Continued suffering

Please continue to pray for the Ndau who are piecing their lives back together again. Life continues in the outside world but they are still struggling. Please pray for the new believers to stand firm and resist giving up under hardship. Food continues to be a problem.

Post cyclone

Please continue to pray for the Ndau who have been affected by the cyclone Idai in our area. Many lost family, their homes and their fields. Pray for them as they rebuild their homes and for the World Food Program to continue bringing food until they can harvest again early next year. Pray for our team as we help them -for strength and wisdom in who to help. May we use every opportunity to spread the Good News and for the folks to see Jesus in us.

Food crisis

The waters are receding after the cyclone, but there is food scarcity and the threat of cholera and malaria. Pray for our team working hard to distribute food. This afternoon they took food to the prison. They had no food! Pray the Lord will be glorified among the people as His servants show mercy and love in His name.

Ministries starting again.

All the ministries will be starting up again this week-children, youth, men & ladies. Please pray for the folks leading the ministries, and that the folks attending will be committed for the year. Too often they start off well and then fade away to only a handful. We also pray that the Lord will bring those forward who will be future leaders in the Church.

Exalting Jesus, the propitiation for our sins

“The missionary’s message is the limitless importance of Jesus Christ as the propitiation for our sins, and a missionary is someone who is immersed in the truth of that revelation. ”
Oswald Chambers

Our prayer is that we will continue to teach the Ndau who Jesus is and why he came. In this world today there are many promises being made by false prophets and leading people down the wrong paths. We pray that we will be true to the message throughout our race until we are gone from this life…Pray many Ndau will follow!

May the Spirit tend His crop

Formal ministry is closing for the year as the Ndau are subsistent farmers, and will be in their fields all day working. The children, youth, & ladies’ ministries are already closed and the little Bible School will close at the end of October. Pray for the folks to stand firm, remember what they’ve learned, encourage one another, and continue to desire to have a deeper knowledge of who God is and who Jesus is. The break is a long one- until February. Pray the Spirit will continue the work He has begun in these precious lives.


It has come to the time of year again where the folks are burning their fields in preparation for planting. The downside to that is that they don’t control the fires and many people lose their houses and all their belongings. One of our members here in Espungabera has just lost everything she owns. Please pray for the folks to be cautious and for Mai Bongai as she rebuilds her house…and for the many others that will need to do the same.

Losing our young leaders

We are struggling to teach the young adult leaders as many of them leave to South Africa looking for money to pay the bridal price. In these past 2 months we have ‘lost’ 4. A lot of time has been invested in training but the future father- in- laws set the bridal price very high and as there are no means of employment here they go to SA. Pray for the Lord to bring the right youth leaders to be taught. We are losing a future generation which is disturbing.

Believers needing strength

Please pray for the Ndau folks that have already converted. We are finding that they have difficulties in leaving the cultural issues that go against what the Bible says. Some of them, especially women get pressurised by the unbelieving family into brewing beer for the ancestors and to partake in the ceremonies. Please pray for them to stand strong and to realise that they have the Holy Spirit in them.

Praise report from outreach

We give praise for the 3 ladies that gave their lives to the Lord this past week. Two of them brought their paraphernalia from the the witchdoctors to be burnt and the other is going to bring hers as her house was far away. Please pray for them to stand strong and for Joachim & Matteus as they disciple them. Another 3 gained for the Kingdom and lost to Satan! Pray for their protection from Satan as he will try and get them back. We also pray that they will be shining lights in the darkness.