Praise the Lord that the few believers on Nosy Mitsio were able to have fellowship on Easter Sunday, and plan to gather again on Pentecost (June 5). Pray that this will be a time of great encouragement, exhortation and a witness to the lost in their community. Pray also for missionaries whose boat was stolen: ask for recovery of their property, for grace and justice to prevail, and for the Lord to use this situation to show his power and love.

Celebrating Easter and Pentecost

The Believers on Nosy Mitsio had a good Easter celebration and are looking to plan a service for Pentecost. A new family joined them for Easter. Please pray for Petera, Francine, Shilo and his family and Edmond and his family.

Seeking God

Petera, a Malagasy teammate, and his team praise the Lord that the many cyclones this season have not effected the rice harvest. Pray for them as they engage with the community during Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting. Pray for the Holy Spirit to change hearts as people seek God in a special way during the month.

Seeking God

I have heard from Petera, (Malagasy team mates), and he said they praise the Lord that the many cyclones this season have not effected the rice harvest. He asked for prayer as they engage with the community during ramadan. Pray for the Holy Spirit to change hearts as people seek God during the upcoming month.

Christian teacher

Pray for the local Antakarana believer on Nosy Mitsio and his family. He is a teacher at the school. He is bold in his faith and some are very critical of this. Pray for spiritual protection and strength for him and his family. Pray many will listen to the message he shares and believe.

Diego church partnership

This past week Manoa and I met with church leaders in Diego with whom Esther Park has been working to train Malagasy church planters. We were so encouraged to see the openness of these leaders and their desire to partner with us in this work of reaching the Antakarana. Please pray for future communication and planning and opportunity to partner more in this ministry. Ask the Lord for fruitful ministry together that many Antakarana might be saved.


The yearly spiritual washing took place this month. Many go to ask blessing for health and the harvest. Pray that this year many Antakarana will put their trust in the True God and not their ancestral traditions.

School ministry

Praise that the Harvest team went well, the two men were fully a part of ministry and had a good impact on the young men in the community.
Pray for the school ministry. The Malagasy missionaries teaching Bible stories in the school were told they were no longer allowed to go. Pray for wisdom as the team tries to find out what the issues are from the community elders.


An Antakarana believer walked 4 hours to attend a fellowship group in a far-off village. Pray for wisdom as plans are being made to visit this man’s village to see about gathering the few believers there for fellowship. Ask for God’s wisdom to bring unity through their common ties to Christ. Pray against the attacks of the enemy, which are in full swing in this Muslim community: the village headman is now forbidding the teaching of Bible stories (previously permitted). Pray that this situation would give further opportunity to share the gospel, and that the Lord would keep the door for witness and discipleship open on this Little Island. Please also lift up P & F, Malagasy missionaries working amongst the Antakarana: they receive little support which isn’t enough to meet their personal needs, so pray for abundant provision from Jehovah Jireh.


There are three teachers at the local school and one is a believer. They teach about 100 kids from the surrounding villages. Pray for this Christian teacher’s spiritual protection, provision for his family and success as he teaches the students and shares his faith. He is also Antakarana and a former muslim. This is very rare for this community.

Seeds planted

Praise God that the 2 months of focused outreach/ministry on Nosy Mitsio was a blessing to the Antakarana. Pray that seeds planted would grow, bloom and multiply. Pray that the Holy Spirit would work on hearts that have heard the truth.


Pray for the Harvest Team- We have two young men, and our Malagasy Co-worker Petera is participating too. They are eager to learn and doing great. God is good because the Antakarana hold a lot of prejudice towards the Merina people and they are Merina. However it’s amazing how serving and showing love breaks it down. We are studying 4 fields CPM and helping the community during the rice harvest time. We have been sharing bible stories weekly as a group meeting and inviting the community. Our hope is to do it several times a week when people are gathering to break fast in the evenings during Ramadan.
Pray that these young men will be a testimony in word and deed. Pray for the Antakarana as they seek God during the time of fasting.

Light in the darkness

Pray for Malagasy missionaries amongst the Antakarana- that they would be light to those in the darkness, that barriers to the gospel would be torn down, and many would see Christ as their Lighthouse, their Safe Harbor, their God and King.


Pray for the upcoming Harvest team- we have two Malagasy men who will be trained and discipled for two months here on Nosy Mitsio. Also, pray for the new local school teacher. He is Antakarana and a believer! Pray we can find time in his busy schedule to disciple him.

Passing the Test

Malagasy missionary Petera has been with a group of students this week to take them to their major exams. These had been delayed because of COVID-19. Most children form Nosy Mitsio can’t pass the assessment but Petera has been tutoring them and sharing Bible stories as well. Pray for favour as they take their tests and that success will lead to more trust and opening of doors to share the gospel.

Victory in Battle

As the Antakarana children on Nosy Mitsio continue to come and hear Bible stories, the adults have started to be more insistent on teaching dahira (Muslim prayers in song) to the young boys which has kept them from coming as often. Pray for victory in the Spiritual battle that is being waged for the hearts of the young ones. Pray that their parents would turn to the Lord Jesus.

Bible Stories

Pray for school age kids being discipled on Nosy Mitsio. Pray that hearing the stories from the Bible will change their hearts and that they will be the generation that turns to Christ.

Caring for People

Pray that the Lord will have mercy on North Madagascar and will continue to keep the virus from spreading. Many people are coming to churches in the cities because they are afraid, so pray that the churches there can welcome them, share the gospel, and care for them.

Closed Borders

As Madagascar continues with closed borders due to Covid-19, pray for provision for the people who are affected by the shut down of the tourism industry and regional travel.

Building the church

An elder from a community in Nosybe has requested that a church be built so that villagers would have more than just Islam. Praise God for His amazing intervention!


