Pray for healing

My arrival in a Maba town for one month has brought very many mentally ill and epileptic patients to see me. Many have suffered for years or even decades. Some suffer because their parents didn’t take them for medical treatment when seriously sick as young children. Pray that I can help these people in their suffering and that doing so opens many opportunities in the community to speak of our hope in Jesus. Pray that I will find people with open hearts and minds to believe. Pray that I can set up a base here and that other workers will join me.

Must hear it again

Pray for A and H. Seeing the Jesus film together, H said ‘we must hear this again to understand it well”. It wasn’t possible to watch it all because of a curfew here but I will give them the film on an SD card. Pray that they will watch it through and God will speak to them through it of their need for salvation through Jesus Christ.


Pray for R. who, until recently, was hooked on tramadol. With some help from medications he has been able to leave it and now isn’t taking anything. He has decided to follow JC and has been coming to church for the last 3 weeks. His parents died several years ago and he is currently living with a Maba believer who helped him through withdrawal. He left his old religion 6 yrs ago but was frightened away from church by relatives after attending only twice. Pray that he will remain firm in his new-found faith and that he could find a means to support himself. Pray for others who want to know more but are frightened of their relatives’ reaction.

Blessings on trip

A group of us will travel on Saturday 22nd to assess the suitability of a Maba town as a base for a Maba team. Please pray for wisdom in decision making, for safety in travel (with no water in Wadis) and for good contacts there. Above all pray that we will find new people to work there! The workers are few!

Fighting again

There has been fighting again between the Arabs (who started it this time) and the Maba. Houses and grazing land were burned and 23 died. The government finally has things under control but there is no doubt that ill will remains. Arabs here think surely the Maba started it as they hear little reliable news. Pray that the truth will come out and more importantly pray that this violence will bring people to think about the One Way to God.

Persecution continues for Maba believers

A was recently asked to keep away from the grave when his stepmother was being buried because he is not a Muslim. His pain as he told us this was very evident. A.J. tries to help young men who have been on the streets and who often are on drugs or taking alcohol excessively. He faces accusations that he is bringing thieves and troublemakers into the area. Sadly some accusations come from a man who has claimed to be a believer but who lives in both camps to avoid persecution in a way that is offensive to those who are persecuted. Pray that Satan will not have his way in continuing this strife. Pray for wisdom for A.J. as he deals with people struggling with addiction who can be very devious. Pray that in hearing the Good News, they will find new life.

Needing fellowship

Please pray for B, a Maba believer. Saved only 2yrs ago he has recently decided to move away from our big town where it is easier to find fellowship and encouragement to a rural area where he hopes to find work. Challenges in his life have included death threats from his family and pressure to keep away from Christians. Pray that he will find fellowship to help him grow in his faith and that he might be able to share his new-found love for JC with people whose hearts God has prepared.


The Chadian pastor involved in the outreach programme in a mixed Maba/Chadian Arab village soon after Christmas, asks for prayer as he returns Saturday 20th April to visit the couple who made a commitment to our Saviour during that outreach. Pray also for the teacher in the village school who has been the only believer spending time with the couple up to now because the pastor’s motorbike has needed repair for the last 4 months. Pray that pastor and his church will consider it a priority to get the bike repaired soon so that he can do visits in surrounding villages as he used to do.

Needing grace

Following the death of Ousman, local leaders of our cousins have forbidden people to visit the home of Rachel, his widow, saying that those who do should fast 3 days. Stories are being spread of the bad behaviour (drinking alcohol, dancing etc.) that Christians are up to. Even Ousman’s brothers have not visited. In a society where community is everything, this is deeply hurtful. Pray for the small community of believers to have grace to show compassion and love to those who persecute them and not retaliate. Pray that this might impact the local community to consider the claims of the gospel.
Ousman had under his charge, for 6yrs, the son of his dead brother. He is now 8 yrs old. Because the family is so overcome with grief and the enormity of coping with his children (including another orphan) they are talking of sending the boy to stay with a great aunt. Pray that they would be mindful of how far they would be sending him from Christian influence and reconsider. Ask God to provide for this family.

Ousman with the Lord

Sad to say, Ousman, who we prayed for 5 weeks ago, died yesterday after 2 yrs of increasing heart failure. He leaves behind a wife, Rachel, and 5 children. The youngest is only 18mths. Pray for them and our small church. He was a founding member. Pray also for the Maba translation project which he used to help with. The lady leading it did find someone to try out working with them before she had to leave for N’djamena. Pray that when she returns in early April this man might continue and be enthusiastic about the project. Pray that through the work he might come to believe in Jesus as Saviour.