Diaspora in Canada

Praise: We had a great first Al Massira study with R&F, an Algerian couple that
moved to Montreal a year ago. He gave his life to Christ in Algeria but she has been too afraid
(of family and relatives) to look into Christianity. She really enjoyed the introductory study last
night. Their son (S.) goes to our monthly gym afternoons.
Praise: God is blessing on our ESL and kids programs- adults are mingling with Christians and God is bringing up good gospel opportunities. Muslim parents are willingly sending their kids to learn English AND the Bible.
Pray for wisdom as we plan our Christmas event for our ESL students and for deepening
relationships with the kids and their families at our kids sports drop-in.

Diaspora in UK

Leicester is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the UK and recently it became the first
city in the UK other than London where the ethnic minority population is thought to have
passed the 50 % threshold. Among the ethnic mix in the city are large groups from North Africa
and the Horn. Our organization has been approached by a church situated on the edge of an
Estate where around 3,000 Somali people are living, asking for assistance as they seek to reach out to their neighbors. Please pray that God will raise up workers for this ripe Harvest field. Ask God to go before and prepare many open hearts.

Diaspora in Canada

Pray that God would call many students from our ESL classes, that they would have a deepening interest in Jesus and Christianity. Please pray that many would sign up for a discovery Bible Study early in the new year.

Diaspora in Portland

Praise the Lord for a safe trip and return from Egypt for MC. He was able to help and connect
on a deeper level with an Egyptian Muslim family that they have been reaching out to in
Portland. Please pray that God opens up the hearts of our dear Egyptian friends to the truth of
the Gospel.

Diaspora in Brazil

Pray for our teams in Sao Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul. Pray God will lead seeking Africans to them and that they will be willing to join a discovery Bible study.

Diaspora in France

Praise for a recent reconnection with some island friends whom I hasn’t talked with for
some time. Pray for wisdom and open hearts to hear truth as I visit again.
Praise…we have four new sisters and one brother in the islands and are encouraged to hear of
God’s work in hearts. Pray for God to break down the walls in the hearts and minds that
prevent islanders here to consider and embrace the Truth.

Diaspora in Wisconsin

Pray that someone in the church community would offer to help a student nurse from the
Diaspora community who needs help with her English conversation. Ask God to open her heart to Him.
Nov. 17 a team from NW Ohio will come to our town to do prayer walking, tea shop ministry, etc to
engage with the diaspora community. Pray for those who are coming to have hearts filled with
the Spirit and pray for the diaspora community as they meet people from this team to have open hearts to listen to their witness.

Diaspora in Philadelphia

Pray for our international Thanksgiving Dinner on November 12th. We will share the Gospel to a
crowd of 200 ESL students and families. Pray for ears that hear and hearts to believe!
We are sharing the love of Christ with Algerian and Sudanese friends as we visit folks in their homes. Pray for God to draw these friends to Himself. And pray for an Algerian woman who wants to compare the Word with the Quran with CF.

Diaspora in Florida

It’s the celebration we’ve been waiting and praying for: the first wedding between Kutchi believers. DM left Nov 3 for India to join this time of joy. This is the new generation of believers coming up. Then, after the wedding, DM will teach our group of 60 field workers in a 2-day training.
These 2 events are reminders of the awesome things God has done among the Kutchi. When D&J investigated the land of Kutchi for the first time in December of 1998 there were no full-time workers, no house churches, no radio gospel programs, and no Scripture in the Kutchi language. Now there are all of these and much more! Praise God with us.

Diaspora in Australia and New Zealand

There are many Africans from unreached people groups who have settled in Australia and New Zealand. Praise God for the opportunities to proclaim Him in these diaspora mission fields, and for the individual Christians and churches who continue to serve among them. Ask God to raise up more who are dedicated to sharing the gospel and discipling Africa’s unreached in Australia and New Zealand.