Man of peace

Please pray for a prominent religious leader in one area who for many years has been a “man of peace” and encouraged many to hear God’s word although he has not yet become a believer. Recently he again was excited to study God’s word and agreed with what he read. He was hungry to study more and more. He himself pinpointed the barrier within himself which is stopping him come to Christ. May God break down all barriers! May this man meet God, who is worth everything, and worth losing everything for.

Mid-week group

Please pray for a mid week group we are praying and planning will start in one village. We hope it will be the first time various secret believers and seekers will be meeting together to pray and study God’s word. Pray that God will establish this group, despite many potential challenges.

Luke recording

Praise God for a great week with 2 Alagwa speakers recording the first lot of passages from the translation of Luke in Alagwaisa. Pray for these portions of God’s word as they are listened to and studied over the next few weeks. May there be much fruit!

Completely On Her Own Initiative

Praise God for two “secret” believers in one village, both of whom have recently called their friends to join them in studying God word. One did this completely on her own initiative. May they all continue to hear God’s truth together and apply it to their lives.

All Follow Together

Please join an Alagwa believer who is praying for her husband and children to know Jesus too. They all listen to God’s word on audio players and some are really drawn by the beauty of God’s word. May the family all follow God together.

A Bold and Vocal Man

Praise God for an Alagwa man who wants to study the Bible with some of the team weekly, and is planning to bring his friends too. He has already been seeking Jesus and praying and reading the Bible for some time. He is a bold and vocal man. Please pray that he would continue to respond to Jesus and that the Holy Spirit would use him to draw others too. The first Bible study is tonight!

Chains Still Binding Them

Please pray with us for the Alagwa, that the chains that bind them and stop them making steps towards Jesus would be broken. Please also pray for a breakthrough, that the Holy Spirit would lead people to confess their sins to God and repent.

Training and outreach

Please pray for the Global Disciples evangelism training now being hosted by our local church. Believers have come from different people groups for training. There will be an outreach happening in an Alagwa village after the initial training. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to be working both in this village, and in the hearts of the believers as they receive their training.

looking for people to disciple

Please pray for the church amongst the Alagwa who have all been challenged to find at least one person to disciple from outside the church, whilst being accountable to a person from within the church. Some also attended the discipleship training seminar we ran. Please pray that each believer would be faithful and persevere in praying and seeking people to share their faith with and continue discipling them.

Needs to surrender

Pray for an Alagwa lady who has tasted and seen for many years that Jesus is good and is the way, but was not willing to leave her religion. She seems to be softening towards Jesus again; she is coming much more often to study the Bible and pray with another believing lady in the community. She loves listening to God’s word and thinking about how it applies to her. She is also happy to pray in the name of Jesus. Yesterday, she came for medicine for her daughter who was sick. We prayed for her and God brought healing that very evening. This lady said today that she thanked God for healing her daughter. May she at last bow her knee to King Jesus!