An old man came by this morning and we told him we would pray for him. He told us that the foundation to life is faith in Jesus! He’s been listening to an audio Bible for some time.

Fearing God more than man

Pray for Dr. R. Six weeks ago she was convinced that Islam was true and that she would never ever change from following Allah and his prophet Mohamed. Yesterday, she brought up spiritual things again. “I want to be a Christian. I believe that Jesus is Lord and I’ve found more peace in Him than in Mohamed, but I want to go to Europe to become a Christian where people won’t laugh at me. If I become a Christian here people will point their finger at me and say I’ve been lost.” Please pray that Dr. R fears God more than man. Pray for abundant peace in her heart as she figures out what it means to follow Jesus. Pray she continues to seek truth. Pray Jesus speaks directly to her heart the things she needs to hear. Praise Him for what He’s doing!

Jesus Film in New Village!

Pray for the village of Kisangasa where we will be showing the Jesus Film for the first time. As we went out to invite people today, they seemed excited and ready to come on Friday night. Pray that hearts are prepared before hand. Pray the Holy Spirit falls and moves in the hearts of our friends and neighbors. This is a village that is devout in their Islamic beliefs and almost the entire village attends Islamic class everyday. Please pray for freedom from bondage and that where the movie is shown would be holy ground.

The S family

Pray for the S. family. The bibi (grandmother) in this family has professed Christ and the mama and granddaughter are open to hearing more about Jesus. There has been little fruit in the life of the bibi since her confession. Pray for God to grab ahold of the hearts of this family! Pray that the Gospel would be made clear and that they would count the cost of following Jesus and see that He is worth it. The village members have also been bothering bibi saying she only wants to go to church to ask for money. Pray for her protection during persecution. Pray for increased wisdom for our team as we continue to disciple.

Lost and Found

A young man who had professed Christ has been missing. He was planning to be baptized a couple of months ago. He went missing the day he was to be baptized. Two of us ran into him 2 days ago and he said that his uncle is sick in Dar and he had to go suddenly to see him. Pray that he remains strong in his faith and that nothing would hinder him from following Jesus whole heartedly. Pray that he will want to be discipled.

Awareness of Sin

Pray for the entire community as a whole to understand their sin before the holy God. So often we have conversations ending with our neighbors thinking they are pretty good people and that they are able to pay for their “minuscule” sins without a Savior. Pray that God would make individuals aware of their standing before Him and that He would then lead them to the Cross. Jesus came not for the healthy, but for the sick.

A Grandma brought into the Kingdom!

Praise Jesus for the work He is doing in one of the grandmas in our village. This past Sunday, she decided to make Jesus her personal Savior! Please pray she grows in understanding fully the Gospel of Christ. Pray that she will be rooted in truth and grace and will be a light in her household and community. Pray the Lord helps us disciple her in her new walk with Jesus.


Please pray for two new Zigua believers. We built a baptismal after their interest in being baptized. However, when the day came for them to be baptized, neither one showed up and we haven’t heard from them since. Pray that they would fear God more than man! Pray that Jesus would make clear to them the meaning of baptism and would increased their desire to be part of it.

Believers’ house burned

Our Zigua believers’ house burned to the ground yesterday. Most of their belongings are now ashes and they are forced to sleep in a small banda until a new house is build. Pray for Emanueli and his family. Pray for their encouragement and Emanueli would have many opportunities to share truth with his neighbors. Pray that this tragedy would be used for God’s glory.

Emanueli’s grandson was upset that his school clothes had burned. Yesterday we prayed with him that God would provide new school clothes for him. Today the clothes were found on their clothesline! His grandma had forgotten she washed his clothes yesterday and hung them out to dry before the fire. God’s so good.

Turn to Life

Pray for the Zigua people in Miono as our team will be showing the Jesus Film on Saturday night. Pray that the Holy Spirit makes clear the Gospel of Christ and that many turn from their sin to Life.

A new believer!

Praise the Lord for M.! He found some of our teammates the other day and said, “I need to be a Christian. Something deep in my heart moves when I hear Christian songs or speakers. I know that this is truth.” After confirming that this was truly his desire, we stood over him and prayed as he made Jesus the Lord of his life. Pray that he would be encouraged in his new faith and would tell others about life in Christ! Pray this would be the start of a move of God among the Zigua people.

So close

Pray for Baba J. Over the past few weeks he has brought up multiple conversations about Jesus. His questions are evidence that he is seeking truth. One of our teammates shared about the sweetness of Jesus and the look in his eyes was evidence that God is doing something in his heart. Pray that he will understand the Gospel clearly and that it would be personal for him. Pray against fear and that he would see the cost of following Jesus and know that He is worth it.


