Lighthouse Keepers

Off the coast several kilometers, there is a lighthouse which can only be accessed during a specific time of the month when the tide is so low that there is enough open ground to walk out to it. There is a small group of local men who live there that we have been trying to make contact with. Recently, some Christians were able to walk out during low tide and briefly meet the 4 men who live out there and give them audio Bibles. They were not able to stay long as the tide was quickly coming back in and they needed to walk back to shore. Praise God that the group was able to meet the men from the lighthouse! Pray with us that they would listen to God’s word, that the Holy Spirit would help them understand and believe, and that God would open the door for future opportunities to meet and share with these men from the lighthouse. They live at a lighthouse, may their eyes be opened to their own need for the Light only Jesus can give!

Taken Right Out of Church

Praise God on weekdays and Sundays, Swahili children come to our home and/or church to hear God’s Story being told. Many have shared they no longer want to attend the daily Islamic classes. However, some parents are now refusing to allow their children to come to church anymore. Today some adults came and took away the children from church and went right to madrasa. Please pray the seeds of the Gospel will remain and bear fruit!

One Bold Young Man

Praise God our 4 Tanzanian interns and 7 other believers just completed a 6 week Global Disciples course at our church. Praise God for the opportunity they received to apply their training in our community. Many Swahili heard the gospel, a few have secretly responded to it, and one bold young man has not only professed faith in Jesus, but is also publicly identifying as a new believer by attending our church! Pray for the new believers’ growth and protection. Pray for continued opportunities to share the gospel wherever God leads these believers.


A team recently did a Jesus film outreach trip in a remote village in our district. Praise God for the ways the Gospel was shared through a children’s program, evangelism, tracts, preaching, spiritual films about Jesus and faith, prayer, and well repair on 3 broken wells, helping to provide water in those neighborhoods. People seemed so hungry for the Word – God is at work in a mighty way in this village! There were 22 confessions of faith!  Praise God! Pray for these new believers and their young faith to grow. Especially pray for 6 young middle school girls who came to faith and destroyed their charms from the local witch doctor! May they grow strong in their faith and trust that Jesus is better and stronger than anything they may fear and that He is able to completely save, protect, and sustain them through all things.

Birthday Party Fun

A team member had a birthday this week, so we hosted a party at her home, inviting several of the local girls to come and join us. It was a fun time with 10 local girls and a local Christian friend from church. After some games we ended the afternoon eating cake and watching the Jesus film for women. We gave out New Testaments to all who wanted them. One woman told a teammate that the movie touched her heart. Let’s pray that the truth of the Gospel seen and heard at this birthday party would stick with those who heard and be a seed that bears fruit unto salvation in their lives. His word does not return void!

Tanzanian Missionaries

Our local church has just welcomed a Tanzanian family that is excited to serve the Lord in one of the unreached villages in our district. The plan is that this family will stay in this town for several months to build good, solid relationships with the church and team located here. Then, there is a possibility they will move to one of the villages we already do ministry in as further training before moving out to the more remote location that they will, Lord willing, one day live in to start sharing the Gospel there. We are excited to get to know this family! Be praying for them to grow in their relationships with Jesus, with each other as a family, with our local church and team, and for the Lord to fully prepare and equip them for the work that He has for them in the village. Pray that through them many Swahili Bantu will be saved.

Kids listening too.

The intern kids arrive for afternoon Bible story & play time at our home each weekday. Slowly more neighborhood kids (of our new or secret believers) have begun to join the intern kids in listening to the Chronological Gospel story from creation to Christ. Please pray the Lord would keep sending them to hear the beautiful story of the Gospel and that they would have a firm foundation established in the truth for all their lives unto salvation. Pray for us as we prepare for the upcoming seminar on Chronological Bible Storying for the intern families as well.

Family under attack

Mama S is beginning to grow in her relationship with the Lord – gaining confidence of who she is in Christ and intimacy with God in her prayer life with Him. Her children have a growing heart for Jesus as well. Although neither she nor her children are allowed yet to worship openly with us, we have seen a softening in her husband toward the gospel. But please pray for the protection of their marriage! People, including her in-laws, have begun to spread vicious rumors about Mama S’s character in the village with the goal of inciting her husband to divorce her. On their porch one afternoon, God opened the door to talk frankly with Baba S about what we saw clearly as a satanic attack to divide and destroy their family. Praise God Baba S acknowledged that this was true and he would not give up on his family! We know satan still wants to devour their family. Please pray for the Lord’s protection and salvation over their whole family.

Joyful and Praise-Filled Singing

This Easter, local churches from several denominations gathered in town to publicly celebrate the resurrection of Jesus together! We estimate that over 200 people were in attendance, both Christians and Muslims who came to watch. There was joyful and praise-filled singing by the choirs, children reciting verses they had learned in Sunday school, and money was even raised to help a regional school for children with disabilities. What a witness to our Muslim neighbors and friends to see Christians gathering and celebrating Jesus together despite differences of denomination! We are praising Jesus for what He was doing in our midst on Sunday and praying that He uses it to draw our Muslim neighbors closer to Himself so that they too might know the joy and hope of His resurrection that His people celebrated together on Sunday! Thank You, Jesus, for what You have done for us!