Have Mercy

Pray for the Spirit to move among the people. We know apart from His work we will see nothing significant happen here. Pray for God to have mercy on the Kanembu people and visit them even though they have rejected him.

English classes

Pray for the English classes that we’ve just started. Pray for contacts through this class, for students who want to go deeper. Pray the community sees Jesus through the way we serve.

JF for Kanembu

The Jesus film is currently being translated into the language of the Kanembu. Please pray for the process of this translation. Ask that the voice actors and others involved in the project would be protected as they work, that they would remain faithful to do their tasks, that equipment and communication would work well and efficiently and that the translation would be true to the Word. May Jesus’ words and life come alive for the Kanembu people as they watch this film.

Gospel coming

The Team Leaders for the new team to the Kanembu people will be moving to their new town soon. May the Lord soften hearts of their Kanembu neighbors and others they will meet. May the, “…gospel [come to the Kanembu], not only with words, but with power, and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction.” (1 Thessalonians 1:5)

Jesus Film

The Jesus Film is being recorded into the Kanembu language this month. Pray for good recording process. And pray many would watch the film with open minds and hearts.

New team

God has answered our prayers and has called people to go to the Kanembu! The team leaders are travelling soon to the location to secure housing for team members. Pray for God’s guidance to houses whose neighbors have open hearts. May God prepare many people to hear and respond to the Gospel.

Good soil

A team is preparing to go live amongst the Kanembu next year! Ask the Lord to go before them and prepare many hearts to hear and respond to the message they will bring.

Pray for Light

We are searching for team leaders to lead a team to bring the Light of the Gospel to the Kanembu. Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers into this harvest field. The Kanembu are asking us to come. Who will go?

Pray Lord of the Harvest

Ask the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers into His harvest field among the Kanembu. They have been waiting a long time to hear the gospel and see it lived out among them. Please pray for team leaders and members.

Finding new believers!

About a month ago I heard about a small group of Kanembu believers gathering here in the capital. Previously we had been told there were only around five believers amongst the whole UPG (750,000). We are encouraged to hear about this other small group (about five) that have come to faith through the testimonies of other Chadian believers.

Translating film

Pray for those who are currently involved in translating the Jesus Film into Kanembou – a project that has seen several false starts over the years but now seems to have some real momentum.