Portable Bible School

Just recently a team of South Sudanese from Juba have gone to Upper Boma (South Sudan) with a portable Bible school intending to help the Suri (Kacipo-Balesi) church members to better understand the Bible. They plan to stay for about two months. Pray for this time of schooling that everyone stays healthy and protected (physically and spiritually). Pray that the training will have a great impact on the students and on the entire Suri community in this region.

Translation progress

Pray for J, a man from the Suri (Kacipo) tribe. He and his Bible translation team in Ethiopia are hoping to complete the book of Matthew this month. In February the team went for outreach and to test their draft of the book of Mark. Praise God for His Word going forth in every tongue! Pray for this translation to make good progress and to be well received by the Suri (Kacipo).

Hunger and openness

The Kachipo live in the Boma plateau region of South Sudan. They believe in the existence of a supreme being- God -as well as lesser spirits. They offer sacrifices and pray through a medium in times of calamity. Although they are deep into witchcraft, they are very receptive to the gospel, and in the past few years a church with over 150 people has begun. There is a great movement of the Spirit amongst the Kachipo, and though there is no Kachipo Bible, (the translation of the gospel of Mark has just begun!) they are hungry to know the Word of God. Pray for this reality for the Kachipo: “At that time gifts will be brought to the LORD Almighty from a people tall and smooth-skinned, from a people feared far and wide, an aggressive nation of strange speech, whose land is divided by rivers…” Isaiah 18:7.

Mark chapter 1 translated!

Dunyi phoned us on Monday, and he and his team finished translating the gospel of Mark chapter 1 last week! They have begun Mark chapter 2 this week. It is widely observed that at the beginning of a Bible translation project, the translation team face a lot of spiritual attacks. May God protect our translation team and all of us who are involved in the Suri (Kacipo-Balesi) New Testament Translation project.

Justice and Mercy

Pray the Kachipo would one day have a culture that administers true justice and shows mercy and compassion to others (Zechariah 7:9-10) because their hearts have been change by the Gospel.

Translation work progressing

During the last two weeks I have been teaching the Suri (Kacipo-Balesi) team (five young men) an introductory course in the principles of Bible Translation. This week we are working intensively on the writing skills and on the orthography of the Suri (Kacipo-Balesi). In the coming weeks we start the translation of Mark. Praise God for this!!!

Praise also that we have found suitable office space and rooms for the future translators to live in Aman, Ethiopia. Pray that they will adapt to the place and working environment soon.
Pray for good team work, for protection (spiritually and physically), and also for enough finances (until now, we have only initial funding and no full long term coverage).

Wisdom and Guidance

Pray for wisdom and guidance as AIM seeks to be put into service to foster a reproducing, indigenous, Christ centered church among the Kachipo of South Sudan. This task faces many impossible obstacles, but we believe in a God who specializes in the impossible.