Fellow workers

The leadership in the Malagasy church are meeting together for a few days with AIM workers. Pray for them as they are trained on reaching the unreached of this island nation. Pray for unity of vision and heart and an encouraging time of fellowship. Pray the church here will send out many workers to the harvest field!

plans for new team

In July/Aug 2020 we are trusting God for a group of 4-6 Malagasy men who desire to follow God in missions. They will come to Nosy Mitsio to be trained and to share the gospel in the villages here. Pray that God would call these men and that the many details to make this happen will come together. We call these teams “Harvest Teams”.

Children’s ministry

Malagasy missionaries Petera and his wife Francine are moving to Nosy Mitsio at the end of October. Pray for safety in travel and good transition. Pray for them as they build relationships and work in children’s ministry among their Antakarana neighbors. Ask the Lord to open many children’s hearts to the gospel.

Missionary training

A missionary training for young Malagasy men has just finished in Nosy Be. Several of the participants are from cities like Diego Suarez and Ambilobe, which have large Antakarana populations. Pray that these young men would continue to follow God’s calling on their lives to full time missions. Also pray for provision for the many Malagasy missionaries who need financial support in their calling to unreached people groups like the Antakarana.

Reading the word

Pray for a young man “C” who has received a copy of Matthew in the Antakaragna dialect. He says he reads it morning and evening and it is his true friend. Pray that the Word will transform his life. Also pray for physical healing as he suffered a scuba diving accident 1 year ago and is working to regain the use of his legs.

Accepting Grace

A team of Malagasy musicians and a doctor recently came to Nosy Mitsio to share the gospel through prayer, music, and a medical clinic. Pray for everyone who was treated, prayed over, and who heard the gopsel. Pray that hearts would be softened to accept Grace and Forgiveness and to turn to Jesus.

50 watch JF!

Saturday night a group of about 50 people gathered to watch the Jesus film in the Antakarana dialect. For most of them this was their first time to listen to the complete story. Pray that the Gospel story will open their desire to hear more and to choose the freedom that comes in Christ Jesus.

Needing mercy

Several of the elderly people on Nosy Mitsio have reached an age where they are sickly and a few have died. Pray that they will truly listen to the Gospel message being shared with them. May the Lord show them His mercy.

Needing spiritual healing

This last week there was a big event to honor a dead ancestor. Since then many people have become ill. Pray for Spiritual healing for this is not a battle against flesh and blood. Lord, deliver many Antakarana from the kingdom of darkness and bring them into the kingdom of Your dear Son!