Covenant with the enemy

When girls are about 12 or 13, a ritual is often completed over them to ensure protection until marriage. Often a demonic spirit is invited. Please ask for these covenants with the enemy to be broken and for these women to be set free. Many had very little understanding of what was going on at the time. Please ask that this ritual will be abandoned, that those in authority will be convicted of sin and will trust in Jesus.

FaceBook page

Four in the Diaspora just started a Facebook page in the local dialect. They are receiving many comments… some questions, many curses. Ask for discernment and clarity as they respond. May each one dwell in the Word of Christ richly…answering by His Spirit and not from their own hurt.

Tolerance vs Grace

Ask for the young college students to understand the difference between tolerance and grace. In their eagerness to rebel against the confines of Islam, they want to accept all. Pray that each will see that tolerance ridicules the cross, saying sin doesn’t matter, Jesus died in vain. Grace recognizes the horror of sin, the necessity of the cross, and believes that Jesus’ blood is stronger. As they hear bits and pieces of truth online and face to face, may they discern truth and believe the gospel of grace!

Heavy to bear

One young woman wants to be baptized but is fearful to tell her family because they have threatened to kill her. She is new in her faith. Pray for courage, for discipleship, for deep roots of unshakable truth. She also speaks of leaving… the threats feel so heavy to bear. She is young. Ask for her to respond to Jesus call: come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.

Believers leaving

Four believers (who came to Jesus in mid-2017) have left the country. Another family (husband and wife both believers) with five kids plans to leave soon. Most are leaving because of economic chaos here. This is a large percentage of the believers in the city and leaves such holes of loneliness. Ask that none would fear, that each would love Jesus above all, that each would hear and obey the voice of the Shepherd and that He would increase their love for each other.


Several women are reading the Word but have not yet believed. Four of them are right now traveling out of the country. Ask that as they travel, they would meet believers who will speak the truth to them. Ask that on their return (most come next week) they would hunger to regularly study with believers. Ask that each would surrender!

Celebrating Christmas

A young woman (who is studying the Holy Spirit but who hasn’t yet believed) just wrote to say she’s planning on celebrating Christmas with believers there! Ask that she and her two sisters recognize the love and grace of God coming to earth … to die and rise…to satisfy the wrath of God.

Listening to Christmas truth

A young woman who doesn’t yet believe said that on Christmas, she lights candles, listens to Luke 2 and Christmas hymns in Arabic (from Egypt and Lebanon)… and then listens to Hark the Herald. Ask that she would believe the truths she hears: ‘God and sinners reconciled.’ ‘Veiled in flesh the Godhead see…’ ‘Jesus our Emmanuel’

Feeling helpless

Lord Jesus, please stir again the hearts that you have rescued, but that are feeling helpless. Give power and strength to your children who are despairing when businesses crumble and roads are closed and water and electricity come and go. We ask for joy, joy that confounds the darkness…and strengthens the soul and causes others to long for hope.

No longer welcomed

Hope (a believer) just wrote about a recently orphaned young woman who is no longer welcome to stay in the home of extended family. She asked for prayer, and for verses to pass on. She was filled with compassion and said this woman is interested in Jesus. Ask that Hope and the believers that meet in her home will continue to reach out in compassion with the gospel of grace.