God’s intervention needed

Pray for O, one of a few Maba believers, who is increasingly severely sick with heart failure despite every medicine possible. Pray that the peace which passes all understanding will fill his heart and will be a witness to his family, friends, and neighbours. Pray that God would intervene and heal him.
In December you prayed that the checking of the Genesis translation into Maba might restart. It had been apparently “forever blocked”. O has been the Maba person who used to work on it. This last week, another man, Ib was finally found to help. A few hours of work were possible before the person leading the translation had to leave for other responsibilities. She returns early April. Praise God the translation did restart, pray that it will continue when she returns in April and that O will be fit enough to take part. There is something very strange in the way the translation hasn’t moved forward, but it is difficult to get to the bottom of it. Pray against the forces of evil working against progress amongst these people.

One couple choosing Life!

The visit made by the church of southern Chadians led to leaflets with the word of God being distributed to 400 households with team members being welcomed by most. One couple decided to follow the one Saviour. Pray that they will grow in their fledgling faith. They have a new testament in local Arabic. Pray that they will understand it. The husband can read but it is not clear how well.

Follow up report

The trip to Maba villages with memory cards of Maba stories went well if not quite as planned. We spoke with several people about God, sharing recorded stories and giving some cards and 2 Bibles, but much time was taken up seeing 32 patients who came to see the expatriate. Most of these were mentally ill or had epilepsy and had never received treatment. We were able to pray with most and showed a portion of the J film to some until the pressure of numbers became too great. Praise that these people could receive help, pray that seeds of compassion and prayer and the word will bear fruit. Pray that people will be miraculously healed or continue faithfully their treatment. One man had been successfully treated for one year but then his family stopped taking him for treatment. When I met him he was chained to a tree. Lord have mercy on him.

Going out

Pray for our brother Abd – one of the handful of Maba MBB’s, who this week is accompanying an expatriate worker to some Maba villages on the outskirts of the major city center where he lives. Abd is going out with SD cards that contain portions of the gospel in Arabic to share and distribute. Pray for boldness and wisdom as Abd goes and interacts with people. Pray for sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading to know who he should share with.

Sharing Bible stories

A while back people prayed that a trip to take Maba Bible stories into some local villages would take place after being postponed several times. It did take place but unfortunately, the SD cards were forgotten! Some useful contacts were made and the word of God shared. A return trip including other villages is planned for 7th – 9th January. Please pray again that the stories will be accepted, listened to and reflected upon and that many will understand their need for Christ

Desperate need for peace

Please pray that peace will reign between the Arabs and the Maba in Northern Chad in a gold mining area. 30 were killed in clashes in the last few days of December and this last week, ‘dozens’ have been killed in fresh fighting. We’ve been told soldiers have been sent to sort it out. It is certain that many people here have relatives and friends that have been killed. There is intermarriage between these two tribes who have been fighting each other intermittently for decades. Pray that there will be a lasting peace and for those touched by the deaths of loved ones to consider their eternal destiny and turn to the one Saviour.


Visiting a Maba town recently, the SD cards of stories were well received. A church there made up of believers and church attenders from Southern Chad has planned to ‘do evangelism’ in a village of Maba people and Chadian Arabs from 27th December for 3 days. The church is very southern in its way of doing church and many of the 60 people who attend on Sundays do not speak Arabic. Please pray that this enterprise will be effective in reaching the people and will inspire the people who go to trust more in God and to make contacts with people in their own Maba town rather than staying in their small Christian enclave. The religious leaders of the receiving village were already objecting to their going a week ago but the administrative authorities gave permission. Pray that this effort will not antagonise but rather win souls.

Checking of Genesis translation

Please pray for translation of the Bible into Maba. It seems that it is forever blocked. Pray that no fear or other distraction will stop the checking of the Genesis translation- (completed many years ago but not published) in December.

New believer needing prayer!

This past week I heard about M – a young man who has been seriously studying the Quran from a young age. He has traveled to the Middle East to further his knowledge of the Quran and was teaching others here in the capital city. Through M’s own intense study of the Quran he gained an interest in Jesus Christ and eventually realized that Jesus is the way to salvation. M secretly sought out Christians and a church where he could find answers to his many questions. Not long ago he even took the step of being baptized. Family members soon found out about his new faith and  beat him and locked him up several times. A local church recently decided to help him head back to his home area in eastern Chad but after being dropped off at the bus park, relatives found him trying to escape and they beat him and took all of his stuff and destroyed it. A fellow brother in Christ took care of M’s wounds and this past week helped this brother to again secretly travel out east. M was able to get on the bus but there has been no word since his departure – we are fearful that he was found by family members and that they have done something to him. Please pray for M and that his faith would stay strong despite whatever he may be going through at the moment. There is a small MBB church in his hometown out east that is led by some men from his same people group. Pray that if he has made it out there, that he would somehow be able to connect with this church.

Creation to Christ outreach

There are plans to take the Maba ‘Creation to Christ’ recordings to several Maba villages next week where there is no witness. 2-3 times before this has been tried and hasn’t worked out. This time one guy essential to the plan is unwell. Pray that he will be well enough to go and that those who hear will want to listen to the full set of 40 stories and that they will believe what they hear and put their trust in Jesus.