Pray for Dorobo believers as they share their faith amongst their own people and look to share with others cross culturally as well. As the Lord to bless their efforts and build His church.


Pray for the 12 Dorobo pastors who are having a three- day seminar this week on how to set up a Savings and Credit Cooperative to help with the chronic poverty in their community. There are many scriptural applications in the teaching. Pray these men will be instrumental in bringing positive change in the lives of the Dorobo members of our AIC churches.

Slippery Roads

Praise the Lord for Pastor Josphat Musanga showing the Jesus film at Oloolbung’aiko as part of last weekend’s Easter celebrations. Seventy people attended the film service amidst a heavy downpour. Two people prayed to receive Christ after showing the film. Continue to pray for Pastor Musanga as he shows the film around our Dorobo villages several times each weekend. Pray for safety as he negotiates steep and slippery roads on his motorcycle.

Jesus film

Pastor Josphat Musanga showed the Jesus film at his home on February 6th and six teens accepted the Lord and committed to follow him. The film was shown again at the Mbeuti Primary School on February 17th, and Shel and Pastor Musanga are planning to show the film again in the Narosura area on March 6th. Pray for fruit from showing this film in areas that have not yet been reached with the Gospel.

Church building

The Dorobo church start at Ilkilorit, where we dedicated the plot and some building materials in August, now has a structure. The family of Ole Moijoi gave permission for the church to be built on their land. Several of the young people in the family have become believers. Pray for the old man himself to come to a true faith in Christ. I’ve attached a photo of the structure for the new church going up at Ilkilorit in 2020.


Gone to Glory

One of our first Dorobo pastors, Katuman Lemeidimi, passed away on Sunday from complications with his diabetes. Pray for his family as they are in a time or mourning. Pray that the funeral service, which will be held on December 8th at Longewan, Pastor Katuman’s home area in Samburu, would be God-honoring and a time for many relatives to hear and believe the truth of the Gospel.

A New Church Planted

A new church was launched in a Dorobo area yesterday in the Loita Hills near the Tanzania border. Lenkoti, son of the man who has agreed for a church to be built next to his house, prayed to accept the Lord at the service. Pray that Lenkoti will grow in his faith. Pray that the believers from AIC Entasekera will continue to help this new church. Pray that this new church will be reach out to other Dorobo people in the area and across the border into Tanzania. An older Maasai man named Timothy was there. He said he had been doing evangelism in the Loita area for 40 years, for many years with little fruit. He said he had spent three days some years ago on the top of a hill overlooking the place and he prayed over the area that God would plant his Word and that a church would grow. Now he was overjoyed to see a church going up. He came forward and insisted on praying for the young man who had just accepted the Lord.

A New Church Ready to Begin

Praise the Lord. We had done evangelism and showed Jesus film at a Dorobo area called Ilkilorit several years ago near the Tanzania border. AIC evangelists followed up. We just heard they’re ready to start a new church there as soon as the Kenya government opens up permission for churches to meet. Pray for the Dorobo man who invited us for the first visit, and his family. Pray the Lord’s blessing on this new church.

Hoping to Re-Open Soon

Pray as our AIC Dorobo churches plan for re-opening. All our small churches have been asked by the area bishop to raise 5,000 shillings ($46) to buy a digital thermometer as part of Covid-19 protocol, so that when churches are allowed to open, they will take temperatures before allowing people into church. It’s a good practical step, but hard on churches with little cash economy. So pray that our Dorobo churches can leap this hurdle on the way to re-opening. In the meantime, our pastors have been visiting members and encouraging family prayer and Bible study. Praise the Lord!

Blind and Unable to Speak

Pray that the solar listening devices we have passed out to several Dorobo villages will be listened to and absorbed into people’s hearts during this time of social distancing in Kenya. Each listening device, called a Treasure, has the entire Bible in Maasai. Pastor Jonathan Nang’ari requested one last week, saying he had a new believer in his church who was blind and unable to speak, but wanted to learn more about the Bible. So I sent a Treasure by G4S courier.

Transformational Development

Pray for our Dorobo leaders being invited to a transformational development seminar on March 23-28 at Malewa. Pray for the right ones to come and that they could influence in their communities with this teaching to teach them to rely on the Lord. These communities have been held back by honey-wine and the accompanying poverty.

Direct Their Paths

Praise the Lord for the Dorobo churches, pastors and leaders, evangelists and missionaries who are planting new churches in areas where Christ is not yet known. Pray for the Dorobo who feel called by God to be cross-cultural missionaries to other tribes without the gospel. Pray for the Lord to direct their paths.

