Diaspora in Portland

Continue to pray for Mr. N., an Iraqi professor returning to teach in his homeland after a doctorate here in Portland. I gave him a Bible a few days ago, and he immediately began to read it there in Starbucks. We talked about how the Bible was arranged, and he intends to start with Genesis and Exodus and then go to Matthew. He was so open; I understand his wife is also. But… they leave in a few days. Some of us will have one or two chances to briefly see him again before his family leaves. Pray that Mr. N. will grow in understanding God’s Word, and be set free to follow Jesus, along with his whole family!

Kids Camps

Pray for the kids camps starting this week in Canada and running through the month. Kids originally from North Africa, other parts of Africa, and around the world are coming to camp and will hear the gospel! Pray for open hearts, for more kids to enroll, and for safety at camp.

Diaspora in USA

Pray for the right mix of international students and Americans to go on our annual camping trip to Mammoth Lakes in August. Please pray that the Lord will be preparing and softening hearts to be receptive to the Gospel News. Pray that those who know the Good News would be ready to share the right words and speak boldly as well. We could also use another driver or two.

Diaspora in Portland

Praise we had an amazing trip to the farm beneath the snow capped mountain of Trout Lake, WA. We had over 50 people from Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Turkey and Syria. There were many new people and some that were returning friends of ours. Please pray for deepening relationships with all those who came.

Please pray for us as we embark on our summer programs at P. House that God will grant favor with all those who are coming.
Please pray for the leadership change at the mosque in our community. Please pray that the new imam will be a man of peace.

Diaspora in Florida

DM has been asked to spend time with S., a sheik friend, while S’s children & wife are away this month. Pray for opportunities to share the Injil.
JM has sewing and cooking classes that meet at Hobby Lobby and in people’s homes. But we greatly need a place of our own for this work. Pray for a property and finances. Pray for the ladies who come to class to be open to the gospel.

Diaspora in Philadelphia

Please pray for a former Muslim ESL student who is starting to read the Bible with JF. Pray the Lord will speak and he will have ears to hear.

Pray for K to develop a significant relationship with the family of a young girl she will tutor for the summer.

Diaspora in USA

Please pray the US Breakthrough prayer with us: For the glory of God and the salvation of our Muslim friends, Lord raise up 10 new team members, 20 new long-term church partnerships, and 30 new Bible study groups.

Diaspora in Brazil

Pray for the Portuguese class in Tabejara, Brazil that started with 17 students from Senegal. This was an answer to prayer because we were hoping for at least 5 or 6 students and we thought holding the class in a church building would be off-putting. However God has been good to us and He hears our prayers. Pray these Senegalese students would be open to hear and respond to the gospel!
Pray for the DR workers in Brazil and opportunities to mobilize churches to reach Diaspora.

Diaspora in Detroit

Please pray our team would be sowing regularly, boldly and broadly. AH has challenged the church based teams to share a Discovery Bible Study style story each month. Please pray that we would find out whose hearts God is stirring through this exposure to the Word.
Please pray for our summer Kids Camp happening July 16th-19th and our BBQ happening on July 21st. May many seeds be sown using Any 3, and those newly exposed to the ministry would desire to regularly visit with a new immigrant friend.

Diaspora in France

Praise for 8 children who came to the last kids club. Next one will be July 15 (last one until the fall)…pray that the kids will come even though school is finished and they have no contact with the center during the summer.
Pray for diligence and God-ordained connections with previous contacts as well as new ones during the summer months.