Recently we have been able to have many conversations with our neighbors Baba and Mama J. Especially Baba J has been engaged and curious about the Christian religion and about Jesus. Pray that God causes him to understand the plan of salvation and that the Gospel is also for him personally. Pray against the lies of Satan and that he would see the Truth.

Protect O Lord!

This morning some of our teammates found what appears to be witchcraft outside of their house as well as the houses of their neighbors. Pray for protection for our team and our neighbors from forces of evil. Pray for the people practicing the witchcraft to be convicted of sin and for Jesus to move powerfully in their lives.

Heart of stone

Most weeks Saa. M comes to our teammates’ house to debate about our different religions. He is against seeing Jesus as anything but a servant of God. Many weeks he stays for hours trying to convince us of our being mistaken. Pray for God to take his heart of stone and give him a heart of flesh. Pray Jesus would make Himself undeniable to Saa M.

Doesn’t want to be alone

One of our team members asked a village lady, “Where are you at with Jesus? Do you want to follow Him?” She answered that she wants to follow Jesus, but she doesn’t want to be alone. Pray that her entire family would come to Christ. She also said that other people will come, it will just take time and she will be sharing the good words about Jesus with her family and friends. Pray that many would hear and respond to truth.

No Water

Pray for the village of Miono and surrounding areas. The water has been cut for the better part of 5 or 6 weeks. People are starting to be admitted to the hospital for lack of clean drinking water. Pray that the issue with the water pump will be resolved soon! Ask the Lord to intervene and glorify His name among the people!

Two Paths

H. had an interest in following Christ some months ago and then faded from asking questions or pursuing a Christian path. Recently he came to meet with one of our team members and to talk about Christ. He then came to church with our team this week and shared his testimony about how God has helped him in his business. Pray that Jesus will speak directly to H. in a way he will understand. Pray for more and more conversations about God’s plan, the Cross and the truth of the Gospel. Pray that H. and his entire family would choose to follow Christ.

Kindergarten open!

Pray for the kindergarten starting in one of our villages today. After much work, frustration, prayer and teamwork, there are 22 students starting kindergarten today. Pray for good communication between the 3 teachers. Pray that the students will begin, even today, to understand God’s love for them. Pray this school will be a city on a hill in a dark land.

Big Turnout

On Christmas Eve we showed the Jesus film and 50 people attended. We had 250+ at our Christmas party where a feast of rice and goat meet were shared after the singing a newly created indigenous Zigua song, and the sharing of the gospel in sermon form. After it was done one of our friends approached Andrew who had done the preaching and indicated that he had been given a lot to think on and that he wanted prayer. So let’s pray for Baba L. Also pray for his wife who we believe is making tentative progress towards believing in Jesus. She privately declares that Jesus is God’s Son but doesn’t feel courageous enough to follow him publicly… alone. Wouldn’t it be great if they could do it together?

You prayed…He answered

On May 10, 2018, you prayed for this request: “Please pray for the Zigua to come to faith in Christ through the testimony and friendship of the Christians who live among them. Pray that they will leave behind any trust they have placed in Islam or witchcraft, and that the Zigua will know Him and walk in the power of His resurrection.” Here is how God answered: “Two of our team members’ friends are affirming the goodness and correctness of the Bible. One of them has said she wants to follow Jesus but is scared to do it openly and alone. She asked us to pray that her family would become Jesus followers too.” Praise the Lord.

Christmas celebration

Pray for the Christmas celebration among the Zigua today. We want the Holy Spirit to move among us at the celebration. We want Him to have His way. Pray for the Spirit of God to fall on our gathering and move hearts close to Him. Pray for Him to make the Gospel clear and undeniable truth to our friends and neighbors.

You prayed…He answered

On August 1 you prayed for this request: “Please pray for young people who have started coming to church with us. A mix of boys and girls ranging from 10-15 years old. Pray they will be changed by the Word that they hear. Pray that Jesus would be their Savior. Pray they would find truth.” Now, praise the Lord! “Two of these kids have put their faith in Jesus and one of the girl’s parents are showing interest as well, which is exciting!” Thank you for praying.

You prayed…He answered

On Apr 19, 2018 you prayed for this request: “Please continue to pray for the new Zigua believer. He was evangelized by the only Zigua believer in our church and claims Matthew as his new Christian name. Pray against the fear of persecution. Pray that he would be rooted in the Lord Jesus. Pray that others would see the change in him and desire also to know the Lord.” Here is God’s answer: “we are seeing growth happen in his weekly discipleship meetings!” Praise the Lord.

6 children saved!

Praise the Lord and pray for the 6 kids that went forward in church to make Jesus their personal savior. Pray that they will continue to grow in their faith in Jesus. Pray for their protection from Satan and persecution. Pray for our team as we go forward as to how to disciple them well. May His word be planted in good soil.

