Open to Friendship

A young Somali woman is open to friendship, but her Christian friend has not yet found a way to share the gospel. Pray that she will confide in her Christian friend and ask for prayer, as well as an explanation for the hope that is in her.

Fearlessly Gathering to Worship

Please pray that those Somali who are believers will find safe places and groups to worship with. Pray that instead of fearing betrayal they will long, like the Lord Jesus did, to be together with their friends and family in Christ. Pray for the salvation of whole extended families. Pray for spiritual breakthroughs so that many come to Christ together, and support one another as the early Christians did in the book of Acts.

A United Church

We desire to see a united church amongst the Somali believers so that the church will grow in spirit and in truth. How my heart aches to worship with other Somali believers and to hear a Somali preacher in the pulpit. What a glorious day that shall be! Please pray it will come soon.

Bold and Passionate

Pray that Somali people will receive salvation, that God will remove the veil of misguided belief in Islam. Pray that we will be able to speak boldly to the Somali about the gospel and not be afraid. Lord, give us more bold and passionate witnesses.

Friendship Through Basketball

Through our ministry with a local church we have engaged with some Somali people through basketball. The idea has been to build friendships. By the grace of God, in the last two weeks, we have organised two outings for lunch and a movie with them. They have heard our testimonies and heard the gospel. But please pray that God will intervene and allow us to have more personal conversations about Jesus with these two ladies again. They are very passionate to play basketball but let’s pray that they will become passionate for Jesus Christ before they leave here!

Healing For a Young Somali Woman of Influence

Please pray for a young Somali believer to be healed. The doctors have given up on her because she has a swelling on her leg that cannot be fixed…according to them. I can see how this has caused her to be discouraged with God. Let’s pray that God will heal this young lady’s leg so that she will continue to be strong in her faith and see God’s glory through this healing. I claim her healing in the name of Jesus. She is a woman of peace and has a huge influence to many Somali people.

New family member!

Rejoice with us and the angels! We have a new brother in the family! Pray for him to have grace and strength to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord and to share his experience with others.

Protection and Safety

Pray for the Somalis in Kenya for their protection and safety. The outcome of the Kenyan elections is so unpredictable. They are fearful that they will be removed from this country. Let’s pray that the leader elected by the people for the people will be compassionate enough for them to stay in this country.

It Has Slowed Down

One of our Somali students in the English school has not returned, please pray that she will come back and that we will get some more new ladies. The school has slowed down since the start to Ramadan. Lets pray that this project will be blessed with many students.

They Had To Leave

Unfortunately, two Somali ladies left a Christian safehouse on Thursday, because they were not helping out in the house as they had agreed to do. One of the ladies is my teacher at the school. Please pray for her as she stays in places unknown to us, and that she will not be swayed to go back into Islam. She believes in Christ, and was baptized in December 2016;  lets pray that she will remain faithful to the word of God.

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