A Village Homestay

Pray for Pastor Josphat Musanga as he and his family will be hosting missionaries Jeff and Mandy this Wednesday to Sunday for their village home stay. Pray that he and Jeff and Mandy will build a good relationship for their future work with the Dorobo. Pray that through their partnership Dorobo will come to Christ and churches will be planted and a missionary movement empowered among the Dorobo people.

Dorobo Students Learning New Skills

Pray for Pastor Jonathan Nangari and Pastor Jackson Ng’ayami as they work out how to start a community-based organization for the Dorobo, with the goal of starting a polytechnic for the Dorobo school leavers from that area. Pray for wisdom for these men.

They Compared Lives

Praise for a good visit with three Dorobo pastors to two Watta villages near Malindi. The pastors went around to the homes, shared their testimonies, compared their lives as hunter-gatherers and went home enthused about the need to reach out, even across cultures in Kenya. Pray that they can spread this vision in their churches.

Significant Safari

On Tuesday September 3rd, an AIM missionary and three Dorobo pastors – Josphat Musanga, David Lekenge and Jackson Ng’ayami – will make a trip to the Sabaki River area to see some Watta hunters and encourage Giriama Pastor Samson Cheu who has started two small churches among this hunter-gatherer group. Pray for safety on the road and that the car will do well on the safari. Pray for the Dorobo pastors to have a chance to share their testimonies with another hunter-gatherer group. Pray that this might develop a vision among the Dorobo church for cross-cultural ministry. And pray that they would be an encouragement to Pastor Samson Cheu.

11 delivered!

Thanks for praying for our Dorobo prayer conference to break the stronghold of alcoholism among the older generation. We had three days of teaching and prayer and singing and evening films. We had times of confession and special prayer to break what they called “the curse” of alcoholism. At the end 11 men prayed to receive Christ and for deliverance from their dependence on alcohol. There were over 300 people attending. The pastors from the Omerae family (their family name actually means drunkard) were very encouraged. They continue to pray that their family would no longer be slaves to drunkenness, but that they would be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Burdened for the Older Generation

Most of the Dorobo pastors in one area have been burdened for the older generation of Dorobo who haven’t yet accepted the Gospel and are still in bondage to drunkenness. So they have planned for a three day prayer meeting this week. They have raised money for food and are expecting over 500 people. A leader has been asked to speak on Thursday on breaking curses, as they feel the bondage to drunkenness has become a curse over their people. So he’ll be there from Wednesday to Friday. Pray that the older generation would hear, understand and be set free from their bondage to drink.

Super Seminar

Pray for a church leaders’ seminar planned for next week July 29-August 1st. We expect about 30 men and will spend a day studying God’s plan for missions and another day on how to do inductive Bible study. Pray for the men as they travel and for real encouragement during our time together.

Dorobo Church Expansion

We thank the Lord for a trip in which we visited seven bomas (homesteads) and had two fellowship meetings. There are two Dorobo villages in the area – Olepishet with about 250 adults plus children and Ilkimati with a similar number of Dorobo living side by side with Maasai. We stayed with Pastor Joshua Kujuka who has helped start a church in Olephishet with almost 200 members! Joshua has also started a small group meeting in a school at Ilkiimati with a handful of believers. He asked for help in reaching out in this area. So we’re praying that God will prepare hearts as we decide when we can go in with a team of our Dorobo believers to do some evangelism.

Survey Trip

Pray for a trip to some Dorobo villages near Narosura, a town at the base of the Loita Hills. Dorobo pastor Musanga Omerae heard from a friend about these villages and contacted me about doing a survey trip. We are driving out there today, Monday the 20th and should come back Tuesday evening. Pray for safety on the road and for good contacts with the Dorobo in these villages. Pray for open hearts and for a man or woman of peace to accept us and to be a doorway into these villages.

The Outreach Visit Went Very Well

We met with a group of Okiek elders just outside Cengalo Forest. There are several Christians there. The Okiek elders presented many needs and asked for help in educating their children and advocating for their right to move back into the forest, their ancestral homeland. We prayed with them and agreed to sponsor a young Okiek man with a call to pastoral ministry. On Mt Elgon we visited two villages. Each village has a church and a school and we met one young Okiek pastor. We prayed with him and are praying for wisdom on how best to encourage these Okiek people.

Survey Trip for New Outreach

Pray for a survey trip from January 23-25 to visit Okiek/Dorobo elders in Cengelo Forest near Eldoret and Mt Elgon Forest near Kitale. We made contact with the Cengelo group ten days ago up in the forest and shared some dripping honeycombs. The elders asked us back so they can tell us their needs and we will tell them more about Jesus. We are excited for our first contact with Okiek/Dorobo on Mt Elgon. An Okiek man named Leonard has offered to be our guide.

