Training Accepted!

Greetings from Arusha. We are so thankful to God that we had a wonderful time together training 32 trainees from Sandawe, Datooga, Nyaturu, Masai and Iraqw unreached people groups. We thank God for his provision. We were able to teach ‘The Gospels and Introduction to the Bible’. We thank God that Nassa Theological College has confirmed they will accept our training, now every training will be credited from NTC. Please pray for more and more pastors, evangelists, and lay leaders to be trained and that each unreached people group will soon have a reproducing, indigenous, Christ-centered church.

Planting a Church This Week

Please pray for the new church plant at Kambi ya Simba, Lake Eyasi. The Jobaji local church (the AICT church near the Hadzabe), is planting a church this week. They began an Evangelism campaign since last Sunday and will continue till next Sunday. It’s been reported that 23 people have decided to follow Jesus so far! The people group in that area are Datooga and Iraqw. This outreach is a result of the Indigenous leaders’ training and Global Disciples. This will be now a third generation from the original Olpiro Church!

Each One Plant One

Please pray that the Datooga believers will continue to share the gospel and the recordings of the Scripture stories throughout the tribe, and that these shepherds will come to know Jesus the Good Shepherd. Pray that each Datooga church can plant another one in 2019.

Deep Understanding as they Multiply

The Datooga believers are faithfully taking the Word of God to many villages and shepherds’ camps where people still need Christ. New churches are being planted. New leaders are emerging and being trained, and Bible stories are being translated and recorded. Please pray that the Datooga churches will deepen in their understanding of the Scriptures and that the Lord will keep them Christ-centered and strong even as they multiply.

New Datooga Church

Praise God for a new Datooga church that has begun at Gidamilanda! Pray for their growth and multiplication. Six Datooga and three people from other tribes have become believers recently. Praise the Lord.

Speed the Process, Lord

The Datooga have several churches that are flourishing, and people within them who want to plant new churches and reach into areas of the Datooga that are still without the gospel. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to speed the process of planting a reproducing, indigenous, Christ-centered Datooga church.

One Young Believer Sharing

Continue to pray that the Datooga Christians who are cooperating to craft and record Bible stories will not only complete the set they are working on, but will also continue to teach Scripture this way. Pray that the recordings will be widely spread throughout this nomadic tribe, and that many will put their faith in the Good Shepherd as they listen to them while herding their sheep. We now have one young believer who has already shared the stories amongst his family and neighbours and has had some positive response to their content.

Growing Interest

Please pray that the Datooga will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Good Shepherd who laid down His life for the sheep. Pray that many will hear the recordings of His stories and that it will become part of Datooga culture to tell them over and over at night as these nomadic shepherds rest. Over the last year more Datooga are expressing an interest in hearing more about Jesus and some have made a profession of faith. Pray they continue to grow in their faith and have courage to share what they have heard with others in their communities.

Sharing Stories of the Good Shepherd

With the rains imminent, the coming months mean that most Datooga are back in the homesteads during the evenings because the grazing and water are much closer to home. Pray for opportunities for the believers to visit and share recorded Bible stories in the homesteads and for the Holy Spirit to soften hearts and open ears to hear the truth. Pray that these times will be filled with people asking questions and reflecting on what they hear. Pray to for those sharing the stories that they may be filled with wisdom from the Lord as to how best to lead the discussions and answer the questions that might arise.