Needing the savior

Pray for Mama Sy, a new friend who has a troubled home life. She has been very open so far to our good news, ask for wisdom in sharing and for her heart to receive. May she meet her saviour in her suffering.

Hearing the Word in their own language!

Pray for the women that team members are testing the translation drafts with. Pray for good conversations about what is being read. Pray that these women would be so impacted by reading/hearing the Word in their language. Pray that they would hear God speaking directly to their hearts.

Jonah distribution

Continue to pray for the newly translated book of Jonah, that God’s word would speed through this land. Pray that it would be passed from phone to phone and that as people read and listen they would recognise the voice of God speaking to them in their language. Pray that the Spirit would convict, challenge and comfort, and the people would repent like the Ninevites!

May her family know The Truth

Pray for one island sister that has been under increased negative scrutiny from family members because of her leadership role in the body here. Pray for courage and wisdom for her and softened hearts for her family.

Good Friday

On this Good Friday, pray for many opportunities to share the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection; most people here believe that God rescued Jesus from the cross by substituting Judas in his place. Pray that God would open blind eyes to the truth and as people hear the good news they would not only believe that Jesus died, but that he died for them. Pray that many islanders’ hearts would be broken as they discover a God who came to seek and save the lost.


Pray for the book of Jonah’s release into the community through a phone app and audio resource in two languages in the coming weeks. Pray for many people to come across this, the first splash in making the Word available here. This is a big deal. High risk. High impact. Please pray!

Translation meeting

Today and tomorrow the members of the unit who are involved in translation are meeting together to make plans and decisions! Pray for a great spirit of thankfulness and celebration for all the work that has been done. Pray for clarity of communication and thought in our discussions. Pray that we would be guided by the Spirit in all the decisions and plans we make.

Needing freedom

Pray for O as she grows in her faith, pray that she would be protected from evil and that she would experience true freedom from the darkness of her past.

Local worship songs

Pray for one local believer who is working on five different Scripture songs. He is using several different local music styles and we hope the songs will inspire others to write their own songs, as well as help believers memorise Scripture and make sung worship a key part of their gatherings. Pray for the Spirit’s inspiration as he writes these songs and that even as he writes them he too would be changed by them.

Translation check

Another translation consulting check will begin today the 15th of January. Pray for the technology to function well and for the work to continue to move forward.