The Seaweed Ladies

There is a group of ladies whom we consistently see gathering ¬†seaweed off the coast during low tide. They dry it, and then sell it to a business in town. A few team members have been discussing ways to reach out to and connect with these woman. Starting this week, 2 of us are going out hopefully once a week to find a woman who will welcome us and be willing to talk as she works. We hope to be able to share with her how she is loved and valued by God and how Jesus came to save her, and then read a Bible story demonstrating Jesus’ love for women, and also give her an audio Bible to listen to. Please pray that God would lead us to the right women whom He would have us share with, and for them to have open and receptive hearts to the Gospel of the God who sees, knows, and loves them very much!

Local Pastors Seeking the Lost

This past week, a group of 34 local pastors got together and discussed how they were going to strategically reach out in our local area. Reports are that the conversations were good and fruitful. Our prayer is that each would actually put into action what was discussed and result in the word of God going out into areas it has yet to reach. Also, please be praying for continued unity and partnership in the Spirit for these churches and their pastors. May the way they love each other and the lost, and their boldness for the Gospel grow daily and result in much glory given to God.

Wife in Troubled Marriage Given Encouragement

Praise the Lord our neighbor’s husband has agreed to allow one of our female Tanzanian teammates to come regularly to study in their home with his wife about what God teaches for being a good wife & mother and follower of God, though she is still not allowed to worship with the church. What an awesome Redeemer God we serve! Pray this time will be used faithfully to build our sisters in the Lord and our neighbors’ marriage and be a beautiful witness of Christ to lead this whole family to salvation!

So Many Came

We recently asked for prayer for some upcoming outreaches in the villages. Praise the Lord that many locals came! The truth was preached and heard by hundreds. Over 300 came the first day! May those seeds of truth take root and may God use His Gospel to draw many who heard to saving faith in Christ! The teams were also able to give out reading glasses in those village communities. As the locals receive help from these reading glasses in the physical sense to gain better sight, may the Lord also bless each one with spiritual sight to see Jesus as Savior!

Beaten for Listening

It has been confirmed that kids have been beaten by the Madrasa teachers if word gets back to them that the children are coming to our house to play or hear the chronological Bible stories I have been sharing with them this year … My heart is broken for them. I am praying all the seeds for the Gospel that have been sown in their hearts will be protected and will bear fruit in God’s full time. Pray for the salvation of their hearts, minds, bodies & souls!

Despite Persecution

Praise the Lord, in a village where our church does outreach, the gathering of 11 new believers continues despite persecution. They have now begun to collect materials to start building a simple structure to meet under to protect the growing group from the sun & rain! Pray for the growth, perseverance, and protection of the new believers.

A Husband Under Great Stress

Our neighbor & Muslim Background Believer came out publicly as a Christian at the beginning of this year. Her husband’s family & neighbors have done all they can to get him to leave her. He has stuck it out, but he can’t live with the shame of the vicious rumors spread about her character. He is on the verge of divorcing her. We counselled with them for almost 3 hours last night – sharing God’s Word about marriage. He seemed to be willing to keep trying to stick it out for the love of her & their kids, but wouldn’t give a clear answer. Please pray for God to preserve & protect their marriage & family. Pray for the salvation of all their family for Jesus’ Name’s sake and their great joy!

Waiting and Asking

There is a village in our district that we have been able to do some outreach in over the past several months, though not as much as we would like due to distance and time restraints. The ideal would be to place a team there in the future, and the village is waiting and even asking for us to come! God has already been at work in this village, it would seem, given their open reception to us. Please pray with us that God would provide for a team to be able to come and live in this village. May His Gospel go out and draw many people to saving faith in Jesus! Please Lord! We know You love these people, so please open to us a door for Your Word there!

Listening to the Word and Deciding

Please pray for a number of Swahili young men and an old man in our village who are listening to the audio Swahili Bible and/or reading the Swahili Bible they asked for, along with study guide material which teaches Muslims what it means to follow Christ. They are seeking Jesus and counting the cost of the cross. Pray the Holy Spirit would draw them to Himself and give them the courage to give their lives to Jesus.

Coastal Peoples Coming to Christ

Praise God over 20 people are now attending the weekly Sunday services lead by local believers from our church in the outreach village where 11 people gave their lives to Jesus a few weeks ago. Praise God the new believers are persevering in their faith and gathering together despite persecution! Continue to pray for wisdom and discernment for our church as they disciple these young believers. Pray this would continue to multiply, with local believers spreading the gospel and discipling the Swahili all along the coast!