Jesus Film in New Village!

Pray for the village of Kisangasa where we will be showing the Jesus Film for the first time. As we went out to invite people today, they seemed excited and ready to come on Friday night. Pray that hearts are prepared before hand. Pray the Holy Spirit falls and moves in the hearts of our friends and neighbors. This is a village that is devout in their Islamic beliefs and almost the entire village attends Islamic class everyday. Please pray for freedom from bondage and that where the movie is shown would be holy ground.

The S family

Pray for the S. family. The bibi (grandmother) in this family has professed Christ and the mama and granddaughter are open to hearing more about Jesus. There has been little fruit in the life of the bibi since her confession. Pray for God to grab ahold of the hearts of this family! Pray that the Gospel would be made clear and that they would count the cost of following Jesus and see that He is worth it. The village members have also been bothering bibi saying she only wants to go to church to ask for money. Pray for her protection during persecution. Pray for increased wisdom for our team as we continue to disciple.

Lost and Found

A young man who had professed Christ has been missing. He was planning to be baptized a couple of months ago. He went missing the day he was to be baptized. Two of us ran into him 2 days ago and he said that his uncle is sick in Dar and he had to go suddenly to see him. Pray that he remains strong in his faith and that nothing would hinder him from following Jesus whole heartedly. Pray that he will want to be discipled.

Awareness of Sin

Pray for the entire community as a whole to understand their sin before the holy God. So often we have conversations ending with our neighbors thinking they are pretty good people and that they are able to pay for their “minuscule” sins without a Savior. Pray that God would make individuals aware of their standing before Him and that He would then lead them to the Cross. Jesus came not for the healthy, but for the sick.

A Grandma brought into the Kingdom!

Praise Jesus for the work He is doing in one of the grandmas in our village. This past Sunday, she decided to make Jesus her personal Savior! Please pray she grows in understanding fully the Gospel of Christ. Pray that she will be rooted in truth and grace and will be a light in her household and community. Pray the Lord helps us disciple her in her new walk with Jesus.


Please pray for two new Zigua believers. We built a baptismal after their interest in being baptized. However, when the day came for them to be baptized, neither one showed up and we haven’t heard from them since. Pray that they would fear God more than man! Pray that Jesus would make clear to them the meaning of baptism and would increased their desire to be part of it.

Believers’ house burned

Our Zigua believers’ house burned to the ground yesterday. Most of their belongings are now ashes and they are forced to sleep in a small banda until a new house is build. Pray for Emanueli and his family. Pray for their encouragement and Emanueli would have many opportunities to share truth with his neighbors. Pray that this tragedy would be used for God’s glory.

Emanueli’s grandson was upset that his school clothes had burned. Yesterday we prayed with him that God would provide new school clothes for him. Today the clothes were found on their clothesline! His grandma had forgotten she washed his clothes yesterday and hung them out to dry before the fire. God’s so good.

Turn to Life

Pray for the Zigua people in Miono as our team will be showing the Jesus Film on Saturday night. Pray that the Holy Spirit makes clear the Gospel of Christ and that many turn from their sin to Life.

A new believer!

Praise the Lord for M.! He found some of our teammates the other day and said, “I need to be a Christian. Something deep in my heart moves when I hear Christian songs or speakers. I know that this is truth.” After confirming that this was truly his desire, we stood over him and prayed as he made Jesus the Lord of his life. Pray that he would be encouraged in his new faith and would tell others about life in Christ! Pray this would be the start of a move of God among the Zigua people.

So close

Pray for Baba J. Over the past few weeks he has brought up multiple conversations about Jesus. His questions are evidence that he is seeking truth. One of our teammates shared about the sweetness of Jesus and the look in his eyes was evidence that God is doing something in his heart. Pray that he will understand the Gospel clearly and that it would be personal for him. Pray against fear and that he would see the cost of following Jesus and know that He is worth it.