Diaspora in Canada

Praise for warm welcomes and enthusiastic discussions between local pastors and our Somali Cousins at a couple of local men’s hangouts.
Praise also for continued good relationships with tutoring and ESL students. Pray for open hearts and people of peace to be found in our community.
Please pray for some fellow torch bearers and light spreaders to join us.

Diaspora in Philadelphia

The DR team in Philadelphia is trying to develop relationships with several Algerians. One couple was contacted through the ESL program. They have expressed interest in spending time in the Word. Pray that they will commit to a meeting. There are two Algerian believers who are attending church and involved in Bible study. Pray that they would stay committed, grow in faith and engage with other Algerians who are not Christian. Pray for opportunities to meet and study the Bible with Y, a seeker.


Diaspora in UK

Pray for new possibilities for teams in France (Paris and La Rochelle)
Pray for new believers in Jerez to grow and be discipled.
Pray for the Refugees trained in Kingdom Business with Tharsis Betel through Elevate to be able to put into practice what they’ve learned.

Diaspora in Portland

Pray for “Mr. A”—a Middle Eastern student in my ESL class. We have gardened, practiced English, gone for dental care, drunk tea together, and talked of Jesus. He is disillusioned with his birth religion, and seems open to talk of alternatives.

Diaspora in Wisconsin

Thank the Lord for continued sharing of the truth with our neighbors here.
We continue praying that more workers would respond to join the work in showing His love to our neighbors.
Pray for one of the workers who seems to have developed a trust friendship with A. Pray that A’s heart of stone would be softened to the Truth.

Diaspora in UK

Please pray for my relationship with two local African families, both are Muslim. Various unavoidable circumstances have meant that we have been out of contact with each other recently. Please pray that friendships can be rekindled and start to grow again.

Diaspora in Minnesota

You can please pray that God would lead me to a new Somali friend who is searching for TRUTH, as I look for another family to work with this fall, in addition to A. and her family. Pray for someone with a soft heart to be willing to hear the Truth and would let the Truth replace the deceptive bondage she is in.

Diaspora in Canada

Praise for many opportunities during Ramadan to engage our friends in their homes here.
Prayer –” Lord, please send many volunteers who are committed to ongoing relationships with local Muslim people, who have requested help with English, citizenship studies, and homework.” Opportunities abound, volunteers are needed.
Please pray for Somali Christians as they face loneliness, depression and a lot of pressure to revert to Islam by their Muslim relatives. Some also wrestle with addictions, and other temptations. Pray that their witness would be evident and strong in word and in deed, and that they wouldn’t give up.
Pray also for our Somali friend Naomi (pseudonym) to grab hold of Jesus’ death and resurrection in her life, and not to be afraid to stand up for Jesus.

Diaspora in Portland

As the school year comes to a close and we head right in to summer activities, please pray for meaningful spiritual conversations with diaspora neighbors and students at PH.
On May 31st we had an all night prayer meeting during the night of power of Ramadan. Please pray that God will work in a mighty way in the hearts of individuals in this community.

Diaspora in France

Pray for lasting work of the truths of the story of the Pharisee and the tax collector that I will be sharing with Tammy, a former neighbor, and other islanders in the next couple of weeks.