To study or to marry?

The education process and access to information has had a huge influence on the Mwani youth and their families. Premature marriage has become illegal. Some families are encouraging their boys and girls to study and to not leave school to get married. Please pray for wise strategies and deep conversations among them. The Mwani youth need desperately to learn to dream about the future and we know that is possible through Jesus Christ and the abundant life He brings.

Looking to start a church

M and E. have started working with three Mwani believers with the purpose of planting a Mwani church together. They already have a few strategies. Please pray that the Lord would guide them in all of the process and that the Mwani would come to know Jesus as their Savior.

Evolving Culture

Globalization is changing the environment of some of the Mwani families, especially those located in a city area. The way they dress, their mindsets, the way they interact with each other, the values of marriage and dating etc, are all affected. Please pray for wisdom as the missionaries relate to them in an appropriate way and seek to introduce Godly values and lifestyle.

Settling and sharing

People in Pemba have been welcoming to the new team. The team have had opportunities in their relationships to share the Gospel. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide the team in this process and reveal Himself to the Mwani as their Saviour. Lift up new teammates as they arrive and settle.

New workers in the harvest!

The first new members of the Mwani outreach team have arrived in Northern Mozambique. Please pray for them as they find housing, connect with neighbors, and begin to learn language and culture- that they will trust and rest in the One who has called them. Pray the Lord will open many Mwani hearts and grant ears to hear the gospel message.

New vision for reaching out

The holes and rocks in the dirt road made the trip a bit longer, but the truck full of eager followers of Jesus hardly noticed as they shared stories of their personal journeys and talked of the gathering they’d come together to experience. With new insights and encouragement from others who had chosen to follow Jesus from a sister tribe, they discussed new approaches and creative ideas of how to more effectively reach out to their family and neighbors. Pray for courage for Mwani believers who reach out with the love of Christ as they often face ridicule and rejection.

More presenters needed

Radio Nuru has started looking for three new presenters / journalists who will be needed if the time on air is to be doubled. Please pray for God to lead three people to fill this need. Ask Him to continue to bless this strategic radio ministry. May many hear the Gospel and believe!

Keep praying for peace

There were four more attacks in the north of Mozambique last month, with killings and burning of villages. Much of this doesn’t get any journalistic recognition, but the instability in the north continues. Keep praying for peace! Pray for believers to stand firm and share the reason for the hope they have.

Listening to the Light

The darkness of night brings fear and uncertainty for many Mwani communities living along the coast of Northern Mozambique. Recent insecurity and mid night attacks cause such grief, loss and fear. But as the sun rises groups of people gather and tune in to Radio Nuru (Light) broadcasting the good news of the Light of the world. Please pray for the many people writing or calling in with questions and seeking explanations to the words they are hearing. Pray that these “radio groups” will find the true light.

Safe in the Ark

With so many Mwani in Northern Mozambique dying without Jesus, Momade has opened a ministry to save souls. In Kimwani, it is called “Safina” which means “ark.” Pray that God would be gracious to bring lost Mwanis through Safina’s doors, and that they would turn to Jesus as their Lord and Savior!