Covid benefits

Covid restrictions have led many people to spend much more time online. Many are “stumbling” upon Truth, which is causing them to ask questions. Pray the Lord will lead all of us believers to find the true seekers (not those who just want to debate) who desire to learn Truth.


Two young women feel that God is not answering their prayers. They are caught in abusive households and pray for escape. Ask that each will know they are set free by truth, that their families can be changed by the power of Christ, that we can love those who hurt us. And may the church have compassion and wisdom to know how to help and stand with them.


Please ask that new believers who are proclaiming and seeing fruit will be discipled well and disciple well… will teach to obey all Jesus commanded… will abide in the vine.


Two new believers in the south and one more asking of Christ. Hallelujah! Pray for the Amazigh sisters who are sharing the gospel boldly. One just sent Matthew 5-7 online and feels that the one seeking is close to believing. May each one be fruitful.

Come and hear

Two of the brothers who don’t yet believe have been softer and listening to their sister testify. Ask for their salvation… and for the extended family from the mountains that often comes and hears. May they bring the gospel back to their mountain homes.

Christmas celebration

Today one of the local brothers has arranged a Christmas celebration at an office building. About 25 local believers have said they’ll come… bringing food to share. Ask for love and grace and courage. Many haven’t met before. Two, including the one inviting had fevers yesterday. Ask for healing.

Love overcome fear

As boldness increases in the lives of some, family members fear for their lives. Praise Jesus for these who declare freely that they follow Jesus and that they would give up their lives before denying him. But pray for fearful moms and sisters who try to change the subject as they boldly proclaim. May the Spirit of fear cripple this church no longer. May love overcome the fear of shaming family or death.

New Ones

One woman and one man are extremely bold. Both are separately proclaiming the gospel to their own families face to face and to strangers online. Over these last few weeks each have rejoiced to see new ones surrendering to Jesus. Pray for continued abiding in the Word, humility and boldness and lasting fruit.

May brothers also believe

Praise Jesus: the father of the family of believing sisters (the one who has diabetes and kidney failure that you prayed for) confessed that Jesus is Lord God and believes He died and rose to save us! And another sister from the same family living abroad has begun to read the Bible and go to church to pray. Pray for the remaining three brothers to believe and may this be one of many families to follow Jesus together.

fasting and praying

Their father is sick with kidney disease and diabetes… and the believing sisters and mom are fasting and praying for his healing so that he has the opportunity to believe. Please ask for growing faith and growing boldness to witness. And like them, ask for each believer to be bold to tell their families.

Break fear

Holy Father, please give courage to your children to speak to family members about the Lord Jesus. We ask especially that fathers and brothers would be ready to hear and believe the gospel, and that the Islamic fear would be broken.

Bold believer

Our bold new sister has been sharing online and two from other cities have come to Jesus so far. One was threatened by his family but he has stood firm saying nothing can turn him from Jesus. Please pray that these young believers (and those we don’t hear of) would abide in the Word and be deeply grounded and not fear.

New believers

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for the way you are transforming individuals and families. Thank you for new believers within one family and for their boldness to share with other Berbers online and for new brothers through their witness. May each new believer continue to abide deeply in Jesus, eat the bread of truth, and speak the gospel.

Another sister!

One more sister has believed! It was beautiful to watch her biological sisters pray over her, tears streaming down their faces as she confessed that Jesus Christ is Lord. Please ask for the rest of the family (men included) to believe and may many more families turn to Christ together.

Meeting online

One woman is now meeting with 5 others online and is reading the Word consistently. Another just shared the gospel with a friend online and that friend believed! Please ask that all these online connections would be grounded in the truth of the gospel and ask for increasing consistent discipleship.

Bold sisters

Praise Jesus for bold sisters who are telling their family of Christ! Their mom declares Jesus is Lord, but wants the Koran and Mohamed to also fit in somehow. Pray for continued boldness for each believer to testify to the gospel of grace. Ask for fathers and brothers to believe too.

Praying for true faith

She is still trying to gain a reward by suffering to feed the poor in Ramadan, but she studies daily the truth of Jesus and knows that He is Lord. She prays to him for true faith and sincere repentance. Please ask that she and others who are seeking let go of all the lies of Islam and surrender completely to Jesus and follow Him.

Pray for families to believe

Praise Jesus for some bold sisters who are telling their family of their faith; pray that families would believe. Pray for believers to find believing spouses, for parents to teach their children.

Let not your hearts be troubled

Pray for those who are suffering from PTSD or depression or anxiety because of past or present persecution. Ask that each believer ‘be filled with joy and peace as they believe in the God of hope’ (Rom 15)

Pray for faith on Easter

So many are willingly receiving passages and reading of the cross and resurrection of Jesus…please ask that hearts would be stirred and unwilling to rest until they recognize the truth of Jesus.

Needing deliverance

Several of the new believers battle panic attacks and depression. Two have said that when they try to call on Jesus’ name, their tongues feel heavy, unable to move. Please ask for deliverance from fear, from unforgiveness and lies. Ask that each be overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit and be freed by calling on the Name of Jesus in the moments that fears and lies try to rise. Pray that believers would ‘set aside any deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.’

Sisters and Moms

Pray that God would continue to give boldness to his children to speak with their families! A set of sisters keep bringing their mom to hear the gospel and one courageously explained personally the gospel to her mom two days ago and her mom seemed ready to hear more. She said her third sister would believe if she heard, but her oldest believing sister is afraid for her to tell her.
In a separate family, the believing daughter is afraid to tell her family… but she brought a foreigner to share… and the mom wants to study the Word! The daughter also wants to invite a local sister to join in. Praise God for this boldness! May God continue to draw families to Himself!

