Diaspora in Portland

We asked prayer that God would turn opposition into opportunities. Our team recently has had more opportunities than we can keep up with! Ex.— As JC’s health concerns became known, several Muslim women opened up to say they too are facing cancer or surgery—“Would you please pray?” One N. African lady asked our team ladies to take her to the hospital for thyroid surgery, stirring up a reaction by her religious community—“Why do you want Christians to take you?” But she even insisted on a Christian hospital chaplain to join JC to pray for her.

Diaspora in France

Praise for a well-attended kids club on Wed, with some island children included. Pray for the continued work of the Spirit as they hear truth from the Word. The next club will be the last Wed of October. Pray many children will come.
Continue praying for fruitful conversations with ladies on the streets as well as island friends. Pray for a desire to study the Word and seek after our Father.

Diapora in Florida

Pray for strengthened relationships with our Muslim families. Pray for trust and deep spiritual conversations.
Pray for the women’s sewing club, Sara’s Daughters, to attract more Muslim women consistently.
Pray for a place and its funding where Orlando Muslims can go to meet for Sara’s Daughters and for other activities; that it will be a welcoming place and a place of refuge.

Diaspora in Portland

Please pray that God will open up the hearts and eyes of our Muslim students to hear, taste and see the Lord is good.
Please pray for JC as she interacts with a Saudi lady who has come back to Portland to have her baby. She is due anytime and is relying on JC for all her needs. Ask the Lord to open her eyes to the goodness of God.
Please pray for MC to be a witness to his Egyptian friend as he goes to help him out in Cairo during the month of October. Please pray for his safety with the recent riots. Ask God to reveal His goodness to this man and his family.

Diaspora in Canada

Continue to pray for follow up with kids from their summer camps. Please pray that the spiritual conversations would come to mind and that the Lord would continue to be working in their hearts. Pray that the parents would also be touched and find refuge in Him.

Diaspora in Brazil

Continue praying for our team in Passo Fundo as they have had many opportunities to get involved with the Senegal community. Pray for more people to join them in reaching out to this Muslim community with the Gospel.

Diaspora in USA

Please pray we would be bold as we share God’s Word to the International Students we meet with each week. Pray that their hearts would be soften and that seeds be planted deeply and to take root. We are seeking for those students that the Lord has been speaking to already as well.

Diaspora in USA

Many churches will be starting ESL classes again this month.  Pray that there will be people from African UPGs who attend. Please pray that our Lord leads us to people whose hearts are receptive to the Gospel News, people who are hungry for the truth, people to whom the Lord has been speaking.

Diaspora in USA

Praise for the camping trip in August with international students. Logistically everything went fairly smoothly and we were kept physically safe from the daily bear encounters but more importantly the name of Jesus was proclaimed. Pray for eternal fruit. Pray people will ponder the spiritual conversations.

Diaspora in Wisconsin

We are planning for the family picnic on September 22. Pray that our Somali friends would find time to attend and that our volunteers would be able to build good relationships leading to sharing the truth.
We are also hoping to get the youth who went on vision trip to the UK in July to have a time of connecting with the Somali youth and discuss faith. Pray that this will happen.