Diaspora in Philadelphia

Praise that our team Christmas party brought out North Africans from Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Sudan. They took parts in our Christmas story dramatic reading and sang Christmas carols.
Praise for ESL Christmas parties that shared the Biblical account with many students.
Praise for a mosque Christmas party that gave space for the hearing of the birth of Jesus from both books and the beginning of friendships.
Praise for a living nativity outdoor drama that told the story of Jesus (birth through ascension) to 100+ ESL students. Pray for lasting fruit!

Chaos in Canada

Please pray for unity and peace and for God to help us be true agents of shalom in our sadly divided community. A recent city initiative to expand services in our community has led to enough infighting among local agencies (some from our favorite people group) that the city is considering abandoning the project. The young men of our community have been involved in multiple shootings in the last few weeks.
Please pray for us to be effective channels of Jesus’ shalom here. Pray for wisdom and guidance in every conversation we have.

Pray the seed fall on good soil

H sends her two daughters (8 and 6) to Impact Kids. Please pray that God would give her peace to continue to send her children.
Pray for K: please pray for her as she digests the gospel and more of the Word. May she come to know Him. She is also very stressed, along with all the Algerians we know, at the outcome of the (corrupt) election and protests that are going on today. Please pray that she would experience peace and attribute that to K’s prayers in Jesus’ name.
Pray for ESL: Please pray for the other students (Algerian + 1 Tunisian) who came to G&KB’s Christmas party (Y., A., L., K., W., A. and S.) and read the word and heard the gospel. Please pray that this taste of Truth would create a hunger for more.

Diaspora in Canada

Pray for W: This is the Algerian woman who wanted to debate with me for most of the evening during the Christmas dinner and over e-mail since. She has written pages and pages of accusations of Bible corruption. My one praise in this is that we are discussing Scripture, even though she seems to be just repeating things she has heard from people such as Ahmad Deedat; although she claims it is from her own reading. Please pray that the word of God would pierce her and convict her.

Diaspora in France

Praise for more children who came to kid’s club who heard a clear presentation of the Truth, as well as 3 friends who came to our outreach. Ask that their hearts will remember and search for a relationship with the Father.
Pray for an opportunity for a DBS with an islander sister. She tends to be difficult to connect with but always ready to have conversations.
Pray for new opportunities for spiritual conversations with islanders; for their hearts to be opened to hear and seek after the Father.

Diaspora in USA

Pray for A from India- that he would receive God’s gift of salvation. He has heard and now needs to make a decision.
Pray for both USA and International students who will be going on a ski trip in January- that they would hear the Gospel clearly and believe. Pray that they would ask questions from their hearts so to get a better understanding of their journey with the Lord.

Diaspora in Florida

Pray for more opportunities for DM to meet with his Muslim friends. They work so much, it’s hard to get time with them.
Praise God for 12 Muslims that came to JM’s Winter Tea in December. Pray for good relationships and follow up with these ladies in January.
Pray for the Lord to provide a place for meeting with Muslim friends and do activities.

Diaspora in Europe

Pray for mid- January New Years celebration in our church. It is a free dinner for the poor people of the city. KB will be responsible for sharing with refugees and migrants present. Pray for clarity and soft hearts to respond to the Gospel News.

Diaspora in Canada

7 of G & KB’s Muslim friends joined them for an evening of good food, Bible reading and gospel sharing at their family Christmas dinner. Lots of conversations have continued from this, and they look forward to more in the new year.
God continues to bring the kids to the children’s drop- in program every month. After Impact Kids on Saturday, one Muslim father gave them $20 dollars to support the program!
The Al Massira study has continued with R (a believer) and his wife, F, (still Muslim). They studied the story of Noah last weekend. F continues to think and answer thoughtfully and openly as we read the word together. They have gone through four studies together now.

Please pray for these gospel opportunities.

Meeting with pastors and imams

We have lunch next Saturday, (Jan 11th) with local pastors and imams. We had a similar event a couple of years ago which was very much appreciated by all parties. This is usually a time to break down barriers and build relationships. Please pray for good conversations and for much wisdom and guidance from our Lord.