Burning Questions

Pray for a S. Asian widow who will meet soon with a missionary. May God give her burning questions about spiritual matters and eagerness to ask her friend about those topics. May the Holy Spirit open her understanding to receive spiritual truth. May she put her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.


Please continue to pray that during Ramadan the Spirit of God will be at work in the hearts of South Asian Muslim friends, reminding them of things that they have heard and learned about from their Christian friends. May He make them dissatisfied with their own efforts and religion, and give them a yearning to enter into a relationship with Him through faith in Jesus Christ.

The fragrance of Christ

Praise God for the missionary zeal He has given to a young S. Asian university student. Wherever she goes, she shares the gospel with people who need Christ. Pray for her this summer as she spends time with her family in Kenya, that their fellowship will be sweet and that together they will have opportunities to share Christ with their Hindu friends and relatives.

Whole Families

Please pray for the Lord to bring S. Asian families to faith in Christ as He brought Lydia and her household to Christ, as He brought the Philippian jailer and his household to Christ. Pray that they will be released from their bondage to other religions and find strength in following Christ together.

High School Religion Exams

Two S. Asian high school girls asked their Christian neighbour to answer questions about Christianity so they can pass their religion exam. When they brought the questions, however, they were mostly about peripheral practices rather than the gospel and doctrine. Please pray for more questions to come up and that they will come to faith in Christ.

Prayer for Business Opportunities

The S Asians in Madagascar are a largely closed community but they have Malagasy working for them in their homes and as employees in their businesses. They also access the services of the Malagasy through, for example, health and beauty services. Pray for the Malagasy believers who are in these positions to pray regularly and fervently for their Gujarati clients and employers. Pray that the Light of Christ will shine through them.

Great Upheaval

Please pray for a S. Asian family who are in a time of great upheaval. Pray that they will be delivered from the strong “community” that keeps them fearful of following Christ and leaving Islam. Pray that the Saviour will show that there is no other solid ground to stand on except Himself.

Trying and Trying

A S. Asian girl has asked her Christian neighbour if she can come with her to church again after an initial visit at Christmas. Yet every time they plan it, something comes up to prevent it. Please pray for the plan to be established by the Lord, and for the girl and her whole family to come to faith in Christ.

A Breakthrough, Please

Please pray for a breakthrough in a number of Muslim S. Asian households where the gospel and much Scripture has been shared for many months. Although people have sometimes seemed to be drawing close to receiving Christ as their Saviour, so far none have (as far as we know). Pray for a breakthrough, and that whole households will come to faith and stand firm in Him.


A S. Asian widow wanted to show how broadminded she was and tolerant of all religions. “I will even come to church with you at Easter.” But at the last minute she was pressured by her niece to attend a prayer ceremony for the soul of her aunt who passed away last month. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will work in her heart and mind to realise there is no hope in Islam and that Christ is the only true way to God.