Two Guards

Please pray for the salvation of two Nyamwezi night guards, who have been studying the Bible with a missionary for many months. Pray that they and their families will put their faith in Jesus Christ and follow Him.

New Outreach Area

Pray that Satan and his spiritual world of evil would loose their hold on the Nyamwezi. Particularly pray for a new outreach area among the Nyamwezi. For fifteen weeks, fifteen to twenty people have been attending a weekly Discovery Bible Study group at this location...

Seeking Fellowship

Just after Christmas, a man came explaining how he’d come to be a new believer in Jesus. He was now seeking a place where he could fellowship and learn more about the Bible. His wife had prayed with us earlier that year for her unsaved husband while she was pregnant...

“What must I do to be saved?”

Praise God for a man coming like Nicodemus to meet and ask, “What must I do to be saved?” That day the angels rejoiced as he placed his trust in Jesus. Pray for regular follow-up and nurturing in his new found faith. Pray for further opportunities to share the Gospel...