Deep Dissatisfaction

Pray for young Somalis in their 20’s and 30’s to have a deep dissatisfaction with Islam and a deep hunger for Christ. Pray that Christians of all tribes and denominations who have Somali friends will not think it is useless to share the gospel with them, but will lovingly and earnestly try to persuade them to believe. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work mightily to raise up the next generation of Somalis to be faithful followers of Christ.

WhatsApp opportunities

God always does amazing things even in a very difficult situation!
We are not allowed to go back to a normal classroom because of this coronavirus. However, God has opened another door for us to continue the English class. Using WhatsApp to call not only allows us to continue the one -on- one English class, but we have more opportunities to share the good news. Pray for Kha who has watched the Jesus film and asked a lot of questions about Jesus.
Also, please pray for Ay who is struggling with family issues. Recently she accepted to pray in the name of Jesus and to watch Jesus film.
Pray God opens these two ladies’ eyes, the Holy Spirit touches their hearts, and they know that Jesus is their saviour!

Private Conversations

During this time when large gatherings are forbidden, Christian friends of Somalis are having more private conversations with them on the phone. This has revealed the hunger that Somalis have to know more about Jesus. Please pray for many of them to come to faith in Him during this time, and to share the gospel with others even if they are afraid.

Seeking More Openly Now

The Somali people have suffered wars, famines, and now pestilence. More than at any other time, they are beginning to seek openly to find out about Jesus without fear of how others will react. Please pray that God will use this time of intense stress to bring them into the glorious freedom of the children of God through faith in Christ.

Fear not

Pray for all the believers here during these uncertain days of Covid19. Pray for bold witness and peace. We are standing by this verse – Isaiah 41.9-10:

I brought you from the ends of the earth and called you from its farthest corners.
I said, you are my servant. I have chosen and not rejected you; do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am you God; I will strengthen you; I will surely help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Thirteen Years Ago

Please pray for my language helper who I met 13 years ago in England!
Recently, I have made contact with her and she is studying her religion and she also invited me to study together! She wanted to compare the two Books – Quran and Bible to see what they say about Jesus! Please pray for her, may God open her mind and give her vision, so that she will know that Jesus is her Saviour!

They Are Listening

Pray for two young Somali men who are in contact with Christians and enrolled in a program that includes Bible study several times a week. Pray that through the Scriptures and through the circumstances of their lives God will lead them to recognize that there is no salvation except through Jesus Christ. Pray that they will commit their lives to Him and become bold and faithful witnesses.

A Young Believer

Praise for ongoing internet contacts from a young Somali believer who was baptized in Kenya last year and is now part of small house church in a city in eastern Ethiopia. Pray for his growth in grace and knowledge of the Gospel.

Divisions Completely Overcome in Jesus’ Name

Pray for the Lord to work mightily among Somali believers (and also among those Christians who are trying to reach them with the gospel), breaking down all that hinders them from coming to Christ and being completely “united in Him.” Pray for strongholds of Satan to be broken down in the name of Jesus.

Oh Lord have mercy

In the past 3 weeks alone approximately 20 persons have died in relation to attacks by the extremist group in North Eastern and part of coastal region in Kenya.
Kamuthe Resource Center was attacked and 3 non- local teachers were killed. Saretho primary school was attacked and four pupils or 3 pupils and one teacher were killed. Rumors have it that the group is threatening to attack more places here. Pray for God’s mercy and that the Lord would rebuke these terrorists and they would repent.
The extremist agenda is to get the non-local Christians out of the region.
Several schools have closed and teachers have fled because of insecurity.

Invitation to join a prayer initiative for Somalis

We are inspired by the prison break story in Acts 12 where a bright light illuminated Peter’s prison cell as he was awakend by the angel. His chains fell off and he walked out past the guards, and through an iron gate that “opened by itself.”
Please pray with us for the light of the Gospel to shine brightly to awaken Somalis to the truth, that Jesus is the Messiah, and the Injeel or Evangel (Gospel) is a generous invitation to join His Kingdom. Lets pray they will be freed from the prison of deception, from the lie that Jesus did not really die on the cross, and freedom from fear of the threat of death against Muslims who choose to follow Jesus.

Retreat report

The camp was a great success! We read, discussed, dramatized and meditated on the scriptures. We managed to read through Luke and John. It was joy to sit and immerse ourselves in God’s Word read in our heart language for four full days. It was refreshing to see the hunger for His Word displayed in the zeal and excitement in the study times.

