Finding Living Water

Pray for a Laarim man who recently heard the Word of God on the solar “treasure” and then had a dream of Jesus speaking to him about finding water. May You, Lord, continue to reveal yourself to him. May those who know You assist him in his search, and support him in his quest for a new source of water/life!

2nd generation DBS?

Maria has answered the call from another family compound to come and tell the stories she has been learning. When she arrived on Friday, the women, youth and children were assembled and eagerly sang some songs. When it was time for the story, Maria told the creation story by memory. The women had comments of the story even as it was being told. They demanded a return ‘every week to tell us another story’.
We believe Maria has the potential to be a strong female leader in this faith community. Pray for her protection from the Evil One and for the Lord’s hand to be upon her.

Pray of forgiveness

Prayer of confession for the Laarim: Forgive us, Lord, for the sins of our society—the cattle idolatry which causes us to raid and kill our neighbors, the hunger for things which causes us to fight and steal from one another, and the thirst for alcohol that distorts our thinking and actions. Father, we have sinned against You, and each other. Forgive us, and heal us, and cleanse our land. Amen.

Treasures being distributed

“My compound doesn’t have a treasure.” “I want to hear the word of God”. These are frequent requests since we’ve begun distributing our new batch of Treasures. Praise God for the 150 solar players speaking truth, and pray for their continued functioning and testimony to many Laarim, along with prayer for the wise distribution to compounds, as long as the supply lasts.
Pray especially for the women, who are now recipients of these treasures, to share and to understand more of the gospel and its implications! Last week I asked the young ladies in the Tuesday evening group, “Who will you tell this story to?” One said that her brother’s wife has asked that she tell the story to her because her husband will not allow her to come to the gathering anymore, and another said that a lady from another compound had asked her to come and share the story after she got it this week. So there is real interest!


Praise for Longele and Lokolong and other believers who are gaining confidence in retelling the Bible stories! Pray that they will not only share the gospel message by stories, but by their testimonies and the witness of their lives, which everyone is watching!

Promising female discipler

Praise for Maria’s baptism and leadership in the community. Pray as we disciple her to disciple the other young women who also are ready for baptism! Pray for a real breakthrough among the female Laarim population—these youth and also the adult women and the “abuba” (grandmas)!

First church!

We praise the Lord for the beginnings of an indigenous church among the Laarim! Last month was the first ever Laarim- led worship service in the village of Yei. It was a service complete with Laarim gospel songs accompanied by a drum, and the telling of a Bible story by a Laarim youth. This is one of numerous little churches sprouting up in different villages throughout Kimatong. Pray for these churches to grow and spread throughout this people group.

Knock and it shall be opened

Praise God with us for seekers inquiring about unclear translations. It opens doors for great conversations. In the passage on prayer, the word for “knock” was used. Although a proper word, real entrance doors in Laarim are few and far between. So when a listener heard the phrase “knock and it shall be opened”, he immediately thought of the more frequent use of “knock” as “beating (people)”. He recognized this idea did not fit with the other parts of the story!

Good trees bear good fruit

The elders of one community stated that they now know the stories of the Bible. A missionary wanting to help them understand it is not enough to just know the stories, gently asked why the big tree under which we were meeting was not cut down and used for firewood. The community group said it was a good tree and provided for them shade and fruit. Other trees which are not helpful or bearing fruit are cut for firewood, he was told. It was a natural lead in to share that God sees us as trees. He wants trees that are bearing fruit—the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, etc. Other trees will be cut down and thrown in the fire!

10 years later

Marino, the now retired police chief, has been the welcoming host for a weekly Discipleship Bible Study in his compound; the group is predominately young males between the ages of 6 and 12 years. Recently he asked if he could come for regular Bible study with one of our team members, which he has faithfully been doing. Now he is inquiring about baptism, so a special teaching time has been arranged for him and some of the youth from this compound group. Pray for the Holy Spirit to baptize them also with His presence and power, so that the Spirit can teach them all that they need to know in applying the gospel to their lives in this culture, and remind them of what they have heard. Marino was the outspoken leader who said to the AIM surveying team ten years ago, “Come and teach us the Word of God. That is exactly what our young people need!”