It is the time of year when the folks are preparing their fields by burning them. Sadly the fires are getting out of control and burning houses to the ground. Many have lost their houses already. Please pray for good rains this year so that the folks can have good harvests.

Leader needed

Recently one of our leaders David went to be with the Lord. He was a wonderful Godly man serving in a very dark spiritual area. At his funeral we had several witchdoctors and prophets. David was a shining light in that darkness. Pray with us for a God chosen leader to take his place.


The past few months we have been focusing on what the Bible says about marriage. Pray that the husbands will love their wives as Jesus loves the Church, that the wives will submit to her husband as the Church submits to Christ. The Ndau are polygamists which leads to disharmony within the family. Our prayer is that they will make God their centre.

Ladies conference

On the 13th September the annual Ladies Conference will start in Chimoio and finish on the 17th. From our area there will be 60 ladies attending and we will be hiring a truck to take them to and back from Chimoio. I am super excited as we have never had so many go and I think that it will be of great benefit to them. They learn so much at these conferences and the topics addressed are pertinent to their lives and lifestyle. Can I ask you to please pray with us for the travelling, conference itself and for those bringing the studies?

Conviction of sin

Pray for conviction of sin among the unsaved Ndau and that it will encourage them to seek the peace and deliverence found only in Christ. There are so many still living in darkness.

Seeds being sown

Pray for the seed that is being sown among the Ndau. Pray for those who hear the message, that Satan will not come and take it away from their hearts and prevent them from believing and be saved.


The Ndau are living in a spiritually dark world controlled by many witchdoctors. Pray for those that have converted to stand strong in the Lord as they face many challenges. Some might lose their homes or be cast out the community. Pray for the witchdoctors themselves to see God’s mercy and grace.


Amongst the Ndau, children are not a priority whilst young. There is an emotional disconnection between parents and children. Please pray with us for the new Christian families for love to be demonstrated to the children  and for the cycle to be broken.

Marriage bonds

The Ndau are a polygamous group and as this is an unreached group many of those converting have several wives. Please pray for the whole marriage relationship. Pray that:(1) the husband will love his wife (wives) as Jesus loves the church, (2) that the wife (wives) will submit to her husband as the Church submits to Christ, (3) that the children will be God fearing and obedient to their parents.

Life carries on

The ceasefire seems to be holding, although there have been rumours of sporadic attacks by the government forces and complaints by the opposition party. Loads of folks have returned to their homes and life is carrying on. Many are living in darkness and their eyes need to be opened to the Gospel. Pray that we can make inroads during this period of calmness in spreading the good news.

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