Diaspora in Minnesota

Pray that our Somali friends would have questions, that they would question Islam and become curious about Christianity.
Pray for our son, H, who’s building strong friendships with several Somali boys at school. H has brought them home for meals. One friend has been asking questions about H’s faith, prayer, and messages in his Christian music. Pray that God will draw him to Himself.
Pray for L&G’s relationship with A’s family, who have suffered severe trials and a tragic death in the family. They have been able to walk with them through the crisis- offering God’s love and Word, support, and practical help.

Diaspora in Canada

Please pray for the ESL Easter lessons to clearly communicate Jesus today through Wednesday. Two are being held in a public school settings with a Somali audience and another one is being held in a church, mainly an agnostic Chinese audience.
Pray also for SF meeting with I., his aunt, and the public housing management. Unfortunately I. received an eviction notice this week. Please pray that God will get his attention, and that he will be delivered from his addiction and become the ambassador of Jesus he claims he wants to be.
Lastly please pray for connections with the local mosque. A local church is exploring a connection with them via dialogue and SF is approaching the mosque leadership this week when he goes to visit Friday for the afternoon prayer time. Pray for an open door to share our Good Friday Good News with the leadership there.

Diaspora in Portland

• Please pray for meaningful spiritual conversations with diaspora neighbors and students at P House.
• With Easter this month pray for opportunities to share why this is our most important celebration of the year.

Diaspora in USA

Praise: The International Student dinner on March 22 went well with a simple presentation of the gospel as we told about St Patrick. Also a good time learning Celtic folk dances! Pray for seeds to continue to germinate.
April 5 – 7 We took several International Students to Yosemite. Please pray for the good spiritual conversations to be remembered. There was lots of time to openly share our faith with these young people.

Diaspora in Detroit

As we get settled in Detroit, we want to start meeting other families. Pray for open doors and open hearts in meeting families among the diaspora community. Ask Jesus to use us to glorify His name. Also pray I can find a job working along side our cousins (Muslims). Pray the Lord will go before us and prepare many hearts to hear the gospel.

Diaspora in Portland

This Sunday evening, RH will story the thief on the cross for the international prayer gathering in Salem. Pray for the Lord to strongly work through him and speak to all who are gathered.
Pray for wisdom how to observe Resurrection Day with our Ms friends. Ask Jesus to draw many to meet together and hear the glorious story!

Diaspora in UK

LS is involved in a weekly home work club for children from migrant families, which meets every Thursday. Pray for openness in these families today to hear the gospel message. There is an urgent need for at least one more person in the local area to join the team to make it viable in the long term.
We would appreciate prayers for the presentations on Easter in the next 2 weeks at all 4 international groups among whom we serve here in Cardiff.

Diaspora in France

Pray for a vacation kid’s club today at the center where I’ve been involved with homework club. Pray for many children (islanders, other M country children) to come with hearts ready to hear truth.

Diaspora in Philadelphia

Please pray for the continuation of a biblical video series with the K. family. Through chaos and sometimes inconsistency, please ask that the Lord’s words would be getting through, and also for more chances to continue to influence mutual friends who have also come!
Please also pray for opportunities to start a bible study with an Algerian seeker. Praise God for his openness. Please continue to lift up our work with ESL, and ask that it would lead to fruitful chances to share the gospel message.

Diaspora in Portland

Pray for the Diaspora relationships in R & E’s apartment compound and for reconnecting with friends at the language center after a long absence. Please pray that these relationships will become deeper with spiritual conversations. That every opportunity to proclaim the Gospel would be taken advantage of and that the Lord would grant faith to these dear ones.