jesus together. They are a key respected family in the area and the impact of a family decision would not only be huge for them, but for the wider community too.

Resisting the devil

Praise God for one Alagwa old lady who has been opening up her heart to Jesus for some time. She has struggled with demons for a long time, and is now clear and agrees that Jesus is the one who can help her. A team mate who has been talking and praying with her for a long time came to church with her last week. She was prayed for and one of the demons left. Later in the week she said the demons came and strongly said to her: “We don’t like that Jesus!” and she told them that she was with Jesus now. Please pray for her; there is a battle. May she continue to resist the devil, and see him flee. May she be completely released of all demonic holds on her life. May she come to know the love of Jesus more and more.

Boldness in Christ

More and more Alagwa are meeting to read and discuss Scripture, and a team is doing an oral translation of the book of Luke. Pray for a breakthrough among the Alagwa people that would result in courageous bold faith in Christ. Pray that the Christians will know and love one another, and form new loyalties and alliances in Christ as part of His Body. Pray that the Spirit will work mightily among the Alagwa people.

Confessing Jesus

Please pray for an Alagwa couple who are being discipled. They have decided to talk to their wider family and tell them they are following Jesus. This is a huge step. Please pray for them as they go (hopefully today), for courage and Holy Spirit boldness. Please pray for their family too, for open hearts to hear the good news of Jesus.