Pray for Carlo, a Laarim young man that is helping Ard every Monday with leading a bible study group. He is growing in faith and in leadership. Pray that God will continue working in Carlo and that he will have the desire to start a new bible study group in one of the Laarim homes.

Youth following Christ

Pray for Jacob as he disciples 10 youth boys that have come to Christ. Those boys are making courageous decisions to break with the Laarim culture and follow Christ, but it is also very hard to keep walking on God’s path when your family and neighbours want you to walk on the sinful path.


Pray for peace. At this moment the Laarim have some tribal issues with the neighbouring tribe. These issues are taking lives on both sides. Pray for the Laarim that they will make wise decisions and that hatred will not be the leading force in making decisions. Pray that God will come in their fear and will guide them in making decisions that work toward peace.

Group growing!

Every Friday evening Maria, who became a believer last year, has a Bible study group near our old compound. There are men, women, youth and children gathering, about 100 total. They love to sing, and Maria loves to share about the Bible story, and they pray together for about three hours. People love it, we are told. A former witchdoctor came to faith through this group, and was recently baptized by Angelo and Maria.

Peace talks

Remember how revenge is part of this culture? Revenge killings are on the rise, and planned peace meetings with the neighboring tribe, scheduled for this month, might not happen. Pray for God’s intervention. JESUS is the only one who can change hard and revengeful hearts to soft and forgiving hearts (as He has done for some)!

Pray for Chief Marko’s village

Chief Marko was shot and killed by cattle rustlers recently. His wives and village continue to grieve. Pray for the believers there to stand firm in their faith and persevere in sharing the Word. Ask the Lord to raise up another godly chief to take Marko’s place.
One of the believers says, “There is much death here. Pray the Laarim will leave cattle rustling and follow Jesus.”

Leaders being trained

Jacob is mentoring Lokolong into a leadership role leading three Discovery Bible Studies (DBS). Lokolong has keen insights into Bible Stories and shows potential for spiritual leadership. Passionate about outreach, Angelo has started additional studies, and mentors young believers who help lead. Altogether, there are 16 DBS each week in different locations within Laarim land with over half of the Bible studies led by Laarim believers. Pray for lasting, eternal effects that will change the heartbeat of their culture to honor God.

They pray now!

I was encouraged just yesterday with the group of youth boys that I meet with on a weekly basis at my home, as I listened to all six of them share their personal prayer requests and without hesitation pray for one another. Two years ago if I would have asked one of them to pray, there would have been a long period of silence followed by most of them saying, “I don’t know how. ”
We praise God for his Grace in opening the hearts of the Laarim and drawing many to Himself. Pray for continued growth.

Visiting Vet

Pray for an upcoming veterinary outreach clinic planned this month with one or our AIM missionaries in South Sudan who is a vet from California. Imagine the keen interest the Laarim cattle keepers will have in this! Pray for open hearts to the Gospel in addition to animal husbandry.

Bless Angelo

Angelo, our South Sudanese team member in Kimatong, has been participating with the team in using DBS to reach the Laarim. He was excited and refreshed by the DBS training here in Torit and went back to Kimatong with renewed enthusiasm to keep reaching out to more homes and communities, sharing the Word of God in simple Bible studies, so that more Laarim will come to faith. Pray for him! Pray that he will “be strong and not give up, for [his] work will be rewarded” (2 Chronicles 15:7).