This season of Ramadan has brought a lot of opportunities to have spiritual conversations as we break the fast with friends and neighbors in the evenings. Recently we enjoyed iftar with a family who are certainly people of peace. We spent over an hour talking about our respective beliefs and were able to share that while we could see that the people in this community are very good and kind people, they still had not been transformed by the love of Jesus. The father of the family listened intently to what was shared and even agreed that he should be willing to read the Bible. Please pray for families like these to realize that their striving for their own righteousness is not enough to be reconciled to God and that total transformation is available to them through Jesus.

Seeking Satisfaction

Mid-way through Ramadhan, people here on the coast are finding life hard. This is the month they are trying to appease Allah, and hopefully feel satisfied in that. Of course from scripture we know it is an endless trail. Pray that the people of Kilwa Masoko and the South Coast would be drawn to Jesus, the only one that truly satisfies.

Discipleship training

Please pray for a discipleship training and outreach program that is happening May 28-July 10 along the south coast of Tanzania. 16 young men and women from a cluster of six churches are learning to lead their fellowships in discipleship outreach. Pray for the multiplication of disciples and the birth of a movement.

Conference update

Last night 210 people participated in the conference! Praise God for the interest and enthusiasm of the participants for cross cultural missions. Pray we finish well and strong. Our goal is to equip and empower those the Lord has placed in strategic locations among the UPGs of the coast.

Missions conference

Pray for the Madavu Fellowship conference starting today in Mombasa. They are expecting over 100 workers to attend! Pray for grace and strength for Peter and Esther, who are hosting. Ask the Holy Spirit to minister to his people as they gather together.

Highly Offensive

While our people believe that Jesus ascended into heaven and is alive and with God today, they were taught that He never actually died, making our Good Friday and Easter celebrations highly offensive. Especially when we proclaim that someone they see as a perfect prophet not only died but was crucified on a cross. Please pray that this Easter season many would hear and understand the beauty of a Savior who was willing to be humiliated and put to shame on our behalf. Pray they would understand that He did it as an act of Love for us.

Working Together as Christians

Praise God that a group of churches in Kilwa Masoko have recognised that it is time for them to be reaching out and sharing the gospel in villages of the area that are entirely unreached. Please pray for wisdom in how to do this, open doors, and much progress in an area that has been mostly Islamic for hundreds of years. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will produce a movement to faith in Christ.

Seriously Injured in an Attack

This past week a dear friend of ours was attacked and seriously injured in a robbery. People are accustomed to violence from the “outside,” but many are quite fearful because this has come from inside of their people group. The woman who was attacked was a local young mother and the man who allegedly did it was a respected older man. Please pray that this incident would point many to the comfort and healing found in Jesus and the great mercy and great justice that is found in our Father.

A Whole Family? Lord, let it be so!

One of our dear friends here has been having dreams which point to the Truths of Scripture. While her journey toward Jesus seems to be moving a bit faster, we have also seen growth in each member of her household. To see that God is responding to our prayer that He would draw entire families to Himself rather than just individuals is so encouraging. Please pray for many families to come to know Him together, and especially for S’s family, that as the Lord completes the work He has started in her, He would also be working in the hearts of her parents, siblings, and grandmother.

Discipling MBBs

Pray for a forum to train church workers and missionaries in how to disciple Muslim background believers 9-14 April in Mombasa. Pray for many to come and be well equipped with vision and skills to disciple the many Swahili peoples along the coast. Ask God to bless and provide for all the preparations. Pray for 70 missionary couples to be sent out along the 700 km Kenya coast!