Needing the armor of God

Ask for freedom from evil spirits. One young believer said they feel evil heaviness when they enter their home (because of witchcraft done by a family member) and it feels difficult to pray. Pray that believers would learn and practice Ephesians 6 and put on the armor of God.

Answer to prayer!

Praise Jesus for giving increasing love for each other, for renewed first love, for renewed hunger for the Word. We asked together for this and see God’s gracious answer!!

Meeting and needing boldness

Praise Jesus! A group is gathering again in this city …but each one comes with fears and hurts. Pray that they would encourage each other and pray Acts 4 together for boldness to speak His Word.


Pray especially for the increasing number of agnostics who exalt education, knowledge, and tolerance above truth. Many are researching on the net and find resources that are filled with clever sounding lies and barely disguised despair and yet reassurance that ‘sins don’t matter.’ Pray that the Spirit of truth would guide them to all truth, that they would discern lies, and receive eternal hope in Christ. May each one see that tolerance despises the cross; that grace honors the cross.


Pray that new believers would learn true repentance. May each one increasingly see the holy beauty of Jesus, and increasingly mourn over sin and recognize that it is not simply a failure to ‘preform well’ but a breach of the intimate relationship between Christ and His bride.

Be ready

A woman spoke about waking up in the night, afraid that she would die before her sins were forgiven… crying out to God: ‘Please forgive me!’ She has been reading the prophet stories online and was amazed that God accepted Abel’s sacrifice of a lamb. She spoke of judgement day coming and how we need to always be ready. God has been speaking to her and many others… may they not reject His grace! May each one feel the weight of their sin and may it lead to repentance!! She loved reading 1John 1… may she and many more find the truth of salvation and forgiveness through Jesus alone!

Need to believe and follow

A young woman read Isaiah 53, Luke 23, John 3 yesterday … and spoke of unexplained peace, of getting ‘chills’ hearing: ‘Today you will be with me in Paradise’, exclaimed over and over about the beauty of Jesus… even explained the differences between the Muslim view of Christ and believing the Messiah is God… but she has not surrendered to follow him. Please ask that she and many like her will not only exclaim over the amazingness of Christ, but believe and follow Him

Seeing the true Jesus

May each believer long to know Jesus… not the false idea of a loving Jesus who smooths over sin…but holy, just, merciful, loving Jesus, who died and rose to pay for and defeat sin. May each one turn to the Word of God and see who Jesus really is.

Meeting on Saturday

Three young believing women all said they want to study how Jesus cares for the oppressed, the hurting…and none of them have family members living with them who believe. They are willing to meet… but depend on others for work/transportation. Ask for a growing desire for fellowship and for God to make a way. This Saturday they are all trying to make it work…

Strongholds be broken!

Please ask for deliverance from the evil one. Several families are suffering because of a family member tormented by evil spirits. Most do not deny their presence. Some do. Ask for repentance from sin that gives permission to the evil one to build strongholds. May covenants and curses that bind them be broken by the Name and blood of Jesus. Ask for conviction for those in authority who have so grieviously hurt the ‘least of these.’ Pray for forgiveness and healing and freedom for the wounded. So so much darkness and sorrow. May they see Jesus with open arms ready to receive them, their names on His scarred hands.