A Miraculous Baby

The young Nyamwezi woman is now 36 weeks pregnant- a month to go before delivery and she is still well. This is her third pregnancy- the first baby died at 7 months, the second died in utero at 22 weeks. There are a lot of hopes placed on this little one! She watched the Easter story on TV, and today we read from Mark and prayed together. Please be praying that the Lord would deepen her faith and that the new baby will be healthy. Pray she and her husband will give all the praise to God, as well as openly confessing their new faith in Christ and living as Christians before their Muslim family.

Indigenous Leaders

Pray that God touches the hearts of Nyamwezi church members to be leaders in the church and convicts them to reach out to their communities.

Equipping Pastors

Pray for pastors who are sent by their denominations to minster in Nyamwezi areas, but who often are not Nyamwezi themselves. Pray for courage and adaptability that they would reach beyond their own tribal familiarity and grow in their love for those who don’t know the one true God. Pray they would live out the Gospel in all they do and say. Many pastors don’t have opportunities for ongoing training as they lead their congregations. Pray for good collaboration over the next year in efforts to offer ongoing training, support, and encouragement for national pastors.

Growing but still hiding

Pray for a young Nyamwezi couple who have become secret followers of Jesus. They are studying the Bible and growing in their faith, but he comes from a very strict Muslim family of religious leaders, and until now they have not confessed their faith in Christ to any family members. Pray for the Lord to fill this couple with courage and deep love for Jesus that is willing to suffer persecution for His sake.

Open doors through friendship

Pray that two Christian families’ friendships in the village will open opportunities of introducing people to Christ and that the Holy Spirit would move their Nyamwezi neighbours along the path to belief in Christ as Savior.

Two Guards

Please pray for the salvation of two Nyamwezi night guards, who have been studying the Bible with a missionary for many months. Pray that they and their families will put their faith in Jesus Christ and follow Him.

Surrender to God’s Loving Control

Pray for Nyamwezi to surrender to God’s loving control. Pray for Christians for boldness in giving an invitation to respond to Christ whenever sharing theological truths. Pray for non-believers to understand the Gospel, “Christ died for our sins, He was buried, and He was raised again on the third day.” (1 Cor. 15:4) Pray for understanding that only God could do that for us. Pray that those who understand and believe these truths would offer their lives to Jesus, that they would allow Christ to change them in any way He wants. Pray for recognition of sin, no reluctance in confessing sin, and giving lives over to authority under Christ.

New Outreach Area

Pray that Satan and his spiritual world of evil would loose their hold on the Nyamwezi. Particularly pray for a new outreach area among the Nyamwezi. For fifteen weeks, fifteen to twenty people have been attending a weekly Discovery Bible Study group at this location and are encouraged to share what they learn with family and neighbors – and they do! Pray that people would come to know Jesus, believing that God was willing to humble Himself and take on the form of a man. Pray that the truth of God’s Son coming down to earth and living among us would not be offensive but instead be a magnetic draw to know the God who was willing to share in our sorrows.

Seeking Fellowship

Just after Christmas, a man came explaining how he’d come to be a new believer in Jesus. He was now seeking a place where he could fellowship and learn more about the Bible. His wife had prayed with us earlier that year for her unsaved husband while she was pregnant and in distress. In the last year the Lord has touched this husband’s life in a number of ways. He is now convinced Jesus is the Son of God! Pray this young couple would grow in depth of knowing the Savior and that they would share Christ with their neighbors.

“What must I do to be saved?”

Praise God for a man coming like Nicodemus to meet and ask, “What must I do to be saved?” That day the angels rejoiced as he placed his trust in Jesus. Pray for regular follow-up and nurturing in his new found faith. Pray for further opportunities to share the Gospel Message within Nyamwezi villages throughout the month of December. Pray that they may be in awe of the signs related to the birth of Jesus. Pray especially that people will understand the truth that Jesus is the Promised Savior about whom the prophets foretold who came to save all.