Comparing the Books

Please pray for South Asians who are beginning to understand that the Bible and the Qur’an are teaching very different things. Pray that they will research to find out which book is reliable and trustworthy. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give them a desire to know and follow the truth.

Longing for More Than Rules

Pray for S. Asians who are trying to keep all the rules of Islam to find that their efforts are in vain. Pray that they will realize the Law makes nothing perfect. Pray they will long for more than rules and regulations, and that they will be led to Jesus who can give them the Spirit to write His laws on their hearts and enable them to do it.

Confusion and Trouble

Pray for the salvation of a S. Asian lady who received a gospel of John. Her husband has lost his job and the family is experiencing many difficulties. In their confusion they are asking a “Koranic expert” to discern who has an evil eye against them. Pray that they will turn to Jesus instead of to Islam for answers and protection.

This Week’s Questions

Please pray that South Asians who have Christian friends will contact those friends this week and ask questions about their faith and the reasons they believe in Jesus Christ. Pray that the Lord will lead those Christians to give accurate and clear testimony of Jesus and His love. Pray for the Holy Spirit to turn them from darkness to His glorious light.

Broken Cisterns

Please pray for South Asians of East Africa to leave the broken cisterns of their old religions, cisterns that do not hold water, and come to Jesus, who gives the living water of the Holy Spirit, springing up to eternal life. Pray for them to see the complete futility of the old ways they have been taught, and to leave those behind. Pray for a hunger and thirst for righteousness that compels them to seek the Lord.

Any Happiness

Pray for South Asians to be convicted of sin, righteousness, and judgment. Pray that they will find their relationships are not satisfying, nor their work, nor their religion. Pray they will ask themselves whether there is any happiness to be found anywhere. Pray that they will have seeking hearts, and that they will meet believers who love and care for them, and who share the gospel with them. Pray for their salvation.

Troubled Man

A neighbor came to dinner. His family is out of town and for ten days he had no one to cook for him. He is truly concerned about the world- the wickedness, the immorality, the cheating and lying and greed and violence. In every country and every culture he travels to he sees it. He worries about his children, and the next generation. Only religion, he said, would bring peace to the world. He means his religion, not ours. But it opened a door to share with him the transformation we saw in one culture when we took the gospel to a UPG. He listened. Please pray we can keep sharing with him and his family so one day he can know the Prince of Peace and not be afraid and troubled any more.

Open to Friendship

Please pray for a S. Asian family who seem to be more and more open to friendship with their Christian neighbors. Pray that they will be interested in studying the Bible and comparing it with their holy book and that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes to who Jesus really is and what is the true Way to God.


A S. Asian Muslim woman claims she just wants to know what pleases God and what is the truth, regardless of what her society or family or peers say. Please pray that she may be sincere in that desire, and that as she seeks God she will find Him through faith in Christ, as she seeks with her whole heart.

Drinking Tea

Three women who need Jesus came to tea. While we were together, we read the account of Jacob’s flight and subsequent marriage to Leah and Rachel. We discussed family dynamics and each woman shared a situation in her family that is painful to her. That gave us an opportunity to pray for the Lord to work in those relationships. Please pray that the women will see answers to prayer and that they will put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray for their deliverance and salvation!

“Please help, I don’t know how to share this but our family is being oppressed by bad spirits. They even physically harm us and we wake up with scratches. We are really worried and don’t believe in such witchcraft.” This was a voice mail I received from a South Asian Muslim family in Nairobi. We have been sharing the Gospel with them for over 25 years. They have yet to put their full trust in Jesus and have been overwhelmed with health and financial crisis for years. Pray for a believer from a Muslim background who lives in the same neighborhood who will visit them today (Tuesday) to pray for deliverance and share the Gospel. Pray that this is the time for their salvation. Pray that they fully surrender to Jesus and received deliverance.


Pray for those South Asians who are beginning to investigate the Bible to realize it is reliable and true. Pray that when they read the words of Jesus and encounter His claims, they will be enlightened and suddenly realize it is the truth. Pray that they will count all things loss compared to the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus the Lord, and follow Him.

Wall coming down

I have a very good friend who is a Hindu. We have known each other for more than 10 years. I enjoy fellowship in their house at least twice a month, often more. He and his father are very strict Hindu in the visual application of their beliefs. My friend is strongly opposed to talking about anything spiritual. As I labor to turn the conversation toward Christ, he quickly changes the subject. But slowly that wall is beginning to come down, especially with his elderly father. Please pray with us that Christ will draw this family and they will open the door to hearing The Gospel. Pray that they will see that there is only one true God and one true Savior!

