Needing Rescue

Pray for a young woman whose mom and dad are currently working on an arranged marriage for her, and the wedding could be very soon. This devout Muslim man would not only take her far away to live, but is also insisting that she take Islamic classes to become a better Muslim. A Christian friend has spent countless hours talking with her about the relational God of the Bible, but she has not yet put her faith in Christ. This change of life could be how God saves her, but we are praying that if this would pull her further away from Jesus, that He would spare and rescue her from this marriage. The young woman and her Christian friend will meet again next weekend. Pray for wisdom about what to say. Pray for her salvation, and that of her parents and whole family.

A New Bride

A Muslim S. Asian woman became a bride. She has been taken into her husband’s household to live, and can no longer hear the Bible stories her Christian friend shared with her back home. Please pray that she and her new husband will meet other Christians in their town and come to faith in Jesus Christ together.

Young Wife

A young Muslim wife will soon have her second child. She recently heard the gospel presented twice in the same day. Please pray that the word that fell on her ears will enter her heart and produce faith in Christ.

Broken People

A Muslim S. Asian family is broken and unhappy, living lives of discouraged trouble. Recently the mother received a Gospel of John and some reading glasses. Please pray that as she reads the gospel, she will find the Lord Jesus inviting her to come to Him in faith, and that the whole family will feast on the bread of life.

Receive Guidance

A S.Asian woman was deeply impressed by a Christian movie she saw, although she argued against the gospel when her friends shared it with her. Pray that during Ramadan she will receive the guidance that she boasts she asks for every time she prays to Allah…and that the guidance will lead her to faith in Jesus the Son of God.

Hungry for Forgiveness

A S. Asian Hindu man seemed hungry for forgiveness of sins. He was told, “There is a Savior, who loves you very much. Seek Him! His name is Jesus.” Please pray that he will seek the Savior and come to faith in Him.

The Gospel at a Wedding

A young South Asian woman heard the gospel from two Christian women at a Muslim wedding brunch. Please pray for the Lord to put her in contact with other Christians who can keep sharing the Word of Life, and that she will put her faith in Christ.

Walls Fall Down

A Muslim S. Asian family has been listening to their Christian friends share the gospel and Scripture for over three years, yet they still have not believed in Jesus. Their friends feel discouraged at the lack of responsiveness. Please pray that as the Lord made the walls of Jericho fall down as Israel faithfully walked around the city, He will also cause the walls of resistance to Jesus fall down in this family.

Seek the Savior

Praise the Lord that a South Asian family is spending a lot of time with friends who are Christian missionaries, some of whom will soon retire. There are years of shared memories and the gospel has been explained many times, but they still cling to Islam. Please pray that the Lord will work powerfully to bring the family to faith in Christ, and that this Easter they will seek out the Savior who is risen from the dead.

At Work In Their Hearts

Praise the Lord for His work in the hearts of S. Asian Muslims. A number have heard the gospel repeatedly and some have seemed very close to faith in Christ. Pray for them to make the decision to follow Jesus, and confess Him openly. Pray for other family members to follow their example.