The African Diaspora

Population: It is estimated that nearly 200 million Africans live off the continent of Africa. These men, women, and children are the African Diaspora, some of whom are probably your near neighbors. About 39 Million African Diaspora live in North America, 113 million in Latin America, 13.6 million in the Caribbean, and another 6 million live in Europe.

Location and Background: The African Diaspora live around the globe, and their histories and reasons for leaving the continent are diverse. Some are refugees, asylum seekers, economic migrants, students and professionals, undocumented immigrants, and tragically, others are victims of human trafficking.

History, Culture, and Religion: Because the African Diaspora come from Africa’s 54 individual countries as well as many of the continent’s outlying islands, each group’s history, culture and religion varies widely.

A Unique Opportunity: Many of the African Diaspora come from nations that are closed to missionary outreach, so their presence in places like Europe, Australia, and the Americas presents a unique opportunity to share the Good News with men and women who may have never heard it in their homelands, and who may one day to return their nation of origin transformed by Christ and eager to share their new hope with their friends and family.


Latest Prayer Updates:

Diaspora in Portland

A long- time ESL student of RH, an older Iranian, is dying of cancer. He’s heard the gospel, but has not believed yet. Pray with us that Ja. would believe in Jesus as Savior.
Pray for our team as we learn a new way of connecting with our widespread international friends- that we will have eternally significant conversations.

Diaspora in Canada

Pray for a Somali seeker friend to find Jesus, and realize she’s already been sought out by Him. Also for her to find suitable housing soon.
Pray for a Somali believer who has separated from his family and isn’t making efforts to get back together. Please pray for reconciliation and restoration.
Pray for another mature Somali believer whose daughter is dating a Muslim man.  Pray with us that they will realize the danger of this, and repent  and that Jesus will be glorified.

Seeking a New Home: Thirty-eight African refugees arrive on the shores of Spain’s canary island of Fuerteventura. Today European countries are home to approximately six million African Diaspora.

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By Land and Sea: The Growing Trend of African Immigration to Europe

“Whether they are economic migrants, international students, undocumented immigrants, refugees or asylum seekers, one fact remains the same – They are the new neighbors our churches are called to love.”


Together: A group of Sahrawi women and children now living in Spain, originally hail from the Western Sahara Desert region of Africa including parts of Morocco, Mauritania, and the southwest of Algeria.

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