Some of the outcomes we hoped for from this camp are beginning to be realized. Some of the participants lamented that in most of their fellowship times they hardly spend time in the scriptures and they expressed a desire to change that. They suggested once a month, to have overnight meetings in each other’s homes to study and discuss a book from the scriptures. We were hoping for such initiatives to emerge and we are very excited to hear a desire for them expressed. Please pray for good follow through on these commitments.

Needing help

Pray for a S. lady who has been divorced and doesn’t have an income. She is in debt for the house, so she needs to move immediately to a smaller house. Pray for an opportunity for her to work so she can support herself. Ask for the Lord to bless, encourage, and provide for her. May she look to You and put her trust in You.

Training and Christmas party

We have a training for the S. Fellowship here from 10th to 12th Dec. On that final day, we have a Christmas party for all of us. Pray for provision to cover the budget and that people will get to know Christ better.

Communal Reading of the Scriptures

Pray for a group of over 20 adults and children who will meet together for a retreat and will read aloud 46 chapters of the Bible (Luke and John) in the next five days. Pray that they will find the Word sweet and exciting to hear. Pray for extraordinary understanding of the Scriptures and that the Spirit will speak individually to them through the Word. Pray for much joy and expressions of love and affection to one another. Pray that the kids as well as the adults will be blessed. Pray for safety and health and protection from the evil one. Pray that the Lord will use this gathering to unleash the power of the Spirit for effective bold evangelism and multiplication of Somali believers and churches.


There are challenges to meeting for Word studies. One lady can’t come to meetings because she fears her house will be broken into. We need to organize meetings in her house but she is afraid of the neighbors as well. Please pray for her and her neighbors.
Another one who used to come has recently moved to town and doesn’t even have a phone. Pray we can get connected with her again.

DBS growing

We started a DBS in a woman’s house so that her teenage children can also grow in the Word. The woman is doing well at ‘fishing’ for more. Every Saturday night we get a chance to study with her family, those she is discipling, and our family! She has challenges- mostly from sicknesses and demonic attacks. Please pray for her and for her safety now that many people are meeting in her house.


There is strong spiritual warfare and opposition happening on the coast where we’re seeking to expand the work. Our Opposer has his grip on that place and those people. Asking that the strongman be bound and for the Almighty One to have His way.

Those who seek, find

The Holy Spirit is on the move in H2 among locals. Many people are coming with questions and with a hunger. People are eagerly seeking. ‘To those who seek, they will find.’ We’re asking for that promise to come to pass for these multitudes.

Meeting again!

I thank God that the group of ladies met with me again and are happy to continue meeting. Pray that they will hunger and thirst for the truth and that there will be consistency in meeting together. We are now doing DBS and there is the obedience part whereby one is supposed to share the story with a friend. Pray that God will give them wisdom and courage and they share and that the movement will continue among the Somali.

Sing Praise to Jesus

Today another one of our students prayed to Jesus with us and accepted Jesus as his Saviour! Amen! We have shared the good news with him many times before, however today was God’s timing! Please remember him in your prayers- may God protect him and guide him. May his faith grow in Jesus Christ! He is willing to read the Bible with us next time when we meet. Please sing praise to our Lord Jesus Christ with us!

Like a Little Seed

Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ! Please pray for our new brother — A, he has just accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour this Friday! Please pray for his faith in Jesus Christ and the protection from our Lord, may this little seed be grown in his heart. Also, please pray for our follow up, we are planning to have a Bible study with him. May the name of God be glorified! Amen!

Women’s conference

Please pray for a women’s conference for S. believers meeting this week. Pray for protection, for the Lord’s anointing of the speakers, for encouragement and fellowship for the women.

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Pray for the various Christians who have learned to share the gospel with Somali people using a method called “Any 3.” Pray that as they share the story of the first and last sacrifices, the Holy Spirit will call many Somalis to Jesus Christ.

Final decision

We have shared about C before- he appreciates our prayers and he has experienced our prayers work! He wants us to keep praying for him. He has read the Bible verses that we send to him, he still remembers them.
Three days ago, we had an opportunity to share the gospel with him again.
This time he was more open to us and we told him that only Jesus is the way to God. We invited him to pray to Jesus and accept Him to be his saviour. He knew that Jesus is saviour although he hasn’t made the final decision!!
Please continue to pray for him especially this Ramadan, pray that Jesus speaks to him directly and he can make the final decision!


