children listening

Pray for the big group of children who come every week to hear chronological Bible stories. Pray they would listen well and believe what they hear.

Radio programme

Pray many would listen and respond to the daily radio program which broadcasts the Gospel of Luke, Bible stories, and local believers’ testimonies.

God is at work

“…my Father is still working…”, said Jesus. And He is! This is one of the greats truth Bible tells us. God is still at work.

In the village of Amatomaña, another witchdoctor, name Bera, gave his life to Jesus. He wants to know Jesus better and follow His “lalana” (way).
Please pray that Bera can understand the Gospel and doesn’t fall in any kind of syncretism.

Malaso, Key people to reach the Bara

The amazing and glorious thing about the “Malasos’” conversions is that they are Bara. Hallelujah! They are the very “traditional” Bara people. The 2 Malasos I’ve mentioned in our last prayer request are from villages that didn’t have any Christians before. Hallelujah twice! Now a church is being born!

The Malasos consider themselves to be the original Bara people. They are deeply rooted in Bara worldview, culture and customs. The malasos are the ones who know the deepest, darkest parts of Bara culture. They practice witchcraft. Often they are demon possessed. They make pacts with demons for protection through cow’s blood. So, seeing a Malaso come to faith is a great miracle among Bara UPG.

When one of these malasos, are changed by the Gospel and renounce his lifestyle, culture, and even “the richness and respect” that being a malaso brings, even sometimes being persecuted by the family, becoming very poor, to follow Jesus, indeed, it is the power of the Holy Spirit working in their hearts.

So keep praying for the Malasos. They are the ones who could be the next Pauls, Peters, Jim Elliots, or George Mullers to their own people.

Cattle Thieves Coming to Christ

Since April, 2016 when we started praying for the Malasos (cattle thieves that use spiritual evil forces to get power and protection) we have seen three them coming to faith in Christ Jesus. I know that there is a lot more and I know that God loves them as he loves us. One of them is giving his testimony and impacting the life of many here in Betroka.

Could you please pray for them? That they recognize Jesus as the Son of God and only savior? Pray that they would be set free from the power of Darkness.

Nothing is impossible for God.

Thank you for praying!

Bara converted to Jesus

Many people have been impacted and touched by the testimony of Jean Claude, an ex-malaso (cow thief) who converted to Jesus. He left behind the old religion and its practices. He burned his witchcraft and all the tradition medicine that is used in Bara culture.

Jean Claude has been preaching about Jesus since then. However, the struggles and challenges in his Christian journey will come, as it does for everyone.

Could you please pray that God protects this Bara convert and set him free from the traps of the Devil?

May Jean Claude keep growing in faith daily. May God grant him grace to be transformed to the image of Christ ’till the day of Jesus Christ.

Desperate for Rain

Paul said to the people in Listra, that God didn’t leave the peoples without testimony of Himself, but “…He did good by giving you rains from heaven, …” ( Acts 14:17).

The Bara live in a total rural society, and rain is indispensable. Even though we are still in rain season, we are not having enough rain, and that brings problems to the entire country. The crops won’t produce, the herds won’t have enough grass, there will be little water to drink, and the result of this will be financial hardship, more assaults, break- ins, famine, etc.

Please, would you pray for rain? We are in desperate need! I remember Elijah when he prayed for rain and God sent it. I remember Joshua, when the Bible says that “..there isn’t a day like this, when God heard the voice of a man…” God still hears our prayers. He still cares for us. He still answers our prayers.

Could you please cry out to the Creator and sustainer of all things, who give “..rain from heaven…” ?

Going to the Villages, Broadcasting the Jesus Film.

We have started a new project among Bara people this year. We are broadcasting the Film Jesus in Bara language in Bara villages. Please pray that the film will impact their lives, and leave in their hearts the desire to know more about Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the villages of: Ambatomañga, Isoanala,and Manañovy, where we have already shown the film.

Please pray that God will open doors for us to project the film in as many villages as possible.

May God change hearts and that the seeds of the Gospel planted there would flourish.

Is it impossible for Bara to follow Jesus? No!

If the years of little fruit were a discouragement to the missionaries who worked among Bara people, now is time to rejoice! The seeds planted have started to bear fruit and everyone is part of this harvest. Many Bara have come to faith after this malaso and witch doctor become a follower of “Jesosy, Anaky’Ndrianañahary” (Jesus, Son of God), as we posted here previously.

Please pray for him. His name is Jean Claude, and we ask you to pray for his life, security, strength and guidance. May Jesus, through his Holy Spirit, bless and encourage him to continue being a powerful witness of the Gospel. May the Lord protect him against the spiritual forces that operate powerfully among Bara keeping them in bondage. And may Jean’s life shine as a light among his community. Blessed be the Lamb!


“…the people walking in darkness have seen a great light, on those living in the shadow of death, the light has shone…” (Isaiah 9:2)

A witchdoctor converted to Jesus Christ a few weeks ago in one of the Bara villages! Many of the Bara people, and the Malasos (thieves whom we are praying for conversion), saw the transformation that took place in this witchdoctor’s life and also gave their lives to Jesus Christ. At least 140 Bara were baptized!

God is working. The harvest is plentiful. Lift up your eyes.

Could you please pray and praise the name of the Lord? He hasn’t stopped working, and HE WILL accomplish his mission. Blessed be the Name of The Lord.