There is strong spiritual warfare and opposition happening on the coast where we’re seeking to expand the work. Our Opposer has his grip on that place and those people. Asking that the strongman be bound and for the Almighty One to have His way.

Those who seek, find

The Holy Spirit is on the move in H2 among locals. Many people are coming with questions and with a hunger. People are eagerly seeking. ‘To those who seek, they will find.’ We’re asking for that promise to come to pass for these multitudes.

Meeting again!

I thank God that the group of ladies met with me again and are happy to continue meeting. Pray that they will hunger and thirst for the truth and that there will be consistency in meeting together. We are now doing DBS and there is the obedience part whereby one is supposed to share the story with a friend. Pray that God will give them wisdom and courage and they share and that the movement will continue among the Somali.

Sing Praise to Jesus

Today another one of our students prayed to Jesus with us and accepted Jesus as his Saviour! Amen! We have shared the good news with him many times before, however today was God’s timing! Please remember him in your prayers- may God protect him and guide him. May his faith grow in Jesus Christ! He is willing to read the Bible with us next time when we meet. Please sing praise to our Lord Jesus Christ with us!

Like a Little Seed

Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ! Please pray for our new brother — A, he has just accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour this Friday! Please pray for his faith in Jesus Christ and the protection from our Lord, may this little seed be grown in his heart. Also, please pray for our follow up, we are planning to have a Bible study with him. May the name of God be glorified! Amen!

Women’s conference

Please pray for a women’s conference for S. believers meeting this week. Pray for protection, for the Lord’s anointing of the speakers, for encouragement and fellowship for the women.

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Pray for the various Christians who have learned to share the gospel with Somali people using a method called “Any 3.” Pray that as they share the story of the first and last sacrifices, the Holy Spirit will call many Somalis to Jesus Christ.

Final decision

We have shared about C before- he appreciates our prayers and he has experienced our prayers work! He wants us to keep praying for him. He has read the Bible verses that we send to him, he still remembers them.
Three days ago, we had an opportunity to share the gospel with him again.
This time he was more open to us and we told him that only Jesus is the way to God. We invited him to pray to Jesus and accept Him to be his saviour. He knew that Jesus is saviour although he hasn’t made the final decision!!
Please continue to pray for him especially this Ramadan, pray that Jesus speaks to him directly and he can make the final decision!


Recently the mosques made a city-wide announcement, that made local news as well, stating that they’re aware of Christian activity in the city. Activity from the young people! NOT the foreigners!
We rejoice that they made the claim themselves that S brothers do exist (no longer can they say “to be S is to be a Muslim”), the brothers that often feel isolated and alone now know that they’re not alone and that there’s many of them, and that it’s spreading from within.
And we ask for our brothers to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves as they wrestle with how to respond to this announcement, which also stated that the authorities will be doing what they can to prevent this. And that our brothers will stand firm and let this encouragement spur them on to keep expanding.
May this announcement also cause others to question and seek.

A New Friend

A new friend I met converted to Islam because she married a Somali man. We have a lot in common. Please pray that we can have deep conversations about what she understands about Islam and that she will come to understand what it means to be a Christ follower. Pray for her salvation, and that of her family.