Victory and Unity

Pray for peace and reconciliation at our church in Eburru. In recent church elections, our Dorobo church leader lost his position as secretary of the church, as new members from a more dominant ethnic group who have started to attend the church elected only members from their group. This has led to tensions and even a big disagreement in the church last Sunday. Pray for our Dorobo pastor for this church, Josephat, as he goes up to meet with the factions on Sunday January 6th. Pray for humility from both sides and for peace and reconciliation. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the principalities and powers. It seems Satan is doing everything he can to find weak spots and attack and destroy this little church.

You prayed…He answered

On Jul 26, 2018 you prayed for this request: “Pray for the Dorobo church at Songoroi on Mt Eburru that partially collapsed during recent heavy rains. Pray that the rebuilding project will galvanize the believers as they work together, raise funds together and complete their building. Pray they continue to be a light in this area.” And God answered: “Dorobo church is nearing completion!”

The Dorobo Reach Out To the Boni People

Pray for a planned visit this Saturday November 3rd to an area on the north coast of Kenya where a group of Boni people have been temporarily resettled by the Kenya Defense Forces. Pray that we can find the camp with the help of some AIC pastors. Pray that God would lead us to a ‘person of peace’ among the Boni Internally Displaced Peoples. And pray that God would raise up some Dorobo believers from central Kenya to reach out to this group of fellow hunter-gatherers, who follow the Islamic faith. Praise the Lord that the Dorobo, who twenty five years ago were unreached, now have a reproducing church that is interested in sending missionaries to reach other unreached tribes in Kenya!

Church rebuilding

Pray for the Dorobo church at Songoroi on Mt Eburru that partially collapsed during recent heavy rains. Pray that the rebuilding project will galvanize the believers as they work together, raise funds together and complete their building. Pray they continue to be a light in this area.

New Church!

Pray for Pastor Joseph Mayagi as he follows up with a new Dorobo group in Ilkilorit on the Tanzania border in the Loita Hills. We did village visitation and outreach in Ilkilorit in November, speaking to many and showing the Jesus film at night. Joseph said he would follow up and start a church under a tree as interest grows.

Dorobo missionaries!

Pray for our Dorobo church leaders to be able to organize a time in the next six months to visit the B people on the coast, a Muslim group of hunter gatherers. Pray that they will understand the importance of reaching out with their faith to other tribes. Pray that their similar backgrounds of hunting and gathering might open a door of understanding. Pray that God will touch the hearts and call one or two Dorobo church leaders/ pastors to minister cross-culturally to the B.

The Spirit’s Filling

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will fill and control the Dorobo believers, enabling them to continue taking the gospel from village to village, hiking from one mountain ridge to another with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Concerned for the Boni

The Dorobo people continue to share Christ and establish new churches in villages where He is not yet known. Now they would like to have an outreach to the Boni people, who do not yet have the gospel. Pray for the Holy Spirit to enable them to be cross-cultural church planters.


Please pray that the Dorobo will continue to spread the gospel far and wide within their tribe. Some of them have also begun to have a concern to share the gospel with another tribe, the Boni. Please pray that the Dorobo church will continue to mature and begin to send out its own missionaries to other people groups who need Jesus Christ.

Filled with the Spirit

Please pray that the old men among the Dorobo will be protected and strengthened to resist the temptation to be drunk during the Christmas season. Instead, pray they will be filled with the Holy Spirit to lead others to faith in Christ.

More and More

Praise God for the Dorobo pastors and evangelists who are carrying the gospel to hard-to-reach parts of their tribe. Praise God for those who have a deep hunger for His Word, and who sing His songs. Pray for more and more Dorobo to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Dorobo Breakthrough Prayer

“Lord, please deliver the Dorobo from addiction to honey wine, and instead let them be filled with the Holy Spirit.”

Pastor Bargokwet in Keringet

Pray for Pastor Silas Bargokwet as he oversees six church plants in the Keringet Forest. Pray for strength and wisdom to serve these scattered churches. Pray for young leaders he can disciple to be future church leaders.

Speed the Process

Please pray that as the Dorobo churches continue to grow and multiply, the support and encouragement of western missionaries will speed the process. Praise the Lord for the godly men God has raised up to lead this movement to Christ. Pray for those who are still without Christ, especially older men who are addicted to honey wine. Pray that as they put their faith in Christ, He will deliver them from alcoholism.

Dorobo traditional honey wine

The Dorobo traditionally brew a potent honey wine. At circumcision ceremonies where young people come of age, the old men and women get very drunk on honey wine. Pray that God would break through and create a thirst for His Word that his stronger than their craving for honey wine.

Jesus Christ Honoured

Please pray for the Dorobo churches and pastors to continue to spread the gospel throughout their whole tribe, and for the Lord Jesus Christ will be honoured, obeyed and faithfully followed by all who believe in Him.