Encountering Christ through His Word

Please pray for the Alagwa who are helping translate the book of Luke, especially those who are not Christians. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would open their eyes and give them the skills and wisdom they need to translate God’s word. Pray that they would encounter Christ through his word and commit their lives to him.

A Huge Step For Her

Please pray for the 5 believers who were baptised Christmas Eve, for their discipleship and strengthening. Pray especially for one of them who had been possessed and oppressed by serious demonic forces for many years. She had been challenged to follow Jesus a number of times over the last few years and has been prayed for many times. In the last few months, she finally accepted her need for Jesus and decided to follow him. This is a huge step for her. Please pray for her protection, and that the Holy Spirit will teach, strengthen and protect her over the coming weeks and months.

Boldly Proclaim

Please pray that the Alagwa Christians will boldly proclaim their faith in Christ during the Christmas season, and that others will take courage from their example.

Rapid Progress

Pray for the Bible translation among the Alagwa to progress. That the word of God may spread rapidly and be glorified.

Jesus set them free

Pray that the Alagwa will be set free from their fears to follow Christ. He is the one who came to deliver those who through fear of death were subject to slavery all their lives. Pray He will do that for the Alagwa.

Break their Bonds, Lord

Please continue to pray for the Alagwa! Pray that God will break their bonds, crush the strongholds that Satan has over them, and usher them into walking in freedom with Jesus.

Storying with a Family

A young Christian woman is going through the Bible story set with her neighbours Mama and Baba S. It is the first time of storying with a family unit who are not believers, where both the husband and wife are committed to learning the stories. Pray that God will use this MIGHTILY in this family’s life! Baba S, in other circumstances, quietly observes and reflects on a new way of doing things, and then one day makes the plunge. Pray that he will make the plunge into faith in Christ.

Two Young Men

At the home of the national pastor, two young Alagwa men came to ask their questions. Is Jesus really God? How can God be a human being? If a person’s sins are washed away by His blood when they trust in Him, what happens when they sin again? Do they once again “have sin”? For over an hour the Christians answered and shared Scripture. Please pray for the salvation of these two young men, and that their families will also embrace Christ.

May the Husbands and Children Love Jesus, too.

Pray for two households with believing wives who listen to recordings of Bible stories in Alagwaisa and Scriptures in Swahili in the evenings together with other family members. Pray for their husbands and children to be drawn to Jesus too.

Families Discovering the Love of God

Please pray for opportunities to share Jesus with family groups. Sometimes it can be hard to find times when everyone is together. Pray that as families discover the love of God they can choose to follow together and support one another.

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