Persistently Praying

The S. Asian family for whose salvation we have consistently been praying are in a time of many transitions, family fractures, and disharmony. Stress and unhappiness abound. Yet they have not yet turned to Christ for salvation and answers to their problems. Please continue to ask, seek and knock even more persistently for the Lord to save each member of this extended family!

Still Discovering who Jesus Really Is

The Muslim widow who loves Jesus and has started praying in His name still does not believe He is the Son of God, just an amazing prophet. But whenever she reads the Bible, she listens and learns and thinks about what she read. Pray that she will continue reading the Bible and that she will believe it, and realise the things her religion taught her about Jesus are not true.

Please Close Down the Class

Several S. Asian women attend an Islamics class that reinforces their belief in Islam and seems to provide them with reasons not to believe the Bible. Please pray that the Lord will close down the class, and that they will realise their teachers are not telling them the truth. Pray that instead their trust will be transferred to God’s Word and His Son, Jesus Christ.

A Deep and Lasting Faith

A Muslim family has received books, tracts, DVDs and links to Christian websites. They have also had many conversations with their Christian neighbours about the gospel. Please pray that they will all come to deep and lasting faith in Christ, and break entirely with their old religion in order to be publicly associated with Him. Pray for each person in the family…from the old grandfather down to the youngest grandchildren…to receive Jesus and embrace Him.

Willing to Sell it all to Gain the Pearl

Please pray that a friend will desire to continue reading Scripture with me. She has lately been distracted, perhaps afraid of the direction she is being led as she reads the words of Jesus in Luke. Pray that the difficulties in her life will cause her to be willing to “sell everything in order to gain the pearl of great price.” Pray that she will discover she cannot simply go back to her former life and ways of thinking now that she has understood the gospel. Pray for her fears about leaving Islam to be conquered by the Lover of her soul.

Portions of Scripture

A number of S. Asian friends have received portions of Scripture, devotionals or Bibles. Please pray that they and others in their homes will read and be drawn to Christ through the powerful Word of God. Pray that as they have questions, they will feel free to ask their Christian friends to explain and teach them more. Pray for a deep hunger for relationship with God and eternal life.

Seeking First His Kingdom

A S. Asian family who were formerly Hindu have walked through difficult times financially. Please pray that as they faithfully walk with Jesus Christ and seek first His kingdom, all that they need will be added to them. Pray that He will display His greatness and glory in their lives, and that they will not lose heart.

A Day At the Hospital

An all-day visit to a mission hospital with a father and mother who were worried about their precious 21 year old daughter provided opportunities to discuss prominently displayed Scripture, share the gospel, pray together, and receive blessings through the kind, helpful behaviour of the Christian medical personnel. Please pray that this very Muslim family will continue to grow more and more open to knowing the one true God through Jesus Christ whom He has sent.

Her Tests Came Back Clear

Praise God that a S. Asian woman who thought she needed surgery had all her tests come back clear. She is saying this is an answer to prayer. Praise God for her continuing interest in spiritual things and her desire that others in her family would learn about Jesus. Pray for regular scheduled times to continue reading the book of Luke together.

Unexplained Pain*

Please pray for a S. Asian young woman who has had unexplained pain in her right side for two weeks. All medical tests come back clear. Much prayer has been offered for her healing in Jesus’ name and she and her family are listening to the gospel with more openness and hunger than ever before. Pray for the salvation of the large entire Muslim family, and for the young woman’s healing.

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