Communal Reading of the Scriptures

Pray for a group of over 20 adults and children who will meet together for a retreat and will read aloud 46 chapters of the Bible (Luke and John) in the next five days. Pray that they will find the Word sweet and exciting to hear. Pray for extraordinary understanding of the Scriptures and that the Spirit will speak individually to them through the Word. Pray for much joy and expressions of love and affection to one another. Pray that the kids as well as the adults will be blessed. Pray for safety and health and protection from the evil one. Pray that the Lord will use this gathering to unleash the power of the Spirit for effective bold evangelism and multiplication of Somali believers and churches.


There are challenges to meeting for Word studies. One lady can’t come to meetings because she fears her house will be broken into. We need to organize meetings in her house but she is afraid of the neighbors as well. Please pray for her and her neighbors.
Another one who used to come has recently moved to town and doesn’t even have a phone. Pray we can get connected with her again.

DBS growing

We started a DBS in a woman’s house so that her teenage children can also grow in the Word. The woman is doing well at ‘fishing’ for more. Every Saturday night we get a chance to study with her family, those she is discipling, and our family! She has challenges- mostly from sicknesses and demonic attacks. Please pray for her and for her safety now that many people are meeting in her house.


There is strong spiritual warfare and opposition happening on the coast where we’re seeking to expand the work. Our Opposer has his grip on that place and those people. Asking that the strongman be bound and for the Almighty One to have His way.

Those who seek, find

The Holy Spirit is on the move in H2 among locals. Many people are coming with questions and with a hunger. People are eagerly seeking. ‘To those who seek, they will find.’ We’re asking for that promise to come to pass for these multitudes.

Meeting again!

I thank God that the group of ladies met with me again and are happy to continue meeting. Pray that they will hunger and thirst for the truth and that there will be consistency in meeting together. We are now doing DBS and there is the obedience part whereby one is supposed to share the story with a friend. Pray that God will give them wisdom and courage and they share and that the movement will continue among the Somali.

Sing Praise to Jesus

Today another one of our students prayed to Jesus with us and accepted Jesus as his Saviour! Amen! We have shared the good news with him many times before, however today was God’s timing! Please remember him in your prayers- may God protect him and guide him. May his faith grow in Jesus Christ! He is willing to read the Bible with us next time when we meet. Please sing praise to our Lord Jesus Christ with us!

Like a Little Seed

Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ! Please pray for our new brother — A, he has just accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour this Friday! Please pray for his faith in Jesus Christ and the protection from our Lord, may this little seed be grown in his heart. Also, please pray for our follow up, we are planning to have a Bible study with him. May the name of God be glorified! Amen!

Women’s conference

Please pray for a women’s conference for S. believers meeting this week. Pray for protection, for the Lord’s anointing of the speakers, for encouragement and fellowship for the women.

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Pray for the various Christians who have learned to share the gospel with Somali people using a method called “Any 3.” Pray that as they share the story of the first and last sacrifices, the Holy Spirit will call many Somalis to Jesus Christ.