May he find the Bible to be true

We have a Hindu friend whose father had a very real experience with Jesus but doesn’t seem to fully understand that he cannot follow both Jesus and Hinduism. We have been “storying” through the Bible with our friend and her father for the past 6 weeks or so. They engage with the stories well, especially the daughter, and understand Jesus to be both powerful and loving. But they don’t seem to see their need to follow Jesus as Savior. Our friend’s brother is very antagonistic. He claims to be an atheist and criticizes the Bible. He has decided to give our family a “presentation” on why the Bible is false and what he believes to be true, which he has planned for this week. We are praying that he as prepares his presentation, he would find the Bible to be true and give his heart to Jesus, along with his sister and father. Please pray with us that God would work mightily in the lives of these friends.

Holy Spirit, Work in Hearts

Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts and families of S. Asian Muslim women. May they receive the Scriptures and listen to them. May the Holy Spirit convince them of sin, righteousness, and judgment, and that Jesus is indeed the Savior and Son of God. May their families also seek Christ together, and be willing to leave extended families and “communities” for the reward of gaining Christ.

Intense Social Pressure

South Asians who are Muslim are very fearful to leave their religion and their communities. There is intense social pressure to conform, and many dire threats against them if they choose to leave Islam, especially the threat that they will go to hell if they do. Whenever anyone seems to become open to the gospel, others put pressure on them to stop. Please pray for a breakthrough, for freedom for those who are hungry to find spiritual Bread.

Bible Stories

Several S. Asian women receive Bible stories on their phones each night. Pray that as they listen, the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ will shine on their hearts and they will receive the Savior as their own.

Knowledge of the Truth

Please pray for a S. Asian family who are having some interpersonal struggles, to come to the knowledge of the truth that is in Jesus and realize He is the answer to their needs. Pray that they will give up their reliance on Islam and put all that behind them, and that they will eagerly embrace the Way of Jesus.

Only In Jesus

Pray that as Muslim S. Asians return to their usual schedule after the end of Ramadan, the Lord will continue to speak to them about the things He was trying to bring to their attention during that month of seeking to draw near to Him. Pray that they will seek Him and find Him as they seek with their whole heart, and that they will realize salvation is found only in Jesus.

Ten Women

Ten unsaved women, mostly South Asians, have been listening to short Bible stories by WhatsApp every night for a month. Tonight, they will hear the last story, which includes an invitation to put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior, and to respond by messaging that they have done so. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to work mightily in their hearts and bring them salvation.

Stuck at Home

A family of staunch Muslims are spending months together in a small apartment, fearful of Covid-19, fasting all day, feasting half the night, suffering occasional power and water shortages, seeking to gain merit with God and draw close to Him through their prayers and fastings. Pray that the Spirit will reveal the futility of trying to make themselves good. Pray that they will read the Bible they have in their house. Pray that their eyes will be opened to see the light of the glory of God in the face of Christ. Pray for them to talk together as a family about the hypocrisies and disappointments and contradictions and unanswered problems in their religion. Pray that they will admit it does not satisfy the deep longings of their heart, nor make them feel close to God. Pray for the God of salvation to break through to bring them His salvation through faith in His Son.

An Open Door to Visit Soon

Several months ago, we prayed for a Hindu woman who has struggled with mental illness and depression. I gave her a Bible, but at the time she wasn’t reading it much. She’d even planned to return it. But recently, during this time of the pandemic, I began texting Bible verses to her. She found strength in verses like Isaiah 41:10 and Psalms 40:1,2. A couple of days ago, we texted and she claimed that she has put her trust in Jesus Christ! I would love to talk to her face-to-face but she is staying inside because of the pandemic. She says that her brother is defaming her everywhere, and she needs strength. Pray that the Word would speak to her boldly and that she would be encouraged by what she reads, and that I would get an opportunity to see her soon.

The Ring of Truth

As South Asians come in contact with believers and hear about the differences in what the Bible says versus what the Qur’an says, may they hear the ring of truth in Scripture and may faith come by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ. May the Lord save many S. Asians during Ramadan in 2020.

Fasting to Draw Near to God

During the month of Ramadan, April 24-May 23, many South Asian Muslims will be fasting and praying, hoping to draw near to God. Pray that this year, 2020, the Lord will speak in powerful and clear ways during the month of Ramadan to enlighten their minds and help them see the light of Christ, who is the image of God. Pray that we will hear of many coming to faith in Christ.

Listening Daily

Please pray for ten young women who are listening to daily “Bedtime Bible Stories” by WhatsApp. Pray that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes, to behold wonderful things from God’s Word. Pray that as they begin to understand, they will want to study God’s Word more and more. Pray for new life in Christ.

Preparing for Ramadan

South Asians Muslims will soon be preparing for Ramadan. Meanwhile, many have made friends with Christians and some are learning Scripture. Pray that there will be a breakthrough during Ramadan, and that the light of the knowledge of the glory of God will be revealed to them in the face of Christ.

