The Spirit’s Filling

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will fill and control the Dorobo believers, enabling them to continue taking the gospel from village to village, hiking from one mountain ridge to another with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Concerned for the Boni

The Dorobo people continue to share Christ and establish new churches in villages where He is not yet known. Now they would like to have an outreach to the Boni people, who do not yet have the gospel. Pray for the Holy Spirit to enable them to be cross-cultural church planters.


Please pray that the Dorobo will continue to spread the gospel far and wide within their tribe. Some of them have also begun to have a concern to share the gospel with another tribe, the Boni. Please pray that the Dorobo church will continue to mature and begin to send out its own missionaries to other people groups who need Jesus Christ.

Filled with the Spirit

Please pray that the old men among the Dorobo will be protected and strengthened to resist the temptation to be drunk during the Christmas season. Instead, pray they will be filled with the Holy Spirit to lead others to faith in Christ.

More and More

Praise God for the Dorobo pastors and evangelists who are carrying the gospel to hard-to-reach parts of their tribe. Praise God for those who have a deep hunger for His Word, and who sing His songs. Pray for more and more Dorobo to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Dorobo Breakthrough Prayer

“Lord, please deliver the Dorobo from addiction to honey wine, and instead let them be filled with the Holy Spirit.”

Pastor Bargokwet in Keringet

Pray for Pastor Silas Bargokwet as he oversees six church plants in the Keringet Forest. Pray for strength and wisdom to serve these scattered churches. Pray for young leaders he can disciple to be future church leaders.

Speed the Process

Please pray that as the Dorobo churches continue to grow and multiply, the support and encouragement of western missionaries will speed the process. Praise the Lord for the godly men God has raised up to lead this movement to Christ. Pray for those who are still without Christ, especially older men who are addicted to honey wine. Pray that as they put their faith in Christ, He will deliver them from alcoholism.

Dorobo traditional honey wine

The Dorobo traditionally brew a potent honey wine. At circumcision ceremonies where young people come of age, the old men and women get very drunk on honey wine. Pray that God would break through and create a thirst for His Word that his stronger than their craving for honey wine.

Jesus Christ Honoured

Please pray for the Dorobo churches and pastors to continue to spread the gospel throughout their whole tribe, and for the Lord Jesus Christ will be honoured, obeyed and faithfully followed by all who believe in Him.

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