Pray for wisdom in knowing how to more forward with a discipleship group on Sundays. Will it be possible to meet in two smaller groups? People are afraid to meet, but still very much in need of community. Ask for them to sense the Spirit’s leading and for unity.

Teaching through Stories

Petera and Francine have been living on Nosy MItsio for 3 months and they have held regular bible storying times for the children in their village. Petera is tutoring 3 older kids at the school and teaching them about the Bible as well. Pray for these children, that they would do well in their studies as well as grow in the knowledge of Jesus. Sometimes adults come and listen to the Bible stories as well. Pray that the Word of God would take root in their hearts.

Church planting training

Esther reports that a one-month intensive church-planting training is scheduled to be held in March. Eight students have registered so far, but they need ten. Please pray for another two applicants so the training can take place. Praise God that a missionary couple from Tanzania have come to join Esther in the work. Also, she is leading a program at her church to train small group leaders. This is a new thing for the church to have small groups, but the leadership is excited. Pray that the pastor would train the leaders and that this would be a great ministry for the church.


Petera and Francine, a Malagasy missionary couple, are settled in Nosy Mitsio. They moved there a couple of weeks ago. When Petera talked with the leaders of the village, they agreed that he could have a service in their home. Thank the Lord for this first step, please pray that villagers will be open and their hearts will be prepared to hear and receive the gospel message.

Fellow workers

The leadership in the Malagasy church are meeting together for a few days with AIM workers. Pray for them as they are trained on reaching the unreached of this island nation. Pray for unity of vision and heart and an encouraging time of fellowship. Pray the church here will send out many workers to the harvest field!

plans for new team

In July/Aug 2020 we are trusting God for a group of 4-6 Malagasy men who desire to follow God in missions. They will come to Nosy Mitsio to be trained and to share the gospel in the villages here. Pray that God would call these men and that the many details to make this happen will come together. We call these teams “Harvest Teams”.

Children’s ministry

Malagasy missionaries Petera and his wife Francine are moving to Nosy Mitsio at the end of October. Pray for safety in travel and good transition. Pray for them as they build relationships and work in children’s ministry among their Antakarana neighbors. Ask the Lord to open many children’s hearts to the gospel.

Missionary training

A missionary training for young Malagasy men has just finished in Nosy Be. Several of the participants are from cities like Diego Suarez and Ambilobe, which have large Antakarana populations. Pray that these young men would continue to follow God’s calling on their lives to full time missions. Also pray for provision for the many Malagasy missionaries who need financial support in their calling to unreached people groups like the Antakarana.

Reading the word

Pray for a young man “C” who has received a copy of Matthew in the Antakaragna dialect. He says he reads it morning and evening and it is his true friend. Pray that the Word will transform his life. Also pray for physical healing as he suffered a scuba diving accident 1 year ago and is working to regain the use of his legs.

Accepting Grace

A team of Malagasy musicians and a doctor recently came to Nosy Mitsio to share the gospel through prayer, music, and a medical clinic. Pray for everyone who was treated, prayed over, and who heard the gopsel. Pray that hearts would be softened to accept Grace and Forgiveness and to turn to Jesus.

Ramadan seeking

Pray for the Antakarana as they seek God during the month of Ramadan. May Jesus reveal Himself and His truth.

50 watch JF!

Saturday night a group of about 50 people gathered to watch the Jesus film in the Antakarana dialect. For most of them this was their first time to listen to the complete story. Pray that the Gospel story will open their desire to hear more and to choose the freedom that comes in Christ Jesus.

Needing mercy

Several of the elderly people on Nosy Mitsio have reached an age where they are sickly and a few have died. Pray that they will truly listen to the Gospel message being shared with them. May the Lord show them His mercy.

Needing spiritual healing

This last week there was a big event to honor a dead ancestor. Since then many people have become ill. Pray for Spiritual healing for this is not a battle against flesh and blood. Lord, deliver many Antakarana from the kingdom of darkness and bring them into the kingdom of Your dear Son!

Songs of worship

Praise! The Worship workshop has finished well and God has had His hand on it. Musicians from several churches have participated and many new worship songs have been written and recorded in the local dialect. A final concert took place where the community in Ambilobe was invited to hear the music and listen to testimony. New relationships are being built in the local churches. Pray the new worship songs will be used to sing praises to God in the local language and many will turn to Him!

Music seminar

This week the local church in Ambilobe is going to be trained in writing scriptural music in the Antakarana dialect. Pray that there will be open hearts and talents used to create worship music that can be a vehicle for sharing the gospel to the Antakarana living in Northern Madagascar.

Word to take hold

Pray for there to be more consistent gatherings attended by the people. There has been a lot of interest in the Matthew translation and several people have asked for an audio copy. Pray that gatherings will start and that the word of God will take hold in their hearts.

Villagers listened!

Praise! The village of Andavakabiby met together on Thursday to continue to listen to the gospel of Matthew. They listened to chapters 1-5. One prominent man stated how this was good truth, and he wanted to have the stories on his phone so he could listen to them while he worked. They all agreed that Jesus was correct when telling us to turn the other cheek and love your enemies. Pray that their ears would continue to be open to the story of Jesus and that other villages will accept the offer to come and have the stories played for them.

Village headman

On Sunday the headman of the village of “Andavakabiby” accepted the invitation to come listen to a Bible story. He heard the story of Jesus’ birth and baptism in Matthew chapters 1-3. Pray that this would take hold in his heart and that he would come back to continue to hear the rest of the story of Jesus in Matthew.

Pray for open hearts

Pray for the Antakarana on Nosy Mitsio- that they would welcome and care for new Malagasy missionaries living amongst them. Pray for good new relationships and for open hearts to the Gospel message.