Staying In

Please pray for a S. Asian family who are in stay-at-home mode these days. They now have been given a Bible and a number of Christian books, as well as some books discussing differences between Christianity and Islam. Pray that they will avidly read and discuss and be convinced that Jesus is truly the Son of God and that they can have eternal life through believing in His Name.

A Free Exchange of Ideas

A S. Asian woman and her daughters recently discussed Islam with a Christian friend and loved the open exchange of ideas, discovering where the points of disparity exist. They all agreed that it is important to investigate whether the Bible or the Qur’an is true, and that it is each individual’s duty to discover the truth and follow it, no matter the cost. Please pray that as they continue on this journey, their search will lead them to recognize the reliability of the Bible and the errors in Islam, and that they will put their faith in Jesus Christ, having counted the cost and not turning back.

Declare what she has seen and heard

Please pray for a Muslim woman who agreed to pray that the Living God would reveal Himself. Pray that she will not shrink back from declaring what she has seen and heard during those days of prayer, and that she will decide to follow Jesus in spite of the cost.

Loneliness Within the Community

Pray for a S. Asian woman who is worried about the direction her adult children are going. Pray that they will all come to faith in Christ out of secularism. Pray that she will also follow Christ out of Islam and into the family of God. Pray that her loneliness will reveal to her the emptiness of her Muslim “community” and the richness of the Body of Christ.

For Our Enjoyment

Pray for a S. Asian friend who seems to want to spend time together but is fearful to read the Scriptures. Pray that she will realize the Scriptures are given to us for our enjoyment, for our learning, and to be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, to lead us to God. She is afraid to try to interpret them without a religious “teacher.” Pray for her to be surprised at how the Spirit of God helps her understand the meaning.

Revelation of Christ

Pray for my S. Asian Muslim friend, who prayed with me last week that the Living God would reveal Himself to each of us. May the Lord Jesus be revealed to her as the image of the invisible God, as He revealed Himself to Saul on the road to Damascus. May she not shrink back but have faith to the saving of her soul.

More and More of Them

South Asian Muslims fear the reprisals if they leave Islam to follow Christ. They fear the reactions of their extended families. Nevertheless, more and more of them have a deep hunger to know more about the Bible and Jesus Christ. More and more of them are dissatisfied with their present way of life. Pray for spiritual breakthroughs. Pray for many to be saved and confess Christ openly.

Falling in Love with Jesus

Pray for a S. Asian woman who needs Jesus as her Savior. Pray that she will read the Christian books and the Bible she has gladly received. Pray that she will meet regularly with her Christian friend to read Scripture together. Pray that she will fall in love with Jesus to such an extent that she does not care what she will sacrifice in order to be with Him. And pray for her whole family to follow her into that Love.

Lonely and Searching

A S. Asian Muslim woman is lonely and searching. What things are actually commanded by Islam and what things are just cultural? How can she be more free, more sure of herself, more “positive”? She has received a Bible and is willing to read it when her Christian friend comes to visit. Together they pray for her needs. Please pray for her salvation, and that of her family.

Her Son Is Ill

Pray for a S. Asian neighbor whose son is suddenly ill. She needs the Lord Jesus as her Savior but is afraid to leave Islam. Please pray that this and all her circumstances may convince her that Jesus is truly the Savior who can be trusted with her whole life.

A Perfect Opportunity

When I arrived at my friend’s house she was writing down verses from the Qur’an having to do with men and women’s roles. As we talked, it became evident she was doing it not only so she could be a good wife, but also so she could point out to her husband when he was not following their holy book! And I thought to myself: “They have a form of godliness but have denied its power.” Even if their book tells them to do good, it has no answer to the question, “But how?” Try harder. Try harder. Try harder. Please pray for this woman and her family as they read the Bible I left with them, that they may see the light of Christ and believe in Him.

A Time of Transition

Please pray for a Muslim S. Asian family who are going through a time of transition as their oldest daughter gets married today. Pray for the Lord to touch their hearts and reveal to them the truth of the gospel, the truth of who Jesus really is, and the truth of salvation through grace by faith, not by works.

Hunger for the Bible

Please pray for the Lord to work in the hearts of S. Asian friends so they will begin to seek to meet for Bible study with their Christian neighbors. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give them an insatiable hunger to know what is in the Bible and to believe that it is the very Word of God, without error and inspired by Him.

A Wedding Coming

Pray for a Muslim S. Asian family who are preparing for the wedding of their eldest daughter this month. They have heard the gospel but have steadfastly resisted putting their faith in Christ for salvation, preferring to cling to legalism. Pray that the Lord will bring a breakthrough as they pass through this Christmas season, and that if the marriage will hinder the daughter from believing in Christ, that she will be delivered from that alliance.