Hunger for the Bible

Please pray for the Lord to work in the hearts of S. Asian friends so they will begin to seek to meet for Bible study with their Christian neighbors. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give them an insatiable hunger to know what is in the Bible and to believe that it is the very Word of God, without error and inspired by Him.

A Wedding Coming

Pray for a Muslim S. Asian family who are preparing for the wedding of their eldest daughter this month. They have heard the gospel but have steadfastly resisted putting their faith in Christ for salvation, preferring to cling to legalism. Pray that the Lord will bring a breakthrough as they pass through this Christmas season, and that if the marriage will hinder the daughter from believing in Christ, that she will be delivered from that alliance.

Loneliness and Restless Unhappiness

Pray for a S. Asian Muslim family who seem very hungry for God’s Word, yet cling to Islam. They are eager for friendship with Christians, and welcome them to their home. They turn conversations almost immediately to spiritual topics, asking many questions for hours. But then they argue with the answers they receive and seem to be trying to convert the Christians to Islam. Still, their loneliness and restless unhappiness shows. Pray that very soon they will become far less interested in Islam, not even remembering to compare whenever we read the Bible together. Pray that they will truly try to understand the Word of God. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open their eyes so that the spiritual truths can be discerned and embraced.

Grieving Mother

This past week, a few of us visited an Indian Muslim family. The mother is still grieving the husband who passed away on the day of Eid this year. One of the daughter in laws just recently received radiation for a cancerous growth in her back which caused paralysis in her legs. That’s the reason why we visited them, to see and pray for her. The other daughter suffers from breast cancer and is on treatment at the moment. This family has suffered much and the mother is not coping well. I tried to share Jesus with her. Please pray for this family that they will find the truth and the truth will set them free. We pray that God will bring healing to this family and we ask for miracles to take place so that they will see God’s power and glory.

Light of Life

Please pray for our S. Asian friends to come to Jesus, that they may no longer walk in darkness, but have the light of eternal life. Pray for them to feel how great is the darkness, both within and without, and that they will long to see. Pray they will ask questions of their Christian friends that reveal this longing.

A Spirit-Movement

Pray for a movement of the Holy Spirit among S. Asians. May He turn their hearts of stone into hearts of flesh, and compel them to come in out of the highways and byways into Jesus’ feast. May they grow sick of the dry crusts of their religions and come instead to the Bread of Life.

May She Come to the One Who Removes Fear

Pray for Susan, a Hindu young woman, who struggles with anxiety and depression. As a child there were “workers” (Christian missionaries) who lived near her, and she used to attend Bible Clubs. Last year her mother was brutally killed in their own home, while Susan was tied up and saw it all. Not surprisingly, her depression and anxiety worsened after that. The last couple of months the Lord has brought Susan into our path several times. Last week we were able to pray for her in the name of Jesus, and she asked for a Bible. A couple of days ago I took the Bible to her and we got to read some of it together. Pray that the Lord would touch Susan’s heart, that she would see the emptiness of Hinduism (especially during the Diwali festival of this weekend), and come to the One who takes away our fears and brings us peace.

He Is the Savior

Please pray for a S. Asian family who have heard the gospel numerous times but still resist accepting Jesus by faith. Pray that they will realize their deep lostness and that He is truly a living and powerful Savior, the only way to God.

English Students

Please pray for two students who are preparing for English exams with the help of a Christian lady. Pray that through their times together, they will have opportunity to use Scripture to learn English and that they will come to faith in Christ.