New Outreach Area

Pray that Satan and his spiritual world of evil would loose their hold on the Nyamwezi. Particularly pray for a new outreach area among the Nyamwezi. For fifteen weeks, fifteen to twenty people have been attending a weekly Discovery Bible Study group at this location and are encouraged to share what they learn with family and neighbors – and they do! Pray that people would come to know Jesus, believing that God was willing to humble Himself and take on the form of a man. Pray that the truth of God’s Son coming down to earth and living among us would not be offensive but instead be a magnetic draw to know the God who was willing to share in our sorrows.

Seeking Fellowship

Just after Christmas, a man came explaining how he’d come to be a new believer in Jesus. He was now seeking a place where he could fellowship and learn more about the Bible. His wife had prayed with us earlier that year for her unsaved husband while she was pregnant and in distress. In the last year the Lord has touched this husband’s life in a number of ways. He is now convinced Jesus is the Son of God! Pray this young couple would grow in depth of knowing the Savior and that they would share Christ with their neighbors.

“What must I do to be saved?”

Praise God for a man coming like Nicodemus to meet and ask, “What must I do to be saved?” That day the angels rejoiced as he placed his trust in Jesus. Pray for regular follow-up and nurturing in his new found faith. Pray for further opportunities to share the Gospel Message within Nyamwezi villages throughout the month of December. Pray that they may be in awe of the signs related to the birth of Jesus. Pray especially that people will understand the truth that Jesus is the Promised Savior about whom the prophets foretold who came to save all.

New Life

New life is evident everywhere as the rains begin, quenching the thirsty land. A dreary, dry landscape has been transformed with green grass, trees displaying every hue of green, and land freshly plowed. On Sunday, a boy who came to church received Christ as his Savior. He and three others were baptized. Pray for growth of new Christians and for more to come to know Jesus as Savior to experience life renewed, born again. Pray for harvest among the Nyamwezi!

Ready To Answer

Pray for Christians living among the Nyamwezi that they will have the right attitude, the right answer, and not be surprised by the nature of questions from those seeking answers about Christianity. Praise God for hearts that are wanting to draw near to the Truth and an openness to hear about His Word. Pray that those seeking would believe. Pray that those sharing the Gospel will be adequately prepared with knowledge and understanding about our hope in Christ. May we “always be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks you for a reason regarding the hope that is in you, yet answer with gentleness and reverence.” 1 Peter 3:15

Treasure the Word

Praise God for two new brothers in Christ, who have come to faith out of Islam this week! One is an older man who has been examining the Scriptures for over a year. Pray that in his new found faith he would have zeal to share his decision with others. Pray that he and his whole household would follow Jesus, and that the Word of God would nourish and encourage them. The other new believer is a young man, whose friend has been witnessing to him for many years. He told his friend this week, “I want to receive Christ as my Savior”. His father and brother have also come out of Islam. Pray these three would have influence on the mother, who has yet to receive Jesus. Pray this young man would be as Job, treasuring “the words of His mouth more than my necessary food,” (Job 23:12).


No evidence was found against friends who were held without bail for three months. They are especially grateful to be home just before the new planting season begins. We visted several times while they were in custody, leaving Bibles and booklets. They specifically thanked us for our visits and prayers for their release. Both of them also mentioned excerpts from Scripture that they had been reading while in custody, including the need to forgive those who had accused them. Pray for this as they reunite with family and villagers. As we rejoice over their physical freedom, pray also for their salvation- spiritual freedom. “Bring me out of prison, that I may give thanks to your name!” Psalm 142:7

Remove the Veil

“Lord, remove the veil from the eyes of the Nyamwezi and give them a longing to know your truth, that they may have new life in Jesus.”

Drawn to the Son

Pray for whole Nyamwezi families who are drawn to the Son, hearing chronologically stories about God’s character and man’s need for a Savior. Also the Jesus Film has been shown to numerous groups in public places. The response is unclear except that the film is watched with attention to what is being spoken. Some are requesting to see the again, and if it might be shown at their homes so their entire household and neighbors may see the film. Pray that those curious would know the Truth, and that the Truth will set them free.