Bible stories

The translation project continues on and always needs your prayers! This month pray that Bible stories would be shared far and wide, that those who hear stories would retell them and that believers would find themselves excited to share stories in the different situations they find themselves in.

Teachers’ seminar

Pray for the conference we will be holding for local English teachers this month. We expect over 100 teachers to come from all over the island, some of whom we will have known for years and some we will be meeting for the first time. Pray that we would not only bless them as teachers but that significant conversations would take place during breaks and we would find many who are spiritually hungry.

Praising God in song

Praise God for the gathering of believers to learn new worship songs in the island language. Praise God for those that have written songs and those that came, sang and danced! Pray that God would be stirring their hearts to worship him in deeper ways and that new worship songs and dances would be pouring forth.

New believers’ struggles

Continue to pray for Mart and Light – the new believers you prayed for last month – as they have hit a rocky patch. On the day they were planning on getting baptised, Mart went off to his home island without telling anyone. The enemy is definitely working to stop the growth that has started. Pray that he would come back quickly, that God would help them to work out their marriage issues, and that they would continue to grow in their young faith.

Courage needed

Pray for believers to persevere despite opposition and persecution. They need courage and wisdom. Pray they would be filled with the Spirit and share with family and friends what great things the Lord has done.
Pray the Lord would rebuke the political and religious leaders who are opposing His work. May they repent and turn to Christ.

Rejoice with us!

Praise God for ‘Mart’ and ‘Light’, who recently, joyfully, came to Christ! They are meeting twice weekly to pray, sing, and study a discipleship course. Pray for continued growth, and that they will share their faith with others. Pray that their mother, siblings, and friends will join the group!

The governor is in the Lord’s hand

Religious leaders are opposing our work. There have been sermons against us and the believers. Pray for the governor to resist pressure from the religious leaders and allow us to continue our translation work. Pray the opposition will only increase curiosity and many will read the scriptures in their own language.

Christmas parties

Pray for all the Christmas parties and other opportunities to talk with friends about the Christmas story. Ask Father to open many hearts. May the story catch their imaginations and would they long to hear more!

Diaspora opportunities

Pray for the island children who attend the homework club. Pray this week they will listen well to the Christmas story. Pray their parents will come to the special holiday event and listen with tender hearts. Pray the Lord will draw many to Himself.