A New Believer

Praise the Lord one of our brand new Tanzanian interns led a local man to Jesus as they were farming together in the field this week! Today the man joined us at church and confessed his faith in Jesus Christ before us all, to our great joy! Pray for his spiritual & physical protection & for the body of Christ to know how to best enfold him into our family of God!

Reading and Writing

Mama S has started coming every afternoon to learn to read & write Swahili! Not only is she learning in this way, but we have time together to pray & for me to share a Bible story with her. Praise God for providing this way for my sister to grow in her young faith and pray this would lead to her whole family’s salvation. Pray the Lord would protect, enable and equip her in all that she needs in Christ Jesus.

Glorious departure

We spent Thursday evening visiting with Bibi H again, caring for some of her needs, making her more comfortable, and praying for and encouraging her in the hope of Heaven in Jesus. We knew her time was near. Bibi H passed away the next morning and became the very first Christian ever allowed to be buried in our village! I shared with her neighbor ladies as we washed and shrouded her body for burial and then I prayed over her again thanking God for her life & the hope of heaven and assurance of salvation we have in Christ Jesus. Her funeral was attended by the few Christians in our area and a surprisingly large number of Muslim neighbors. It was a peaceful witness of Jesus Christ as the church came together to honor her life and share the Gospel she had put her hope in. We can’t count how many heard the gospel that day and witnessed the Body of Christ lived out amongst them. I do know Bibi H had no idea how beautifully & broadly the Gospel would be shared through her death. She was probably the most insignificant weak powerless woman in our village and yet God chose her to make glorious history & share the gospel with more than ever before here! Praise Be To God!

Getting Ready for Heaven

In visiting Sunday with elderly Bibi H, we sensed she will soon pass. I shared the gospel of hope with her again and we all sang to her a Swahili hymn. She assured us she believes and is ready to see God. Please pray that what she has confessed to us with her mouth about her faith in Jesus, she has truly believed in her heart. We want to worship with her in heaven one day! Pray the Lord would mercifully bring her home in His perfect time.

She Never Knew

She said she heard of Jesus, but had never heard he was God’s own Son, actually God with us who chose to be born a man to die in our place for our sins so we could be restored to relationship with our Holy God. She never heard that before today sitting on my front porch with me as I prayed for her healing in Jesus name. She said she believes she is a sinner, just like me, and we all need a Savior. I told her our Savior is Jesus. She said “God save me through Jesus.” I said Amen. Pray for her healing & new birth today!

Healed from Cancer

Praise God L has found salvation in Jesus! She was diagnosed with breast & uterine cancer a few months ago. Although her brother & sister had come to faith in Jesus, it was not till she agreed to be helped by the church and prayed over for healing that she gave her life to Jesus. Praise God she found healing for her soul and from her cancer! After the removal of the tumors from her breasts, the doctors could not find any cancer when they prepared her for uterine surgery! Praise God L has now been enfolded into the body of Christ and remains faithful in worship! She is experiencing the joy of her salvation! Please pray the cancer would not return & she would grow deep in her walk with the Lord.

Missionary Trainees

It is a Happy New Year! We are busily preparing to receive our first Tanzanian missionary trainee intern families sent by their churches on January 7th! We are thrilled, and a bit overwhelmed, that this is finally happening! Please pray for their witness for Christ and adjustment to living in our Muslim community for a year, as they learn on the job how to provide for themselves, use farming for a role to serve the community, and reach their Swahili neighbors with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A New Church Plant

Our town church is considering planting a sister church here in our village. This village has historically chased out any church planters. We have been the only Christians that have been able to endure here long term and make any inroads with the gospel. Pray the Lord would give wisdom & discernment on how to best establish & disciple the body of Christ here in our village long term. Would house churches be best or a traditional church? Or should we continue Sunday worship at our home church, with midweek local home fellowships here? These are things our church is discussing & praying over. Please pray with us for the wisdom & discernment to know how to obey the Lord’s will to establish His Church here on the coast any way He pleases for His glory & the salvation among the Swahili!

You prayed…He answered

On Oct 21, 2018 you prayed for this request: “Please be in prayer for the first showing of the Jesus film by the Kilwa Churches in 3 local villages in the Kilwa district. This is the first time this permission has been given by the District government.  And God answered: “Jesus film outreach in Ruhatwe and Kikole went amazing. Both villages have no witness of the Gospel. Both villages very strongly Islamic. Both villages openly received us and over a dozen prayed to receive Christ. Both AICT and myself were blown away by the unexpected response. Both village leaders invited us to start ministry. Pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth workers. The harvest is there. PTL”

You prayed…He answered

On Oct 17, 2018 you prayed for this request: “Please pray for our Islamic outreach training for Kilwa Masoko pastors on 22- 24 October 2018. Pray for passionate vision casting and effective training in Muslim outreach. Ask the Lord to send many Tanzanian workers into His Muslim harvest field!”
And God answered: “The training went well. 11 local pastors and wives came for at least part of the 2-day training. The teacher, Cecil S. had many good insights on Islam, being sure of the Christian faith, and unity as believers. Plans are being made for him to return next year for a longer course open to lay leaders of the different churches.” Praise the Lord.