Proclaim the truth

Almost every child and adult can quote the ‘ayas’ from the Koran that deny the sonship of Christ, the death of Christ and the reliability of the Bible. Pray that these lies would be uprooted and that the truth of the gospel be welcomed. Ask that all believers proclaim: Jesus is the Word who is God! God’s Word is true! Jesus, the Word was made flesh, was crucified and rose again!

Reading but not believing

A woman just finished reading through the NT… but her sister came over and the two discussed how the Word has been changed. Pray that these women and all Berbers understand that God’s Word is true, that it reveals who God is through Jesus and His Spirit, and shows us how to love and obey Him, and how to be rescued!

Study together on Sunday

Two Arab women and one Berber woman… (who each have heard and loved the gospel, but not yet surrendered to Jesus as Lord)… have said they want to study the life of Jesus. They all know each other through social media and two pairs have met. One begins studying this Sunday… pray for wisdom and courage regarding if they can study together.

Desiring Truth

A woman agreed to study the Word to see who Jesus is. Ask that she continue to desire truth and that she would ask someone to join her in reading.

Eating or fasting in faith

Ask for courage as new believers go through their first Ramadan. Many are afraid to tell their families of their faith. Some willfully choose not to fast Ramadan because it is such a huge part of the Muslim identity… yet they want to ‘appear to be fasting’ because they are afraid. Pray for hearts of truth that know when and how to speak with others. (Four previously secret believers found each other thru not fasting Ramadan!) Ask that any eating will be from true faith (not indulgence while feeling guilty). Ask that any fasting will be from true faith (not hypocritical identification with Islam).

Needing unity

The Amazigh are struggling to retain their identity and language and are often more open to the gospel because of their history. As new Amazigh believers gather, there are those who want to only speak Tamazight… and others who grew up in a time it was forbidden to learn it… and know only Arabic and some basics. Pray that above any cultural identity will be their identity as those who love and follow Jesus. Pray for growing love and deeper community that extends grace and understanding. Ask that Tamazight not be an issue of division.

Meeting together

A family of believers going through their first Ramadan and an older believer are gathering for the first time to read, eat and pray this Sunday evening. May this increase their boldness, their longing for fellowship, their knowledge and love for the Lord Jesus.

Covenant with the enemy

When girls are about 12 or 13, a ritual is often completed over them to ensure protection until marriage. Often a demonic spirit is invited. Please ask for these covenants with the enemy to be broken and for these women to be set free. Many had very little understanding of what was going on at the time. Please ask that this ritual will be abandoned, that those in authority will be convicted of sin and will trust in Jesus.

FaceBook page

Four in the Diaspora just started a Facebook page in the local dialect. They are receiving many comments… some questions, many curses. Ask for discernment and clarity as they respond. May each one dwell in the Word of Christ richly…answering by His Spirit and not from their own hurt.

Tolerance vs Grace

Ask for the young college students to understand the difference between tolerance and grace. In their eagerness to rebel against the confines of Islam, they want to accept all. Pray that each will see that tolerance ridicules the cross, saying sin doesn’t matter, Jesus died in vain. Grace recognizes the horror of sin, the necessity of the cross, and believes that Jesus’ blood is stronger. As they hear bits and pieces of truth online and face to face, may they discern truth and believe the gospel of grace!