Diaspora in Florida

We want to have Kutchi friends come to a Christmas program on December 16th. Pray the Lord will draw them to Himself.
Some of our Muslim friends want to come to church. Pray for them to see through culture to the life giving message.

We have a Christmas program for a mosque planned on December 24th. Pray for sensitive witness and open hearts.


Diaspora in Detroit

Christmas parties: December 8: with Arab Refugees, and December 11 with 3 Congolese families. Pray they would feel welcome, hear and accept the truth. Dec. 12: Pray for preparations to welcome refugee families to church for a Christmas meal, activities, and message.

Bible Studies: Please pray for a men’s study, a women’s study, and ESL group study. We have curriculum, but a low desire so far. May God change their hearts.

Pray for deeper connections with Libyan families in their community.

Diaspora in Philadelphia

• Please pray for the upcoming Christmas party for Muslim friends- that the Lord would open many hearts to the Christmas story.
• Pray for opportunity to continue the Al-Massira video series with a Muslim family.
• Pray for ESL Living Nativtiy outreach on Dec 8, pray that non-Christians would attend and be open to the message.

Diaspora in Wisconsin

We need wisdom to know when and how to share spiritual truth with our ESL students. Ask the Lord to open the hearts of our students. Pray they would ask questions about faith.  And pray that the Lord would raise more workers for the ministry here.

Diaspora in Philadelphia

Please pray for our Iraqi friends W and A, as they return home soon and contemplate extremely difficult decisions regarding possibly trying to seek asylum. Please pray that they and their family would cross paths with other Christians and that the Lord would help them to turn to Him.

Diaspora in Europe

Pray for R in Marseille, France, as she begins visiting patients at a new hospital close to her, where there tend to be more Comorians. Ask the Lord to open the hearts of patients and family members to talk about spiritual truth. Please pray that the Lord will guide R to seeking friends and that she finds opportunities to share her faith.

Diaspora in Canada

Please continue to pray for the family I mentioned last month. The Lord is working in the hearts of Omar, his wife and three children. May He open their eyes and hearts to Himself and may they take steps of obedience to Lord.

Diaspora in Canada

We thank the Lord for the opportunity we had to share the gospel with the Imam and about 100 Muslims in the grand hall of one of Toronto’s largest mosques on October 27th. Addresses and phone numbers were shared with many Christians from across the city who joined in this day of dialogue. Pray that true friendships and clear personal gospel witness will follow in coming weeks.

New partnerships

We’re thankful for a new partnership with a Gospel-centered community center in Dallas, Texas. Foreign-born residents make up 42.3 % of this community with 22 different languages being spoken.
Pray also for conversations we are having to explore possibilities for partnership in Columbus, Ohio. There are 60,000 Somali people here!

Diaspora in Portland

Portland ESL Class—So far we have students from Eritrea, Morocco, Iran, Angola, Iraq, and Libya—just in one class! Our lives are richer through their friendships, but… may their’s be richer for eternity. Please pray for ongoing conversations regarding the Good News.