Drawn to the Son

Pray for whole families who are drawn to the Son, hearing chronological stories about God’s character and man’s need for a Savior. The Jesus Film has been shown to numerous groups in public places. The response is unclear except that the film is watched with attention to what is being spoken. Some are requesting to see the film again, and if it might be shown at their homes so their entire household and neighbors may see the film. Pray for those curious would know the Truth, and that the Truth will set them free.

Prayer for those in Prison

We are saddened by a recent surprising turn of events as two of our closest friends were arrested without bail on serious charges that appear to be fictitious. Pray for their hearts to turn and trust God completely through this tribulation. Pray that through this they would know Christ is Redeemer physically and spiritually. Pray also for their children at home without mother and father. During our visits, we have seen the marginalized have little choice but to accept oppression and corruption as part of life. Praying this would change. Pray while they await judgement in court this week, that they would be granted a fair and just trial.

Prayers for the Dead

Pray for witnessing opportunities with friends who don’t share our faith- they will gather together this afternoon in their individual homesteads to say prayers over their dead.


Praise God for successful drilling of a borehole that has brought forth plentiful water to a village where fresh water was inaccessible. It is wonderful that so many are blessed immediately and may drink from this well! All are amazed and rejoicing to see fresh water come forth from ground that has long been dry. May villagers recognize that this water is from God and desire to know Him. Pray for continued proclamation of the Gospel in the area and receptive hearts to receive living water (John 7:37-39)

Come to the Well

Pray for continued efforts for clean water procurement among the Nyamwezi. A number of wells dry up at this time of year during the six month long dry season, May-October, when rains are nil or scarce. Pray for efforts to restore water availablity to dry or broken wells and in findng locations for new wells. Pray over these locations of water to not only be places for physical refreshment but also for eternal living water to be available at these water sites in the sharing of God’s Word.

Eternal Facts on Film

Praise for continued opportunities to reach out to remote villages of Nyamwezi sharing the Jesus Film in three locations. Pray that the Lord will quicken hearts to receive the Good News and for people to understand and believe as they hear God’s plan of salvation through Christ. Pray for local partners in the process of planting churches in these rural villages as people respond.

In The Throne Room

Directing our prayers to God in His throne room, we are assured of His listening ear on behalf of the Nyamwezi to become part of His Kingdom. Pray that the Nyamwezi would consider carefully their spiritual condition as Ramadan ends. Pray that they would realize their need for Jesus as their Savior, for many have heard the Gospel and not yet made a decision to trust Christ as their Savior.

Sweeter Than Honey

The Nyamwezi are widely known for their skills in beekeeping and harvesting honey. A welcomed guest may be offered honeycomb dripping with sweet honey. Deliciously sweet! This month many spend extra time reading as they fast. Pray that those who have Bibles or are listening to the Bible on audio players will find God’s Word sweet to taste and desire it more than honey. Psalm 119:103 “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”

No Longer

Pray that the Nyamwezi will no longer think of their identity as being primarily Muslim, but will begin to identify with Jesus the Messiah, and follow Him.

Hear Our Cry, Oh Lord!

We know God will answer at the right time! The Lord hears and answers when His people cry out to Him. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work among those who have heard the message to respond in faith. Keep praying for what our hearts long to see – an established church among the Nyamwezi. Pray for boldness in proclaiming the Gospel message among the Nyamwezi, effectively sharing the Good News and the meaning of Christ’s final sacrifice on the cross. Pray for believers from among those who have heard. Pray for the harvest!