The Zigua of Tanzania

Scripture: Pray the Zigua would, “Here the word of the Lord, O nations, and declare it in the coastlands far away; say, ‘He who scattered Israel will gather him, and will keep him as a shepherd keeps his flock.’” (Jer 31:10)

Population: 631,000

Location: North-East Coastal Tanzania

History: It is believed that the Zigua fled East from their homeland to their current location on the coast to avoid the slave trade of the 18th century.

Culture: The Zigua are Bantu people. They are farmers growing sisal, a fibrous plant used to make rope and mats. They also grow sesame and corn. “In coastal villages we visited, they are more fishing oriented,” writes AIM missionary Jeremy, after a survey to learn more about the group.  “The rural community of Komsanga, [which we visited], had very rudimentary houses and very little development.  The central town of Miono, about 10 km away from Komsanga, has electricity, a hospital, shops, and restaurants.  You don’t have to travel far out of this town to notice the dramatic change in apparent wealth, moving from brick houses with good tin roofs and electricity to mud walls and grass thatch without electricity or a close water source.”

The Zigua live in small houses are mud walls with grass thatch.  These are quite small buildings, ranging in size from about 6 square meters (65 sqr. feet) to perhaps 33 square meters (360 sqr feet) and are grouped in small clusters of two to eight houses.

Religion: Islam is the primary religion of the Zigua. It is often mixed with African Traditional Religion which includes ancestor worship. Some Zigua have chosen to follow Christ, and the Joshua Project reports that 3% of the the Zigua are evangelical Christian

Engagement: There are other organizations that have been working in and amongst the Zigua people, sometimes for many years.  For example the New Testament has been translated , the Jesus Film is available in Kizigua as well as other resources.  IMB and other organizations are currently engaged or are starting engagement as well.

Latest Prayer Updates:

Turning to the Living God

Pray that the Zigua will turn from Islam, from witchcraft, from traditions and from anything else that they have trusted in, and will put their hope in the Living God and worship His Son Jesus and look eagerly for His soon return.

In a Turmoil

Please pray for the turmoil in the hearts of some in our village. We’ve been walking with a young father who has much sin in his life. He wants to follow Jesus and his commands, but is afraid to lose his wife and children. He is pleading with us Christians to share the good news with his wife and see if she will respond. We have been doing this. Pray for a positive response. Our local imam is also in turmoil. Yesterday morning he used his morning call to prayer to warn people against our deception. He saw our giving vegetables to neighbors as a threat. He warned them that we are trying to lead them off track. Pray that the veil would be lifted and he would see things as they really are!

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