Asking for mighty signs and fruitful lives

There has been increasing persecution, imprisonment, threats. Please pray that each believer would not be overcome by evil, but would walk in the authority of the Spirit. Ask that each would be transformed by the Spirit to be bold for witness and filled with praise in sorrow, asking and believing for mighty signs and fruitful lives for their time here on earth.

Increasing courage!

Praise Jesus for increasing courage!! One recent believer has been afraid to tell anyone in her family, but a few days ago, she shared with her sister. Her sister had already been receiving verses from another local brother online! Two days later, she heard the gospel again and believed!! This newest sister is already boldly praying for family members and said she’s sure her mom is open!! Pray that each believer would love Jesus more than they fear persecution and share with those they know!


One new sister invited a friend to come hear the gospel. He believed last Tuesday and both were baptized Saturday (and an Arab believer too)! Pray for courage to be a witness and for unity among the believers. The Berbers love the Berber songs from Algeria…the Arabs love the songs from Egypt… May they encourage each other and sing together!

Needing courage to obey

Ask for a family who want to be baptized… that they would have courage to actually do it, and that they would hear the voice of the Spirit more clearly as they obey and walk in repentance.

Suffering and Deception

Ask for an increasing desire to walk in truth and courage. Recently in a situation of sexual abuse, there was increased deception to cover the abuse because of fear of death … and the abuser received no correction or rebuke. She truly believed there was no option and said, “It’s always the girl’s fault. My 12 yr old neighbor was cast out after being abused. What can I do?”
Another girl lies to her mom about where she’s going… when she’s going to study the Word. She believes but denied Jesus when her brothers threatened death. Pray for freedom that comes with truth even if it includes suffering.

Desire for fellowship

Ask for an increased desire for fellowship with believers and an increased desire to be discipled and to disciple others. May each one know they are not made to survive alone but are created to be part of “the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grow[ing]and build[ing] itself up in love, as each part does its work.”
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4:16

Reject old lies

Pray for believers to stand strong in the freedom of the truth of the gospel of grace. May the old lies of the spirit of Islam have no hold over them. When they doubt the truth of Scripture, pray that they will recognize it is the voice of the enemy whispering old chants that the Bible has been changed. May each one learn to battle in the Spirit and declare the truths denied by Islam: Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus died on the cross and rose again. The Word of God is true.

Proclaim the truth

Almost every child and adult can quote the ‘ayas’ from the Koran that deny the sonship of Christ, the death of Christ and the reliability of the Bible. Pray that these lies would be uprooted and that the truth of the gospel be welcomed. Ask that all believers proclaim: Jesus is the Word who is God! God’s Word is true! Jesus, the Word was made flesh, was crucified and rose again!

Reading but not believing

A woman just finished reading through the NT… but her sister came over and the two discussed how the Word has been changed. Pray that these women and all Berbers understand that God’s Word is true, that it reveals who God is through Jesus and His Spirit, and shows us how to love and obey Him, and how to be rescued!

Study together on Sunday

Two Arab women and one Berber woman… (who each have heard and loved the gospel, but not yet surrendered to Jesus as Lord)… have said they want to study the life of Jesus. They all know each other through social media and two pairs have met. One begins studying this Sunday… pray for wisdom and courage regarding if they can study together.

Desiring Truth

A woman agreed to study the Word to see who Jesus is. Ask that she continue to desire truth and that she would ask someone to join her in reading.

Eating or fasting in faith

Ask for courage as new believers go through their first Ramadan. Many are afraid to tell their families of their faith. Some willfully choose not to fast Ramadan because it is such a huge part of the Muslim identity… yet they want to ‘appear to be fasting’ because they are afraid. Pray for hearts of truth that know when and how to speak with others. (Four previously secret believers found each other thru not fasting Ramadan!) Ask that any eating will be from true faith (not indulgence while feeling guilty). Ask that any fasting will be from true faith (not hypocritical identification with Islam).

Needing unity

The Amazigh are struggling to retain their identity and language and are often more open to the gospel because of their history. As new Amazigh believers gather, there are those who want to only speak Tamazight… and others who grew up in a time it was forbidden to learn it… and know only Arabic and some basics. Pray that above any cultural identity will be their identity as those who love and follow Jesus. Pray for growing love and deeper community that extends grace and understanding. Ask that Tamazight not be an issue of division.

Meeting together

A family of believers going through their first Ramadan and an older believer are gathering for the first time to read, eat and pray this Sunday evening. May this increase their boldness, their longing for fellowship, their knowledge and love for the Lord Jesus.

Covenant with the enemy

When girls are about 12 or 13, a ritual is often completed over them to ensure protection until marriage. Often a demonic spirit is invited. Please ask for these covenants with the enemy to be broken and for these women to be set free. Many had very little understanding of what was going on at the time. Please ask that this ritual will be abandoned, that those in authority will be convicted of sin and will trust in Jesus.

FaceBook page

Four in the Diaspora just started a Facebook page in the local dialect. They are receiving many comments… some questions, many curses. Ask for discernment and clarity as they respond. May each one dwell in the Word of Christ richly…answering by His Spirit and not from their own hurt.

Tolerance vs Grace

Ask for the young college students to understand the difference between tolerance and grace. In their eagerness to rebel against the confines of Islam, they want to accept all. Pray that each will see that tolerance ridicules the cross, saying sin doesn’t matter, Jesus died in vain. Grace recognizes the horror of sin, the necessity of the cross, and believes that Jesus’ blood is stronger. As they hear bits and pieces of truth online and face to face, may they discern truth and believe the gospel of grace!

Heavy to bear

One young woman wants to be baptized but is fearful to tell her family because they have threatened to kill her. She is new in her faith. Pray for courage, for discipleship, for deep roots of unshakable truth. She also speaks of leaving… the threats feel so heavy to bear. She is young. Ask for her to respond to Jesus call: come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.