Great Shepherd

Praise the Lord that the Datooga are beginning to hear more and more of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. Please pray that they will come to Him in faith as the Shepherd and Guardian of their souls.

Green Grass

Praise the Lord for rains falling in Kenya and Tanzania after a long drought. Please pray that as the Datooga animals enjoy the green grass, their shepherds will ponder the wonder that Jesus is the good Shepherd who laid down His life for the sheep. Pray that many will turn in faith to Him.

The Good Shepherd

Please pray that the Datooga will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Good Shepherd who laid down His life for the sheep. Pray that many will hear the recordings of His stories and that it will become part of Datooga culture to tell them over and over at night as these nomadic shepherds rest.

Recorded and Complete

Please pray that the Datooga will soon have the Bible story set recorded and complete, and that those recordings will multiply and spread far and wide as shepherds and their families share them with others. Pray that many Datooga will come to know Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Sharing Stories of the Good Shepherd

Please pray that the Datooga Christians who are cooperating to craft and record Bible stories will not only complete the set they are working on, but also will continue to teach Scripture this way. Pray that the recordings will be widely spread throughout this nomadic tribe, and that many will put their faith in the Good Shepherd as they listen to them while herding their sheep.

The Good Shepherd

Pray that the Datooga, whose main work is livestock, will recognise and embrace the Lord Jesus Christ as their good shepherd, who laid down His life for the sheep.

Frequently Moving

Because the Datooga are pastoralists, during seasons of drought they move their animals to other grazing areas. It is hard, therefore, for people to study the Bible consistently over many months. Pray for those who are producing recordings of Bible stories, that even when the pastoralists move, they may continue to hear and grow in their knowledge of the Word of God.

Sitting Around the Fire at Night

Traditionally at the end of the day Datooga families will gather in their homesteads and share the news of the day or tell stories before retiring for the night. Currently a small group of believers are working on a Chronological Bible Story set, crafting Bible stories in the Datooga language. This project aims to have the stories accessible to the Datooga in their heart language. Pray for those involved in the project – for those involved in crafting of the stories – that they reflect God’s message of salvation in a way that engages with the Datooga people. Also pray for a desire in the hearts of the Datooga people to be willing to listen to the stories and to respond to the gospel message- may they know God’s love for them.

Following the Good Shepherd

Pray that as the Datooga follow their flocks and herds, they will learn about Jesus, the good shepherd who laid down His life for the sheep. Pray that those who can read will regularly share Scripture with those who can’t.