Leaders being trained

Jacob is mentoring Lokolong into a leadership role leading three Discovery Bible Studies (DBS). Lokolong has keen insights into Bible Stories and shows potential for spiritual leadership. Passionate about outreach, Angelo has started additional studies, and mentors young believers who help lead. Altogether, there are 16 DBS each week in different locations within Laarim land with over half of the Bible studies led by Laarim believers. Pray for lasting, eternal effects that will change the heartbeat of their culture to honor God.

They pray now!

I was encouraged just yesterday with the group of youth boys that I meet with on a weekly basis at my home, as I listened to all six of them share their personal prayer requests and without hesitation pray for one another. Two years ago if I would have asked one of them to pray, there would have been a long period of silence followed by most of them saying, “I don’t know how. ”
We praise God for his Grace in opening the hearts of the Laarim and drawing many to Himself. Pray for continued growth.

Visiting Vet

Pray for an upcoming veterinary outreach clinic planned this month with one or our AIM missionaries in South Sudan who is a vet from California. Imagine the keen interest the Laarim cattle keepers will have in this! Pray for open hearts to the Gospel in addition to animal husbandry.

Bless Angelo

Angelo, our South Sudanese team member in Kimatong, has been participating with the team in using DBS to reach the Laarim. He was excited and refreshed by the DBS training here in Torit and went back to Kimatong with renewed enthusiasm to keep reaching out to more homes and communities, sharing the Word of God in simple Bible studies, so that more Laarim will come to faith. Pray for him! Pray that he will “be strong and not give up, for [his] work will be rewarded” (2 Chronicles 15:7).


Angelo, an educated Laarim youth who has assisted much in outreach among his own people, is regularly helping in the local clinic. He has a vision to study to become a clinical officer, and thus support himself in doing ministry. Pray for God’s direction in his life and blessing on his ministry.

Light to shine

After showing the JESUS video in an outlying village, the people gave an invitation to begin a Discovery Bible Study on their compound. Praise God for this opportunity, and pray for the Light to illuminate the multigenerational darkness enshrouding this village.

A young girl’s testimony

One 8 year old girl, Nawuyo, who accepted the Lord as her Savior and was baptized 6 months ago, has been sharing her new joy in Jesus, and the Bible stories which she is receiving weekly. Through her witness others in the village have also chosen to follow Jesus. Last week another 11 people from her village were baptized. Pray for continued multiplication of believers in this community which is very open to the gospel.

Bringing glory to God

One of the Laarim believers, Logwe, has been blind since an infection attacked his eyes when he was a child. Recently a Christian doctor offered him hope that perhaps his vision could be restored to give him “navigational vision” by laser surgery. However, upon arrival the ophthalmologist’s further studies revealed that there was nothing available to restore sight. Although disappointed, Logwe still steadfastly clings to his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He has already witnessed to many in his village, composed multiple songs in the local traditional style, organized believers to meet regularly, and recently assisted in baptizing a group of new believers. Pray that his limitation of physical blindness will actually be redeemed by Jesus to enhance his spiritual vision and bring glory to God.

6 children baptized!

Praise the Lord for Jacob’s recent outreach in a village called Kerenge, where six children who professed faith in Jesus asked to be baptized. Pray for many others in all the villages in Kimatong region where the gospel has been proclaimed to “repent and turn to God and demonstrate their repentance by their deeds” (Acts 26:20).

Gospel reaching far beyond

We praise God for all that He is doing among the Laarim! Pray for the 20 Discovery Bible Studies that are meeting in different Laarim villages throughout Kimatong. Pray for Angelo and Loboy who will continue to lead some of these weekly meetings, as well as for the chiefs who have stepped up to lead the gatherings meeting in their compounds. Pray these churches will be truly indigenous, led by the Laarim, and reaching far beyond where we could ever go as missionaries.