Bold evangelist

One young woman is a bold evangelist, broken-hearted over friends that refuse grace, boldly identifying with Jesus, diligently declaring the gospel, unafraid to face the mysteries and questions. Her physical health is not good; some of her family are involved in witchcraft. Pray for strength and protection from the evil one. And praise Jesus for her classmate that just believed and received a Bible and is reading, sending screenshots and questions!!

Not alone

Please pray for several isolated believers – some because of threats, some by choice, some because of distance from other believers. Ask for increasing love for the brothers and sisters, for unselfishness, and for boldness and perseverance. May each one know that they are not alone. May God Almighty guard their hearts against the lies of the enemy.


Praising Jesus for increasing willingness to lead. Ask for more believers to be faithful in encouraging other believers and to be willing to gather, willing to study, willing to share what they are learning in a group.

First love

It is beautiful to see one new believer who can’t stop reading the Word and feels the presence of God as she reads; two other older believers are systematically studying and obeying, loving to hear the voice of God and obeying. But pray for those who have known Jesus a few years who have lost their first love, who used to love to read, study, gather, pray… but are overwhelmed by the things of earth now. Pray Rev 3, for each to love Jesus as they did at first.

20 pages at a time

One young woman has been sharing with her classmate and she asked for a Bible. When she brought an Arabic one to her, she was afraid and asked that instead this friend send 20 pages a day! May she read and understand. May each believer have courage to speak of Christ!!

prayer for unity

Ask for unity as a handful of people gather. Some want to bring friends that haven’t yet believed and others are afraid. May there be respect and submission and love.

Needing the armor of God

Ask for freedom from evil spirits. One young believer said they feel evil heaviness when they enter their home (because of witchcraft done by a family member) and it feels difficult to pray. Pray that believers would learn and practice Ephesians 6 and put on the armor of God.

Answer to prayer!

Praise Jesus for giving increasing love for each other, for renewed first love, for renewed hunger for the Word. We asked together for this and see God’s gracious answer!!

Meeting and needing boldness

Praise Jesus! A group is gathering again in this city …but each one comes with fears and hurts. Pray that they would encourage each other and pray Acts 4 together for boldness to speak His Word.


Pray especially for the increasing number of agnostics who exalt education, knowledge, and tolerance above truth. Many are researching on the net and find resources that are filled with clever sounding lies and barely disguised despair and yet reassurance that ‘sins don’t matter.’ Pray that the Spirit of truth would guide them to all truth, that they would discern lies, and receive eternal hope in Christ. May each one see that tolerance despises the cross; that grace honors the cross.