Recently the mosques made a city-wide announcement, that made local news as well, stating that they’re aware of Christian activity in the city. Activity from the young people! NOT the foreigners!
We rejoice that they made the claim themselves that S brothers do exist (no longer can they say “to be S is to be a Muslim”), the brothers that often feel isolated and alone now know that they’re not alone and that there’s many of them, and that it’s spreading from within.
And we ask for our brothers to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves as they wrestle with how to respond to this announcement, which also stated that the authorities will be doing what they can to prevent this. And that our brothers will stand firm and let this encouragement spur them on to keep expanding.
May this announcement also cause others to question and seek.

A New Friend

A new friend I met converted to Islam because she married a Somali man. We have a lot in common. Please pray that we can have deep conversations about what she understands about Islam and that she will come to understand what it means to be a Christ follower. Pray for her salvation, and that of her family.

Cast their cares

Praise God for the good discussions with Somali ladies in our weekly Bible studies. Pray that they would grow in the knowledge of the Lord. Pray also for perseverance in their different situations of life and that they would learn to cast their cares on Jesus who cares for them


Pray for young Somali men. As they grow, they are susceptible to radical ideas that lead them to become hostile to Christians and the gospel. Please pray that those young men who are in their teens and early twenties right now will instead put their faith in Jesus the Messiah and become zealous for Him.

Connecting with the Chaplain

Pray for a family of Somali refugees in Uganda, for an opportunity to connect more with our chaplain so they can hear and believe the gospel.

Jesus cares for them

Praise God for the good discussions with the Somali ladies in our weekly Bible studies. Pray that they would grow in the knowledge of the Lord. Pray also for perseverance in their different situations of life and that they would learn to cast their cares on Jesus who cares for them.

Pray for More Refugees to Come

Please pray for doors to be opened for more refugees to come for medical help. We’ve noticed that the flow of Somali refugees has decreased since the beginning of the year. We assume the cut in funding for medical expenses in the refugee camps means the patients cannot afford to come.

Connecting Again

Please pray for a Somali man named Ali. Pray for opportunities to connect more with the missionary he met and had friendly talks with. Pray for his salvation.

Sent one

Pray that God might raise up a “sent one” from this city to go to another people and so transform the hearts of all local followers to think first of others and of His Name among all nations.

Lord, do a new thing!

This week we focus our prayers on the Somali people. Pray the Lord would ‘bind the strong man and plunder the house of Islam’ particularly the room of Somali (Mark 3:27). O Lord, do a new thing among the Somali people. Have mercy on those who have committed acts of violence. May they repent and find forgiveness and shalom in Jesus. Have mercy on those who have suffered persecution, would you strengthen weak knees and give grace to stand firm in the faith. Have mercy on those who are weary of war and feel hopeless. May they find hope in Jesus.

He Hid Under a Blanket

Please pray for Abdulaha, a Somali patient. He got an infection after surgery. He was witnessed to and agreed to be given more literature, but at the next visit he hid under the blanket pretending to sleep. Pray that he will see the glory of God, that his infection stops, and that a door to his heart is opened.

Godly leader needed +

Pray that the Spirit will raise up a leader among the brothers. A servant leader with a teachable spirit, who delights in the law of the Lord and who will lead with humility and love.
And pray against the schemes of the enemy that try to keep the sisters from meeting together to read and grow. Pray that they will be hungry for the Word and the Spirit.

How good and pleasant…

Pray for love to grow between the two main Ethne groups of followers in our country and for God to birth a vision for a ‘New Antioch’ church in the hearts of S and Y believers. Pray for hard hearts to soften and pride to be abolished so that brothers and sisters can dwell together in unity.

Watching TV

Pray that we will be able to implement more authentic Christian programs on hospital TV (patients have a lot of time on their hands!) in local languages, and that the Holy Spirit would catch their attention. Pray for Somalis to be saved as they and their families come for treatment to this Christian hospital.


Two very intelligent Somali ladies were witnessed to multiple times, but instead of accepting the Good News threw themselves into Islamic studies. Please pray they will be disappointed by what they find, and their hearts will want Jesus.