False teaching

Please pray for the karimojong who are seeking the truth to be protected from false teaching, and that they will reject the false teaching they have already received. It came to light that most of the engaged karimojong ┬ábelieve that satan sends people to hell not God, which gives him power he does not in truth possess. Many more such things are coming to light. As scripture is used to dispute lies, pray that the truth of God’s Word would find fertile soil and that the fruit would be strong and resilient against the wiles of the evil one.

refreshing in a dry land

Please join us in praying Isaiah 35 for the Karimojong people. We are seeing the wastelands in souls being refreshed and blossoming with the joy of the Lord. Doors are opening as never before to share about His good news and the abundance that comes from changed hearts and lives. May His glory be displayed and received. Please pray for God to strengthen those who have tired hands and hearts, and weak knees from the labors. Thank you for praying.

Light vs darkness

The kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness do not mix; they clash and display their powers. Thanks be to Jesus for He has the victory; light is not overcome by darkness. Evidence of the darkness shows in the communities about- a young man was sacrificed because he was accused of withholding the rain, then heavy rain fell, so the people feel justified in their actions. Please pray for the Light to shine.

Thanking Elohim with joy

God is answering prayers! A group of manyattas in the bush about 20 minutes by car from Moroto are asking for church to happen weekly. The first Sunday the missionary and his interpreter showed up, 10 men and women knelt and ask Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. They repented of their sins and desire to walk in a new life. The missionary and Lokiru John have started bible study on Thursdays. The first one, the people were ready and waiting 45 minutes before it was to start! There were about 35 or more adults wanting to learn about Jesus. Please pray that foundational truth would become life and reality for these people. The spring rains have not come, the place is like a desert, but the Lord is watering souls. Praise God for He is good, His love endures forever!

Precious beginnings

A small group of believers and seekers is meeting in Singila, Moroto. Pray for pastor Raphael and his wife Susan as they shepherd the flock. Pray for Antony, a Karimojong believer, who is being mentored by the pastor to be his assistant. Pray for the believers and seekers to attend church and Bible study faithfully. They struggle with hunger, evil spirits, and malaria, which prevent them from coming.

Turning from idolatry

Please join us in praying that the Karimojong would be like the believers in Thessalonica and turn from their idols to serve the living and true God, even when it means enduring severe suffering from their fellow tribesmen for doing so. 1 Thes. 1

Praise for fruit in the lives of some Karimojong

Praise the Lord for the few that are truly understanding the relationship that they have received through accepting Christ’s sacrifice for their sins. They have a true hunger to know Jesus better through the Word of God.
Pray that this hunger spreads as these believers share what they’re learning with their people.

Warm welcome

Pray for the Karimojong to warmly welcome the new teams and help them learn language and culture. Ask the Lord to open hearts to the Good News the teams are bringing.

The Holy Spirit is moving

There is an excitement among the prisoners and wardens (guards) at the Moroto Regional Prison as they are grasping the truth that with Christ in them, they can live as He did on earth. Please pray that the seed that has been sown will find fertile soil and that nothing can snatch the truth of God’s Word away from their minds and hearts. Please join us in praying that this truth with spread through Karamoja.

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