Please pray for new Jiye churches that are undergoing persecution from local Catholics. Our missionary leader serving there just received word that the Catholics have planned a series of meetings to persecute the disciples. This has been a growing trend as Catholic leadership in the region have felt the new expressions of Christian faith that is growing among the Jiye is a threat to their traditions. Please pray for peace, wisdom and Spirit- led response for the believers as they encounter this. Thank you.

New church and answers to prayer

Thank God for Brother Shalo’s new church in Nauyapuru. Pray for the provision of audio Bibles for the church and for each believer to grow in grace and faith.
Thank God for peace between the Jiye and their neighbors.
Thank God for the new school and new air strip in Kasengor.

Provision and persecution

Thank God for opening the Kasengor airstrip and for the new Jiye disciples who joined the training school this month.
Pray for provision of health and education in all Jiye villages and pray against the spirit of persecution that is happening in Lopiat.

Give thanks for the good visit of Elijah and Loramio in Lopiat and Kasengor and the baptism that was done. Pray God would continue to build His church in these villages.


intense persecution

Please pray for workers among the Jiye in South Sudan. They are facing intense persecution. Pray for clear communication between missionaries and village elders. Pray for favor and openness for the teams.

Actual numbers of decisions for Christ are hard to discern because of the tribal nature of the Jiye. However, they have recently baptized 75 people. They currently have 10 churches with approximately 150 people in each church.

Persecution and resistance

Pray for Elia and the team among the Jiye. There is persecution and resistance and Mary the key leader was persecuted recently. Catholic leaders went and instructed the people negatively about the Gospel work which caused a negative perspective to emerge. Elia has been very effective and fruitbearing among the Jiye. He and the recently trained students from Harbigners Bible School in Kenya, have talked with the elders and community to clear things up and refute the Catholic accusations. Despite all of this, of the nine churches, 4 are going on well but one has died. Pray for the team of locals to have encouragement and persevering faith. Pray for them as their Jesus Film equipment has not been working well and is losing its charge quickly and takes 5 days to charge. They need new equipment. Thank you for praying.

Desparate situation

The water situation in Jiye land is very desperate and needs urgent prayers. No rains and very high temperatures (up to 47 degrees (116F) during the day) are making the situation dire. Encouragingly, the disciples are still keeping the groups and churches going even at this hard time. Missionary Elia and two other Toposa leaders have gone to the Jiye to strengthen the believers for three months, from April 1st until June. Pray the Lord will flood this land with rains and with His Holy Spirit.

Desperate situation

The water situation now in Jiye land is very desperate and need urgent prayers. The disciples have been sending many messages to missionaries for help especially about the lack of water. This has been caused by a dry season with temps up to 47 degrees (116 F) during the day. Encouragingly, the disciples are still keeping the groups and churches going even at this hard time.
Missionary Elia and other two Toposa leaders are heading there to strengthen the groups and leaders for 3 months from 1st April until June. We hope to receive rains by June in order to have a mass baptism of Jiye believers.

Prayer requests

Please pray with us for:
1. The disciples’ spiritual growth
2. The leaders’ Training in March
3. Peace with neighbors
4. Provision of health and education facilities
5. Water in remote villages

Prayer requests

1. Pray for disciples, leaders, and sustainability
2. Pray for the young churches
3. Pray for water in lopyat
4. Pray for peace with neighbors
5. Pray for the outreach in January till March

Outreach and follow-up

We are starting follow-up and outreach to old areas and new areas on the 28th. We have four different teams of 3 going out with the Jesus Film in different directions. Pray for fruitful ministry and many to come to Christ.

Warriors hostile to the gospel

Among the Jiye, women are receptive to the gospel, but young men are hostile. These men see themselves as warriors, and drunkenness is a stronghold, along with their traditional beliefs. Pray that they would hear God’s call to be warriors for Him and to be filled with the Spirit rather than with alcohol.

Prayers for Jiye

Pray for disciples in Kasengor, Lopyat and Buma among the Jiye.
Pray for peace with neighbors
Pray for God’s provision of desperately needed hospital, schools, and water.
Pray for faithfulness in the disciples’ lives.
Pray for the Jiye disciples in refugee camps.

Sent out

Just talked to Mark on Sat phone. The 17 disciples being trained the past three months (2 of which were Jiye the rest were Toposa and Nyangatom) have returned to their villages with commitments to engage 74 new villages in their areas. In one Jiye location last month we partnered with IAS and Across and drilled one bore hole. Through that we gained much favor. In that village 2 women of peace were discovered. In the last month these ladies began 6 discovery groups which have become 3 new churches meeting under trees. Also over the past two months there have been 40 new baptisms. 2 of which were Jiye. Pray for these 17 disciples as they begin their ministries in these 74 new locations and fulfill their faith commitments. Pray for the new Jiye believers among these 6 new groups to continue to multiply. Exciting times.

training and outreach

Pray for Joseph and Nakelio who are leading a discipleship training program and follow up among the Jiye for the next 3 months. Pray for much fruit.


Pray for the outreach planned for next week among the Jiye. Ask God to prepare many hearts to hear and respond to the gospel.

Coming to Christ

Praise the Lord for Jiye who are coming to faith in Christ! Praise the Lord for spreading His Word among the Jiye! Pray for reproducing, indigenous, Christ-centered churches among the Jiye people by the power of the Holy Spirit.

New disciples!

Pray for Peter Peta, the man of peace and elder that first welcomed the mission team that came to do a survey last April, as he trains and equips 10 new Jiye disciples.
Pray for the mission team of Toposa and Nyangatom disciple makers as they prepare to return for a second mission to visit and encourage these new believers and simple churches they have started.