Writing a Christmas song

One of our team members is working with her village chairperson to write a Zigua Christmas song for our Christmas celebration with our neighbors. Pray for wisdom for the song writers. Pray that this song would sink deep into the hearts of the Zigua and glorify God.

New Life!

Pray for Zula, a young Zigua girl who has chosen to put her faith in Christ. Pray for her faith to grow strong. Pray that she would be discipled well. And pray for Zula’s family. One of our teammates was able to share the Gospel with Zula’s parents. Pray that they would see and know Truth as well. Pray with us that Zula’s whole family would hear Jesus say, “Follow Me” and that they would obey.

Praying for freedom

Prayer for Freedom

Please pray for Wana N. A few nights ago she was struggling with demon oppression and/or possession. Two of us were able to pray with her for freedom and security. Pray Jesus reveals Himself to her in a real way. Pray she will know that He alone has power over evil and is able to set her free.

Coming to church

Please pray for young people who have started coming to church with us. A mix of boys and girls aging from 10-15. Pray they will be changed by the Word that they hear. Pray that Jesus would be their Savior. Pray they would find truth.

Baba M

Praise God for the opportunities we have had to talk about Jesus among the Zigua. Pray specifically for Baba M. He has been reading through the Bible. Pray God speaks to his heart. Pray he will find the Truth undeniable. Pray we will have the words to say to point him to Jesus.

In the Power of His Resurrection

Please pray for the Zigua to come to faith in Christ through the testimony and friendship of the Christians who live among them. Pray that they will leave behind any trust they have placed in Islam or witchcraft, and that the Zigua will know Him and walk in the power of His resurrection.

Seekers found!

The other day, two of our team members stumbled upon three young women reading the Gospel of John in a tattered Bible. Pray that the Holy Spirit would speak to their hearts and call them by name to follow Jesus. Pray against the attacks of Satan. Pray their entire household would come to faith in Christ.

Continue to pray

Please continue to pray for the new Zigua believer. He was evangelized by the only Zigua believer in our church and claims Matthew as his new Christian name. Pray against the fear of persecution. Pray that he would be rooted in the Lord Jesus. Pray that others would see the change in him and desire also to know the Lord.

A Friend Led A Friend to Christ

Praising God for the new Zigua believer who joined us for worship yesterday morning! The best part? He was brought to faith through the sharing of the first indigenous believer among our community! We are currently working through a plan for discipleship. Please pray for that.

Pray for good soil

Pray that God would move in the hearts of the Zigua. Many have been interested in hearing more about Christ lately. Pray that His word would be planted in good soil. Pray against the lies of Satan and the fear of other religions.

Rapid language learning

Please pray for a team of Christians who are now living among the Zigua and trying to learn their language. Pray that as they adjust and learn and make friends, God will give them amazing facility for learning the Zigua language and that through that process they can share the gospel with many people who are hungry for a Saviour. Ask the Lord to open many Zigua hearts and grant them faith to believe.

The Day of Salvation

A Zigua widow lady came to her Christian neighbours yesterday and asked to be saved. She had heard them singing and praying many times and felt something inside her heart was drawing her. She received Christ and was set free of demons. She handed over all her charms and they burnt them. Later they also went to her home to burn further charms. She then called her closest relatives and told them that she had become a Christian and that she will not take part in any witchcraft ceremonies anymore. She physically felt a very heavy burden was lifted off her. Please pray that she will be filled with God’s spirit and grow in knowing her Saviour Jesus more and more. Pray for her physical and spiritual protection, and that God would bless the work of her hands.

The Family of God

Please pray that the Zigua will recognise that the unity of the Christians among them is very different from the ways of the world, and that they will see the love of God for His Son, and of the Son for His people. Pray that the Zigua will enter into the love and joy of being born again into the family of God.

Two Men With Bibles

A few days ago a stranger turned up at our door looking for a pastor to pray for him. Things have not been going well for him in life and business for quite some time. He has donated much to the mosque all with no result. He has dabbled in witchcraft, which has only made things worse. Then he had a dream where he saw two men walking down a path with Bibles in hand. He believes God was telling him the way forward to knowing him is through the Bible. We prayed and then connected him to our national team member who was able to share some Bible passages with him and pray with and for him. At the end of their time together, this man “H” declared that he truly wants to know the one true God! He is scared though, scared of persecution and further bad luck in life. Please pray for his salvation.

A Fragrance of Christ

Praise God that at this time Christians are being raised up by God to live among the Zigua and share the gospel with this Muslim tribe. Pray that they will be the fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved, an aroma of life to life. Pray for their prayers for the perishing to be powerful in turning people from dead works to serve the living God.