Sofi visiting her sisters

Please pray for *Sofi, a local believer, as she is on the third island, Clove Island, this week to meet with other believers for a time of meeting, fellowship and worship. Pray for the meeting to be fully based in the Truth of Jesus and for it to be an encouraging time for all. Also pay for safe travels for *Sofi as she returns to Vanilla Island via small fishing boat next week.

Reading the Book

Pray for a friend that is in P’s English class and is her neighbor as well. This person said he was interested in studying the Book and asked for P to give him one in French. Since she did, he has been reading and studying it on his own. She is also now sharing audio files of the Book in his local language. Pray for P’s interaction with this friend and for his exposure to the Good News to change his heart.


Pray that God would lead us to people who we can test the newly translated book of Mark with. Pray for boldness amongst all workers to ask people to read/listen to passages from the book, pray that we might get helpful feedback and that people would ask to hear more.

Meeting together

Pray for the believers who were called together last weekend by a local brother who came to visit from Clove Island. Many people came together to meet and talk about things like Kingdom finances and to pray and share together. Please pray that this sweet time will make them eager to continue to meet together on their own; to pray together and fellowship together regularly.

House church

Praise the Lord for our new open Sunday Meetings (house -church style). A few locals are attending it. Pray that it would be just one of many house churches that spread throughout our island.

Tough trial

Please pray for a good friend of ours in the Islands whose name begins with F. He’s a believer and recently explained to his mom his faith. She informed the rest of the family and now he’s been kicked out of his family and told that he’s all alone. No one in his village will talk to him. Please pray for the local brothers and sisters to encourage and help him and for God’s kingdom to spread through this tough trial. Jesus is worthy!!

They’ve seen His power

A local brother F, asks for prayer that he would have the courage to share his faith with his family. He’s still a student and so dependent on his family and very afraid of their reaction. His mum and cousin have both had evil spirits and were known for the power it gave them. However since the day he made his decision to follow Jesus some years ago the spirits left them. Though they don’t know he follows Jesus he overheard them talking the other day about how for both of them it was when F walked in the house that the spirits left. They have seen Jesus’s power, pray that they would now come to know his love.


Pray for Sophie, who came to faith during Ramadan 2 years ago. Pray for her as she continues to grow in her faith and seek the will of Jesus. Pray that she may stand strong in His Word and that she will not feel all alone as she is the only believer in her village. Pray for many more to be saved!


Pray that the newly translated Word of God would spread from islander to islander. Pray the Truth would penetrate deeply, bringing conviction that cannot be ignored. Pray for those who listen to the Word this month would find it sweet as honey and long for more!

Time of testing

This is a particularly testing month for local believers as they come under extra scrutiny and pressure to conform. The vast majority are isolated from one another and walk a lonely path. Pray today for their encouragement; pray that the additional pressure would only serve to press them ever closer to Jesus. Pray that they would remember the hope that they have; ask for wisdom and boldness in sharing this hope.