A new believer!

Praise the Lord for M.! He found some of our teammates the other day and said, “I need to be a Christian. Something deep in my heart moves when I hear Christian songs or speakers. I know that this is truth.” After confirming that this was truly his desire, we stood over him and prayed as he made Jesus the Lord of his life. Pray that he would be encouraged in his new faith and would tell others about life in Christ! Pray this would be the start of a move of God among the Zigua people.

So close

Pray for Baba J. Over the past few weeks he has brought up multiple conversations about Jesus. His questions are evidence that he is seeking truth. One of our teammates shared about the sweetness of Jesus and the look in his eyes was evidence that God is doing something in his heart. Pray that he will understand the Gospel clearly and that it would be personal for him. Pray against fear and that he would see the cost of following Jesus and know that He is worth it.


Recently we have been able to have many conversations with our neighbors Baba and Mama J. Especially Baba J has been engaged and curious about the Christian religion and about Jesus. Pray that God causes him to understand the plan of salvation and that the Gospel is also for him personally. Pray against the lies of Satan and that he would see the Truth.

Protect O Lord!

This morning some of our teammates found what appears to be witchcraft outside of their house as well as the houses of their neighbors. Pray for protection for our team and our neighbors from forces of evil. Pray for the people practicing the witchcraft to be convicted of sin and for Jesus to move powerfully in their lives.

Heart of stone

Most weeks Saa. M comes to our teammates’ house to debate about our different religions. He is against seeing Jesus as anything but a servant of God. Many weeks he stays for hours trying to convince us of our being mistaken. Pray for God to take his heart of stone and give him a heart of flesh. Pray Jesus would make Himself undeniable to Saa M.

Doesn’t want to be alone

One of our team members asked a village lady, “Where are you at with Jesus? Do you want to follow Him?” She answered that she wants to follow Jesus, but she doesn’t want to be alone. Pray that her entire family would come to Christ. She also said that other people will come, it will just take time and she will be sharing the good words about Jesus with her family and friends. Pray that many would hear and respond to truth.

No Water

Pray for the village of Miono and surrounding areas. The water has been cut for the better part of 5 or 6 weeks. People are starting to be admitted to the hospital for lack of clean drinking water. Pray that the issue with the water pump will be resolved soon! Ask the Lord to intervene and glorify His name among the people!

Two Paths

H. had an interest in following Christ some months ago and then faded from asking questions or pursuing a Christian path. Recently he came to meet with one of our team members and to talk about Christ. He then came to church with our team this week and shared his testimony about how God has helped him in his business. Pray that Jesus will speak directly to H. in a way he will understand. Pray for more and more conversations about God’s plan, the Cross and the truth of the Gospel. Pray that H. and his entire family would choose to follow Christ.

Kindergarten open!

Pray for the kindergarten starting in one of our villages today. After much work, frustration, prayer and teamwork, there are 22 students starting kindergarten today. Pray for good communication between the 3 teachers. Pray that the students will begin, even today, to understand God’s love for them. Pray this school will be a city on a hill in a dark land.

Big Turnout

On Christmas Eve we showed the Jesus film and 50 people attended. We had 250+ at our Christmas party where a feast of rice and goat meet were shared after the singing a newly created indigenous Zigua song, and the sharing of the gospel in sermon form. After it was done one of our friends approached Andrew who had done the preaching and indicated that he had been given a lot to think on and that he wanted prayer. So let’s pray for Baba L. Also pray for his wife who we believe is making tentative progress towards believing in Jesus. She privately declares that Jesus is God’s Son but doesn’t feel courageous enough to follow him publicly… alone. Wouldn’t it be great if they could do it together?