Fallen into sin

Please pray for my two key friends (and translators) among the Ik; they have distanced themselves from the church and gotten involved with alcohol, adultery, and child abuse – a very sad and concerning development. Pray they ‘come to their senses’ like the prodigal son, and return to the Father.

Film Translation

The translation of the Jesus Film into the local language of Icetod is nearing completion. Please pray that this project can be completed soon and translated in a way that the Ik can fully understand the gospel. Pray that in the future, as the Ik watch this video, that they will desire to turn from their sin and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ who loves them so much.

Suffering crops

The Ik are seriously concerned about their gardens this year. Due to rodents, army worms, and heavy, early rains, the Ik are planning for a small harvest, if at all. Please pray earnestly, that God provides for the Ik in a very real and practical way, through a bountiful harvest with enough food for the coming year. Pray that they can see God as always good, despite their circumstances or whatever happens.

Love your neighbors

In the after school program on Mondays and Fridays, the children have been memorizing Matthew 5:44 in their local language, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” This is very difficult for the Ik as nearly every night lately the neighboring tribe from Kenya, the Turkana, have been raiding the surrounding villages. Fortunately, no one has been hurt recently. Please pray that the Ik can take this verse to heart, and that they can reach out, pray for, and even care for both the Turkana and the Karimojong. Pray that the children continue reciting this verse in their homes and that their friends and families can hear it too.

Training for Sunday School Teachers

On this Wednesday, June 27th, delegates from all four churches on the Ik ridge will be meeting together for a second training as Sunday School teachers. This time the focus will be on the New Testament and each church will be given a book of bible stories already translated into the local language. Pray that all the churches participate and learn a lot. Pray that they understand and find the resources they are given helpful and put them to use. Pray that those attending continue to have a deep desire to train the next generation in Christian living.

Kids program

Sarah and Kelsey run an after school program for kids. They have finished the Bible stories in the Old Testament, and have just now started the New Testament with the story of Jesus’ birth. Pray that the kids truly take in the stories and see how Jesus transforms lives.

God is sovereign and in control

The Ik are in the midst of the current growing season, but their fields are being destroyed by rodents, pests, and an overabundance of rain. They plan to replant this month with hopes to get a sustaining harvest. Please pray that God provides for them the growing conditions necessary for an adequate harvest to sustain them until next year. Pray that they know that God alone is their provider and sustainer, and that in hard times as well as good, that God is sovereign and in control.

Back to School

The Ik children have been on school holiday for a few weeks, and the second term will begin soon. Please pray for the many school activities. Pray that through the Christian Religious Education classes, Icetod literacy classes, and the after school program put on by the missionary team, that the Ik would begin to have a deeper understanding of God through the Bible stories shared. Pray that they can know the deep love of Jesus and that it would transform the lives of the children. Pray that they bring bible stories and songs home to their families and in doing so, share the gospel with them too.

Sunday school teachers’ training

On this Saturday, delegates from all 4 churches on the ridge will be meeting together to be trained as Sunday school teachers. Pray that all the churches participate and learn much. Pray that they understand and find the resources they are given to be helpful. Pray they are able to put them to good use. Pray also that those attending have a deep desire to train the next generation in Christian living.

Planting Season

Soon the Ik will celebrate ‘Itowes’- a holiday to celebrate the upcoming planting season with the worship of various spirits to help them in the next year. Please pray that the Ik see that the One True God has power over all the spirits of the world; that they see God alone as their provider of rain, sun, and a good harvest at the end of the year, not the spirits they worship. Pray they soon accept God as the Lord and Savior of their lives.