One new sister invited a friend to come hear the gospel. He believed last Tuesday and both were baptized Saturday (and an Arab believer too)! Pray for courage to be a witness and for unity among the believers. The Berbers love the Berber songs from Algeria…the Arabs love the songs from Egypt… May they encourage each other and sing together!

Needing courage to obey

Ask for a family who want to be baptized… that they would have courage to actually do it, and that they would hear the voice of the Spirit more clearly as they obey and walk in repentance.

Suffering and Deception

Ask for an increasing desire to walk in truth and courage. Recently in a situation of sexual abuse, there was increased deception to cover the abuse because of fear of death … and the abuser received no correction or rebuke. She truly believed there was no option and said, “It’s always the girl’s fault. My 12 yr old neighbor was cast out after being abused. What can I do?”
Another girl lies to her mom about where she’s going… when she’s going to study the Word. She believes but denied Jesus when her brothers threatened death. Pray for freedom that comes with truth even if it includes suffering.

Desire for fellowship

Ask for an increased desire for fellowship with believers and an increased desire to be discipled and to disciple others. May each one know they are not made to survive alone but are created to be part of “the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grow[ing]and build[ing] itself up in love, as each part does its work.”
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4:16

Reject old lies

Pray for believers to stand strong in the freedom of the truth of the gospel of grace. May the old lies of the spirit of Islam have no hold over them. When they doubt the truth of Scripture, pray that they will recognize it is the voice of the enemy whispering old chants that the Bible has been changed. May each one learn to battle in the Spirit and declare the truths denied by Islam: Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus died on the cross and rose again. The Word of God is true.

Proclaim the truth

Almost every child and adult can quote the ‘ayas’ from the Koran that deny the sonship of Christ, the death of Christ and the reliability of the Bible. Pray that these lies would be uprooted and that the truth of the gospel be welcomed. Ask that all believers proclaim: Jesus is the Word who is God! God’s Word is true! Jesus, the Word was made flesh, was crucified and rose again!

Reading but not believing

A woman just finished reading through the NT… but her sister came over and the two discussed how the Word has been changed. Pray that these women and all Berbers understand that God’s Word is true, that it reveals who God is through Jesus and His Spirit, and shows us how to love and obey Him, and how to be rescued!

Study together on Sunday

Two Arab women and one Berber woman… (who each have heard and loved the gospel, but not yet surrendered to Jesus as Lord)… have said they want to study the life of Jesus. They all know each other through social media and two pairs have met. One begins studying this Sunday… pray for wisdom and courage regarding if they can study together.

Desiring Truth

A woman agreed to study the Word to see who Jesus is. Ask that she continue to desire truth and that she would ask someone to join her in reading.

Eating or fasting in faith

Ask for courage as new believers go through their first Ramadan. Many are afraid to tell their families of their faith. Some willfully choose not to fast Ramadan because it is such a huge part of the Muslim identity… yet they want to ‘appear to be fasting’ because they are afraid. Pray for hearts of truth that know when and how to speak with others. (Four previously secret believers found each other thru not fasting Ramadan!) Ask that any eating will be from true faith (not indulgence while feeling guilty). Ask that any fasting will be from true faith (not hypocritical identification with Islam).